Katie Holmes' birthing iPod

03/29/2006 at 09:49 AM ET

by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

The Sun Online is reporting that a source close to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has said, "Tom gave Katie an iPod loaded with 300 of her favorite songs. He wants her to listen to calming music — but to use earphones so there’s no noise in the delivery room." They are also reporting that those signs delivered to the mansion are for the delivery room as well. They are for Katie to look at so she can remember to be silent.

Sarah’s note: We now know from further reading that the people around the birthing mother are expected to be as quiet (even silent) as possible- not necessarily the mother. Mom can do what she needs to get the baby out – even screaming if she has to, although staying calm is encouraged.

Source: Sun Online

What songs do you recommend Katie listen to while giving birth?

Danielle says: I had Jay-Z on my iPod birth mix and the nurses in the room were sort of surprised but enjoyed it!  (We were able to bring in portable speakers that plugged into an outlet.) 


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kimmyana on

Danielle: What did you play your iPod on in your birthing room? I’ve been told that the hospital is very strict about plug-ins, and our Bose player doesn’t run on batteries. I’m not entirely sure that I’m going to want to tote around an iPod and wear headphones while working through various labor positions, so I’m open to any alternate solutions for iPod playing! Thanks 🙂

spindoctor on

I listened to Bob Marley with my youngest. I recommend it.

Moonmoth on

I thought the whole idea of Katie being ‘silent’ during the birthing process was quashed yesterday day a scientologist reader wrote in and dispelled that myth. People around her are supposed to keep talking to a minimum, but the mother is not expected to stay silent. Keeping utterly quiet while giving birth, drug-free is certainly an impossible feat.

Sarah CBB Editor on

I added my own note to the post after doing some additional reading last night. 🙂 Hopefully that clears things up. I’m not sure if Danielle had a chance to read over the corrections from yesterday before this post went up today.

Stacey on

If it’s “quashed” then why did Kelly Preston have to be silent giving birth and said it was terribly difficult? (Duhhh!)

Sarah CBB Editor on

From what I read in Kelly’s RedBook article, it was her choice to attempt it and she gave up at the end, asking to go to the hospital for an epidural, but it was too late.

Also, if anyone saw Leah Remini’s birth special on vH1(?) she also attempted a silent birth but was unable to – however, the environment was very dark, calm, and soothing.

Just from the things I read, you don’t “have to.” It’s a choice that you can/are encouraged to make for your childbirth experience, but it’s not forced.

Lauren22 on

Anything country. 🙂 I had CMT on while I was giving birth to my son in 2002.

maria on

The whole idea of Katie being ‘silent’ during the birthing process was quashed last november by… Tom himself.
It was on Barbara Walter’s show: 10 most fascinating people on Abc (november).
Tom said about the nasty rumor: “That’s nutty. Of course she can make noise. the thing is it has to be mostly quiet in the room.”

Which is quite logical. You don’t want the doctors and family screaming PUUUUUSSSH YEEEAH!!! GO GO GO GO GO!


Tabloïds are ignoring Tom’s comment. If I was Tom, I would be mad and ask for apologies.
It is disrespectful. Shame on them to make fun of a whole family when it is a BIG celebration in their life. How awful to trash them.

I wish Tom and Katie the best, happiness and peace.

erica on

i listened to all my favorite artists while in my labor & delivery room – dave matthews band, david gray, ray lamontagne, ben harper… after 17 hours of labor with no baby i was wheeled into the OR where they had a sirius satelitte radio pop station on. when my son was pulled out of me, michelle branch’s “all you wanted” was playing.

kristen on

I agree with Maria. They don’t want or need a cheering section or somebody shouting directions to “push, push, push” that’s just not natural.

My midwife and her assistants were respectful of what I needed during all three of my births. I didn’t have music at any of them, but that was my choice, I just didn’t think to turn on the stereo.

My third birth was the most wonderful. Dawn was just breaking and that and a small bathroom light were the only light in the house. Everyone was quiet, just my midwife talking me through the pushing (which was kind of overwhelming for me), and I was “oh it hurts” over and over while his huge head was crowning XD. But it was a really peaceful water birth. My son didn’t cry or scream after, he was very mellow and just looked at me and my husband. It was a wonderful experience and one of the most cherished memories of all my life. All of my children were born into a peaceful environment. I don’t think it’s unnatural at all. I hope Katie’s birth is just as amazing as mine were.

maria on

Kirsten, very sweet and nice story. I wish you all the best (from france, long story ;))
I would like some poeple to ask themselves: is there any confirmation about this news? where does it come from?
Laughs at:
‘Tom ask for katie to be silent’
Tom clearly said to Barbara Walters back in november: ‘This is nutty; katie will make noise of course (laughs). It is around it has to be mostly calm.’
Why are some tabloids changing the truth? denying it?

actually, none of what you read is true; I laughed about the ‘Tom bought an iPod’

Com’on guys!

rachel on

I am pretty sure those signs would be for everyone else besides the mother to be quiet. Why would they have signs for her to keep the motions slow and understandable??
I’m sure the midwife/delivery person will not be talking but has to have ways to tell her what to do, hence the “slow and understandable motions” or whatever was written on the signs.