Weird signs at Cruise mansion- literally

03/27/2006 at 05:06 PM ET

A photo circulating the internet that is supposedly a guy (Tom Cruise?) putting up signs on the gates of Tom’s compound/mansion.  People are saying it is signifying that Katie Holmes is in labor.  The signs read, "…but be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable."  This is probably in reference to the Scientology belief that women give birth in silence. 

Our source tells us that Katie is at the Scientology Center as of 2 pm Pacific time. 

Source: (scroll past Britney Spears/Kevin Federline photos)


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Stacey on

Oh. My. God.

I hope she screams when the head crowns. I bet Tom will be PISSED.

ErinH729 on

Maybe I just had big babies… but my first born had a 15-inch head when he was born. I know I screamed when he crowned. How can you not?! Oh my…. good luck to her!

OoSpoiled1 on

I didn’t scream when my son crowned … but I DID make some noise when his shoulders were coming through! Ouch! There is VERY LITTLE to NO way that she will give birth in silence!


pg on

I wonder what happens if she isn’t silent. Do they believe the birth to be tainted or shun her or something?

hippygirl on

I get the weirdest, creepiest vibes everytime I hear about Tom Cruise and the birth. My daughters head was also 15 cm and I’m pretty sure I let out some sound…all I have is visions of Tom Cruise forcing Katie Holmes to ignore the child while he is screaming to be held and loved merely because it is the “Scientology way”. I just hope that child is loved, spoiled and is allowed to talk and scream all he wants. As for Katie and her birth…I wish her the best of luck. I just hope she wakes up one of these days and realizes that she needs to reevaluate her faith in Tom and scientology.

Good luck Katie!! And darlin’ if you have to scream…scream!!!

lilytornado on

i think it’s worse enough she isn’t allowed to make any noises…
but it’s even worse that they aren’t allowed to cuddle the baby and talk to to him\her the first few days. Isn’t that completely strange? I hope Katie doesn’t do that, the poor baby!

hippygirl on

THAT IS SO WRONG!!!! A baby needs to be held!! It needs to be picked up!! I can’t stand watching my daughter lay their in her crib crying with her arms outstretched and sad…you can’t do that to a baby!! you have to hold them and cuddle them. EVERYONE knows that the bonding between mother and baby starts in the 1st 15 minutes of life! A baby needs that security and assurance…damn her if she doesn’t pick up the baby and damn Tom if he’s dumb enough to enforce it!! WAKE UP KATIE!! Go with your maternal instincts and hold that baby every second of its life!!!

pg on

Where does it say that they aren’t allowed to hold the baby at all? I thought I read that they just don’t talk to it. Either way I think they’re crazy, but I don’t think it’s to the extreme of not paying attention to the baby at all, like some are making it out to be.

hippygirl on

I hope you’re right PG…i hope I’m being over dramatic.

joy on

to answer PG….if she screams they are going to ban them from Scientology and send the baby to the church to be purified of all evil LOL

on a side note: I saw a new photo of her in US yesterday and I know this is like beating a dead horse but it still looks like the wierdest off colored belly I’ve ever seen.

anyways back on topic, there is no way you can’t not scream. Well I never given birth but I’ve seen plenty of baby story’s on TLC and not one person is ever quiet while giving birth! And as far as not bonding w/ the baby in the first 24 hours is bogus. I am sorry but this Scientology religion needs to be shoved up Tom’s ass! As a woman and mother Katie needs to stand her ground and tell Tom to let her do what she needs to do.

KrisGams on

It seems to be that not all of the Scientology information we’re hearing about is 100% true. The Katie Holmes post from today (stressed about baby) has some positive comments relating to Scientology. You may want to read them before making further judgements. Just an idea! 🙂