Soccer star plans birth around the World Cup

03/31/2006 at 02:00 PM ET

250pxstevieg English footballer Steven Gerrard and fiance Alex Curran are planning an early induction for their second baby, before Steven has to go away for World Cup commitments. A close friend of the couple has said, "Stevie really wants to be at Alex’s bedside when she gives birth … inducing the baby is the only way to virtually guarantee he will be there."

They plan to have the baby well before Steven has to leave because he wants to spend a few days bonding with the baby as well. Alex’s induction will take place 11 days before her due date, but the source reveals: "Obviously if there is any risk to the baby they won’t go ahead with the operation." The couple have a two year old daughter Lily-Ella: Steven missed a friendly against Portugal so he could be there for her birth!


Thanks to CBB reader Joanna.

Did any other readers plan a early induction? Danielle had one because Anya was late, and that seems to be the most common reason for them. Please share in the comments!

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em0712 on

My due date was July 30 and I ended up being induced on July 12. My blood pressure was through the roof and I had protein in my urine. My daughter was (and still is) perfect in every way and my health improved immediately.

Kresta on

I was induced with my second child because my blood pressure was high. It was on my due date anyway and he weighed 8lbs 2 oz and was fine and has groen into a strapping 6ft 3in 21 year old. I think if there is a medical reason then it’s all right but I am not a fan of inductions or caesarians for social and lifestyle reasons.

mommy 2 karis on

I was induced with both my son and daughter. First with my daughter, I was induced 17 days early b/c Dr. thought she would be close to 10 lbs at 40 wks!!! She was only 7 lbs at birth and perfect!
With my son, I was induced one week early, last Wednesday (March 22) because we thought he was getting a bit large as well, but turned out to be a healthy 7 pounds 11 ounces.
My second induction went WAY better than my first! I pushed for 3 hours with my first, and only 10 times with my second! First labor was 12 hours, second was 6.5 hours.
I was totally content with being induced. I would have rather gone into laboe on my own, but it didn’t look like that was happening and I was through being pregnant. Now that my son is here, it doesn’t even matter *how* he got here, I’m just glad he’s happy and healthy and adjusting to life as a newborn with a 3 year old sister!

EarthMomma on

I was induced for my second child 1 day early, because she needed to be born before my insurance expired (we were switching to my husband’s insurance and that was in the days when pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition). I went late with my first, and didn’t want to risk running late and not having insurance coverage since we only had two days between her due date and the end of the month. My OB only did voluntary inductions on Mondays, so if I had waited till after my due date, it would have been a new month.

My sister had her daughter (1 month old now) induced a week early because she and her husband are both active duty military but at different bases (it sucks) and he needed to know when to request his leave and buy airline tickets. She was also scared because her OB told her the baby was going to be 10+ pounds. Her daughter was 7 lbs. 4 oz.

krewcat on

My first was induced 10 days late and was 7 pounds, 2nd was induced day before her due date and was born on her due date and was 7 pounds.My 3rd (14 months later) was induced 10 days early becasue I was borderline diabetic (gestational). She was 7 pounds 11 oz…my doc was pretty ok with an early induction because it was my third in a 32 month span.

Stacey on

I was induced 3 days early because my water broke and I wasn’t in labour. Because I had group B strep they wanted to move things along. 🙂

Queen of Randomness on

I was induced with my oldest 2 weeks early because I think it was my amiotic fluid levels that looked too low so they decided he needed to be born a little early to help keep him healthy. He was a perfect, healthy 6lb 9 ounce (little) boy that now a growing(in 5’s and 6’s already!)3 year old.

VanessaPaige on

My youngest (2 in a couple of weeks) was a planned induction 2 weeks before his due date. I have hypertension with him, my midwife was leaving town and I dislike OB’s. Since we knew I was being induced we picked the date and chose our wedding anniversary. My induction was only breaking my water and 5 hours and 5 minutes, 6 pushes later there was my boy. After his birth there were many things leading us to believe that they missed a diagnosis of gestational diabetes with him, refusal to nurse or take anything for over 24 hours, my hypertension, his low, low blood sugar and the fact that my placenta (average size 1.5-2 lbs) was somewhere around 10-15 lbs. Heck my placenta was about double the size of my baby.

lifesakabernet on

I scheduled an early induction purely out of family convenience for the birth of my now 16month old daughter London Kabernet. We had just moved to a new city and state, knew no-one…my mother in law had agreed to take a week off work and come stay and be there to care for our 4yr old a week before my DD my OB agreed to induce labour early….he only ended up having to break my water …I went into labour without the need for Petocin…I know there is lots of contraversy around this topic…however this was the right thing to do for our family situation and our daughters health was not at risk in any way..of course we will never know what her birthday should have been…but thats the guilt I have to live with..not her.

Shannon on

When my friend was pregnant with my godson, she asked to be induced becaused her two children before hand were early and big (Callum was 2 weeks early and 10 pounds 1 oz and Mikaela was 3 weeks early and was 9 pounds 3 oz). The doctor said he wouldn’t do it and she was left until 8 days past her due date, Charlie was 11 pounds and she ended up having to have many a stitches.