Mariska Hargitay: TV Guide cover mama

03/29/2006 at 02:56 PM ET

163x214_mhargitay_tvguidecover_060328_tv163_mhargitay_060328_tvgLaw & Order: SVU’s Mariska Hargitay is on the cover of the April 3rd issue of TV Guide magazine. She’s due with her son in late June.

She told TV Guide, "It was very strange to do a photo shoot with my little basketball here.  It’s uncomfortable for starters. You can’t get yourself in a good position, but I couldn’t be happier." She said she knows she’s going to have a big baby since her husband is 6’5!

Mariska said she knew she was pregnant when she could smell chocolate on the breath of someone five feet away – she says she’s "become the Bionic Woman" when it comes to smell.

As far as post baby plans, Mariska’s still wrapping her mind around the fact that she’s "going to be somebody’s mother. I get that I’m pregnant, I’m going to breastfeed, my life is going to change. But I don’t get that he’s going to be asking me questions!"For now, she’s planning to enjoy the rest of her pregnancy: "I’m going to wear a big muumuu, meditate, do prenatal yoga, get massages, lie in bed, and eat chocolates."

As far as names – don’t even ask. Mariska’s husband Peter has given her "the Serious Eye" and she’s not allowed to share them – but she does say they have a few picked out that they both agree on.

Mariska also said, "The truth about pregnancy is, I’ve never been happier in my life. This is all I’ve ever wanted."

You can really tell.  A smile is one thing- her joy is literally flowing out of her pores!

Thanks to CBB Reader Kara.

Source: ET Online

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OoSpoiled1 on

She is quite possibly the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!

brave on

she’s also on the cover of Town & Country.

hippygirl on

she looks FANTASTIC!! What a radiant person! She is literally glowing!!

Yonni on

Awwww..I am so happy for her! She looks great! I love SVU!

BP on

She is a joy to behold! She looks fantastic, and the happiness on her face is magical:-)

Stacey on

I love her.

She looks so much like her Mom.

FC on

She’s the happiest pregnant woman I think I’ve seen yet. She really has that glow about her. I just love her. 🙂

landroverdisco on

She has really radiantly beautiful skin. I love her coloring. That baby will be gorgeous no doubt.

Andrea on

Mariska has been the pregnant woman prettier than already vi in my life. E demonstrates a happiness that jumps to the eyes of each one. I am certain that she will be an extraordinary mother therefore demonstrates to be a mature and balanced person. Its color, its tez is wonderful. Mariksa, desire everything of good for you and its vova family. You deserve

michael jones on

good afternoon mariska hargitay how are you Ive enjoy watching you on tv for 20 something years ever since you were on falcon crest back in the day when I was in junior high that means I,m right behing you in age anyway I dont care what other people think about you your pretty good but you are like in the shadow of your mother footsteps and from what my parents told me and what i seen clips of your mother acting i say wow she,s beautiful and it show like mother like daughter I know you dont remember much of your mom but I can tell your no stranger to your family you know mariska I have a question for you do your half sister and brothers and do you to brothers mickey jr and zoltan and you sister annamarrie mansfield support in your work. second of all my heart goes out to your lost of your father he work his ass off to let you and your brother sister half brother and sister know everything was alright may your father and mother rest in peace on a wonderfull life. congradulation on your emmy you won plus your golden glob award also congradulation on your new august and peter is a lucky man consider I,m a black man if you didn,t like him I prayed to god I was next in line but congradulation on getting married. also mariska please answer my question about your family I will still be watching the show and I know i,m not suppose to say this but I like your hair when it was long but if cutting it short means alot to you more power to you mariska. oh yeah 22years ago when you were just in high school you entered a pagent and you won how did that feeel to when in la hum. now you know Ive, been watching you on tv for years and thats a good thing. But mariska please email back I look forward hearing from you you good ok and I love your heart fondation and what your doing I work with elementary middle and high school kids on a daily basis because I love my job as a security officer and I refee high school and college basketball games for men and women in high school but in college only on men side thats my carrer so email back mariska I cant wait to hear from you my email is ok god blesss you and peter and your baby and peter your a lucky man oh tell chris meloni I said get back with his my on the show before they suspect you to having and affair and I hope they find a man for you on the show to mariska talk to you soon bye.