Katie Holmes stressed about baby?

03/28/2006 at 12:35 PM ET

by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

Update: Please open the comments and read the ones by CBB reader Rachel, a Scientologist who tells us about her birth experience and corrects some information!

Not only do the tenets of Scientology dictate that followers such as Katie Holmes go through the birthing process in silence (without her friends and family present), but it has been said that she is not even allowed to hold her newborn for the first 24 hours of its life.

"Scientology’s strict rules dictate that mothers shouldn’t coddle their kids or even treat them with conventional medicine when they’re sick. "It’s a lot for an expectant mother to be worrying about," says a friend of Katie.

Star magazine talks about how children of Scientologist parents are raised; "The tyke will be minded by a Scientologist nanny, and contact with non-Scientologist family members will be limited. This could be heart-breaking for Katie’s Catholic parents, Martin and Kathleen. If they express skepticism about their daughter’s new religion, they may be cut off from the child via formal "disconnection."

Source: Star Magazine


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Jeani on

That sounds terrible! I hope Katie will come to her senses and breakfree from them!

erin on

OMG, that is HORRIBLE! I can’t believe people would do that to their children!

tink1217 on

I cannot believe that!!! I feel sorry for the baby. What do they do about feeding the baby the first 24 hrs?? And what about establishing breastfeeding! Ugh, I dislike Tom more and more every day!! Poor Katie is brainwashed.

joy on

wow this scientology thing sounds like such a joke! Ain’t no religion or nobody going to keep me from holding my child after it’s born! I tell you I swear people just make up these religions which make absolutely no sense.

rachel on

I am a Scientolgist, and a mother of a 16 month old girl.
Don’t believe everything that you read, please.
I gave birth at home, with a midwife, with my husband right in the room with me. I had about 6 family members at the house with me.
And belive me, my birthing choices WERE ALL MY OWN.
I nursed my daughter immediately after the midwife was done with the measurements, etc.
My daughter was with me, non-stop, for the first 6 months of her life.
I continue to nurse her to this day.
There is no “24-hour rule” or whatever other BS is being thrown around.
Actually the mother-child bond is strongly stressed, and to not remove the child from the mother if at all possible.

This kind of stuff really pisses me off.
I had to get that off my chest.

And the whole “silent birth” thing, is to make sure any speaking is kept to a minimum or not at all. Believe me, I wasn’t silent when I was pushing that baby out!

I chose to go with a midwife and have no drugs, but that isn’t the choice of all Scientologist mothers. I know mothers who gave birth in a hospital with drugs.

Moonmoth on

Whew – Thanks for posting that Rachel. There are a lot of rumors being thrown about re: Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise & the impending birth of their child. Thanks for clearing that up for us, makes more sense now.

The idea of having the baby away from the mother for 24 hours after being born is positively medieval.

happymom on

Thank you so much for taking the time to write in Rachel.

I am not a scientoligst, but as a human being, reading these comments was making me upset. Why would people assume all these horrible things about another person rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt? Why would someone do something to hurt their child? Makes no sense at all. The less one group of people knows about another, the more likely they are to fear that group. Seems like what is going on here.

I am assuming no one here, including myself, knows Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes personally. Let’s please assume they are people who love their children, just like all of us. Tom Cruise gives the appearance of having raised 2 happy, healthy kids. Why would it be any different with this baby?

In our country’s current state of affairs I think it is critical that ALL of us show tolerance to people of all religions, races, genders, etc.

Love to all!

pg on

Thank you for offering your viewpoint, Rachel. As much as I dislike some of Katie and Tom’s decisions, I just found it hard to believe that they would do such horrible things. It’s good to know that a lot of the things we are hearing is just hype.

joy on

thanks Rachel for clearing some of this rumored scientology stuff up. I was beginning to think this was the craziest religion I have ever heard. I am not a religious person at all and I do not like Tom bc I do not feel he should push his views on anyone which he has done so in the last year. I just hope that Katie does what she needs to do for her baby and not what some “religion” thinks she should do.

Kimberly Knowles on

I love reading here but I wish that there would be some more accurate reporting when it comes to scientology and giving birth. I am not a scientologist but have been doing some personal research into their birthing practices. The silence thing does not apply to the mother, she can moan groan scream all she wants but it applies to others in the room. It is much like Bradley birthing from what I understand. Also, at first I read that the baby had to be away from the mother 7 days, than 5, now its 24hrs. I have learned that is pretty much all a lie. Babies are usually breastfed and stay with their mothers and not seperated.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Thank you for sharing Rachel! I’ll change the category from News to Rumors, since we now know some of this is untrue (plus the source is Star).

rachel on

thank you, for your comments back.
I get so sad sometimes seeing these things posted and then all the comments back are usually so horrible, I am glad to see not everyone believes these tabloids.
You won’t get any truth from most of the tabloids. The only celeb mag I have ever seen with accurate data was People.
Anyone interested should find a copy of Child Dianetics in a library and there you would find the real information.

rachel on

many of the other things in this article are untrue as well.
“mothers shouldn’t coddle their kids or treat them with conventional medicine”
This is untrue. Not sure what coddling refers to (isn’t that something you do to eggs?) but if it refers to showering love on your child, it is not true.
I am into natural medicine but I know MANY scientologists who go to medical doctors and take antibiotics or other medicine (not psychotropic drugs).

“The tyke will be minded by a Scientologist nanny, and contact with non-Scientologist family members will be limited. This could be heart-breaking for Katie’s Catholic parents, Martin and Kathleen. If they express skepticism about their daughter’s new religion, they may be cut off from the child via formal “disconnection”

Disconnection from family members due to disagreements about Scientology is NOT RECOMMENDED. You aresupposed to reconcile any disagreements (not so that they will then agree, but maybe agree to disagree? something of that sort). Anyone who would make you break ties with your family just because you have a disagreement, and not helping you work it out, wouldn’t be much of a friend in my opinion.

And as for who they leave thier child with or who they let their child play with, I think that is thier own business. I have friends and family who are not Scientologists.

KrisGams on

Do we know that Tom is going to welcome Katie’s family into the delivery room? No. Do we know if Katie will be allowed to bond with her newborn when he/she arrives? No. Every religion has certain beliefs, and not everyone belonging to that specific religion follows through with them. If you look at Christians or Catholics who believe in The Bible, and the Ten Commandments, what person follows those on a daily basis? I’m sure everyone strays away from their religion at certain times, or doesn’t follow or obey the certain rules and restrictions to the expected extent. Tom’s beliefs are probably different than Rachel’s, which supports the fact that we DON’T know, and we WON’T know what will happen with Katie during her delivery. It seems to be that Tom is very dedicated to his religion, and to his beliefs. From the appearances he’s made on Oprah, and on NBC (when he had a heated discussion with Matt Lauer), he’s proven to me that his beliefs on post-partum depression and the use of prescription drugs are absurd.

As a mother who has previously suffered from post-partum depression two years ago, I find Tom Cruise to be an insensitive jerk. But, I’m just one person, voicing my opinion. If everyone had the chance to learn about all of the different religions throughout the world, I’m sure our opinions could possibly change. Unfortunately, our world is based on judgment.

This website is dedicated to celebrity babies and their mothers, and when a topic that discusses something as erratic as neglecting your newborn for the first 24 hrs of life arises (truth or gossip), everyone is going to speak negatively about it, no matter what the religion is. I, as well as other readers, did not mean to offend anyone when discussing some of the Scientology beliefs. No one meant any harm at all, celebrity news and/or gossip is what it is. I truly hope that Katie has a wonderful delivery, and that her family will be allowed to support her.

KrisGams on

As a dedicated reader of all celebrity gossip (especially the gossip that includes pregnancy and infants), I try to put all assumptions and accusations aside. I try to keep in mind that every person, as well as parent, is different. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and their own way of making decisions. I am sure that Katie Holmes is with Tom Cruise for her own reasons. I am sure that she trusts him, and I am sure that she wouldn’t be having his child if she did not feel that it was safe. We all know that most of the news we hear can be based on gossip, as we are not hearing it directly from Tom and Katie themselves, but then again, most of the truth can be based OFF of gossip….the two don’t always stray far from eachother.

happymom on

KrisGams, How would you feel if someone called you an “insensitive jerk?” Why would you chose to put a hurtful label on a fellow human being? Seems like you took someone’s words and interpreted them as a personal attack. I am sure Mr. Cruise did not intend to hurt you or anyone else. From what I saw, he was trying to help, not hurt people – just like you are. Why not concentrate on this similarity? You are both interested in helping, you just differ in your ideas of the best way to do so.

I have to ask why when it comes to this topic we are not discussing facts instead of engaging in attacks? Afraid to possibly find out some or all of what Tom is saying regarding post-partum depression and/or psychiatry may be accurate?

YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW YOU JUDGE PEOPLE! Don’t you like it when people afford you the benefit of the doubt?

Enough with the labels, PLEASE! We are all too kind for that!

Here’s to seeing the good in everyone!