Scientology and the TomKitten

03/29/2006 at 03:22 PM ET

KittenWe would like to take the time to comment on the controversy over Scientology and the beliefs of its followers in relation to the gestation and birth of the TomKitten. Please understand that we are posting news and gossip about the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise pregnancy because it pertains to our mission of covering celebrity babies and pregnancies. 

Whatever we might personally believe, it is our job as writers and contributors of CBB to keep you informed and updated of the latest happenings dealing with celebrities and their children. The majority of our news and gossip comes from other sources, as no one here speaks with Katie and Tom or anyone in their camp directly. 

We appreciate everyone taking the time to write in and inform us of their different experiences with this religion, and we still encourage it. This is a topic that everyone is still learning about, so let’s try to remain open-minded, objective and give Katie and Tom the benefit of the doubt.



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Derek Hail on

If Scientology just wanst so ridiculous… I would give it a chance, but I can’t make myself do it. I just view it as some fiction by a sci fi writer. Maybe in time I will change my thought on it.

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maria on

Hi losers, morons, idiot desesperates housewives here.
You should be ashamed to beleive such things and apologies to Tom for the calling names.
I am ashamed to be a woman.

The whole idea of Katie being ’silent’ during the birthing process was quashed last november by… Tom himself.
It was on Barbara Walter’s show: 10 most fascinating people on Abc (november).
Tom said about the nasty rumor: “That’s nutty. Of course she can make noise. the thing is it has to be mostly quiet in the room.”

Which is quite logical. You don’t want the doctors and family screaming PUUUUUSSSH YEEEAH!!! GO GO GO GO GO!


Tabloïds are ignoring Tom’s comment. If I was Tom, I would be mad and ask for apologies.
It is disrespectful. Shame on them to make fun of a whole family when it is a BIG celebration in their life. How awful to trash them. SHAME ON YOU.

maria on

sorry I was too harsh about the ‘idiot desesperates housewives’ but watching the calling names on Tom, it is deserved in a way.

crzymaid on

on the katieholmes page, March 18 & 19 she’s sitting at basketball games and she’s leaning forward with her elbows on her knees?
I’ve never had babies myself but my sister and every other pregnant woman I’ve known was far from being able to sit like that at 7 or 8 months in, am I wrong about this?