Brit's bump on The Insider?

03/01/2006 at 09:00 PM ET

Pop star Britney Spears, who is very well known for invoking controversy, has oops… done it again.

The singer was featured recently on The Insider, a Hollywood news show,  looking absolutely pregnant. Even her face looks chubbier, much like it did when she was pregnant with her son, 5-month-old Sean Preston.

Perez Hilton, who guesstimates her to be about  3 months pregnant,  has footage featuring Britney… who looks to be supporting a showy bump.  Judge for yourself!!!

Source: Perez Hilton

Thanks to CBB Reader Julie!

Nisha’s Note: If Britney wasn’t shown looking much smaller following her delivery, I honestly don’t think there would be so much talk about her being pregnant.  She does look like she’s expecting again, and if the rumor proves true that means another little Federline may be on the way… adding up to 4 little Feddys! I just hope if they have baby number 2, he doesn’t leave her like he did Shar.


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joy on

maybe she’s just had one too many cheetos since having Sean.

I saw her on GMA the other day in that same outfit and she didn’t look prego to me. She did look fuller in the face. But I don’t necessarily buy the pregnancy rumors and if it’s true GOD help us all.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Eh, I don’t buy it.

Ninah on

If she is pregnant so what? You people make it seems like her being pregnant is going to change the way you live your lives. If she is pregnant congratulations to her and Kevin. Her being pregnant is going to change your life how? You can say ‘I Hate Kevin, Or Frejerk” without even knowing the man. You people believe everything you read. She denied being pregnant the first time. Maybe in the next month or so she’ll admit she’s pregnant. But if she is or isn’t has nothing to do with you. You don’t live with her and you don’t know nothing about her life. You only know what you read which can either be true or false. If you don’t want to pick up another magazine with her in it don’t buy it or turn the page! Geez. Trust me, it’s really not that hard.

annie on

Here’s a suggestion: Maybe some people shouldn’t be so obsessed with other people’s differing opinions. It’s not, like, gonna change your life.

For the record anyway, I agree that it’s a bit bizarre that some people will get so miffed about Brit having kids and the way she APPEARS to raise them. The other day’s not so little and quite biased rant about what kind of mummy Britney is was a little…eh. I’d just like to point out, since the post about her parenting (a bit off topic, shoot me) was very opinionated and clearly meant to incite a riot, the pictures of Meg Ryan where she had completely free hands and instead let the nanny tote her kid. And how many times have we seen Julia Roberts’ twins with nannies? If I recall, the first I saw of them was with a nanny.

But anyway, until they start making everyone take stupid-tests before having kids, which Brit could have benefitted from, people will continue to go into a frenzy when certain people re-produce.

Just something for argument’s sake, since you people seem to love that.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Also though, I don’t think people look at who posts what. Danielle posted the Britney topic, while I had posted the Meg Ryan photos that you’re referring to. I don’t editorialize or share my personal opinions on posts that I make like Danielle and other contributors do, so I don’t really find those two posts comparable.

Ninah on

If they start making people take ‘stupid-test’ before becoming parents, half of the world would have no children. It seems like people worry about the well being of Sean and not their children. While your on the computer looking up what Britney is doing, what is your child doing? At school, sleep, daycare or perhaps with a nanny? How would you know? I know where my child is evry second of the day. How? Because my child is in my stomach. And when he/she comes out,110% of my attention will be on him/her not on what Britney is doing in HER life with HER son.

joy on

O/T as far as Meg Ryan is concerned in the magaizne that the picture ran it said that the women was a friend of megs no where did it state it was her nanny.

I don’t really care either way if Brit is pregnant or not. Her life her mess.

Autumn on

In response to Ninah, I wonder how many of the posters here even have kids of their own?

Personally I don’t, but if I did I imagine I’d be more concerned about their welfare than Britney’s kids.

Anyway whatever Britney does is her perrogative I guess. I think most of the people on other messageboards either bemoan the fact that

1. Brit has any kids at all.

2. Has kids with (seemingly trailer trash) K_Fed, instead of Timberflake

3. That she seems too young, etc.

tink1217 on

I totally agree with some posts and somewhat agree with others. In my opinion, the only thing Brit has done wrong since becoming a mommy was the car seat incident. Chalk it up to being a naive first time mom. It is NO EXCUSE, not saying that. BUT, I also think people in general are WAY too hash when it comes to Britney. Sure, maybe she chose the wrong guy, but we don’t know them personally and tablods love to stir things up in an unflattering way. They want to sell magazines. So, whatever it takes for a tabloid journalist is what they do. Whether it is true or not. Brit doesn’t have to answer to anybody but herself, her husband, and whomever rules the universe, and maybe the law, but she already got away with a warning which is what any officer would have done. They would not have just taken the child away. Children can be abused over and over and they don’t get taken away. Why is it up to us to determine whether she is a “fit” parent or not. Just because she is famous she should be held to a higher standard of parenting than the next person?? Every parent makes mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes could harm a child. Does that mean they meant to or that they are unfit?? I have made plenty of mistakes with my kids. Nothing life threatening, no, but stuff that could have been handled differently and some other person may have thought was the wrong way to handle it.

All in all, if she is preggo again, congrats. Its obviously what she wanted. If not, I hope she gets through this first year of being a mom without too many scrapes and I am sure baby Sean is well taken care of and very much loved. Nanny or no nanny, that baby has lots of people who love him.

tink1217 on

Oh yeah, Brit is 23 yrs old, I think, how young is too young??? I can see saying she is too young if she were 16. But she is 23, a world traveled person, independently wealthy, married, and she is still too young?? Reese Witherspoon was dating Ryan when they got pregnant and she married him and had her DD when she was like 21!!! I was 19 when I had my first. Does that mean I was a “BAD MOM” because I was young?? In fact, I was and always have been 100% focused on my children. They are the center of my life and always have been. They are happy, well adjusted teenagers, and I think I did a great job so far. And I started out at 19. Go figure!!

joy on

Britney’s actually 24 now and alot of people start families around this time. I don’t think she’s too young but I do think she jumps into things w/out actually thinking about how much it could actually effect your life. A baby is not a toy. It’s a human being. But I don’t doubt that she’s doing the best she can. No parent is perfect esp. the first time and I am sure having the public eye on you 24/7 also doesn’t help.

I think that another baby is her decision. But w/ things I have heard in the media lately it seems as though their marriage isn’t really as strong as she makes it out to be (of course that’s speculation). I also think that marturity is a factor. You can be really mature at 18 but also be really immature at 25. It doesn’t matter the age it matters how mature you are and how you are able to handle something as big as becoming a parent. I think Brit just needs to learn a few things but I don’t doubt that she’ll give Sean whatever he needs.

*wow did I just sort of defend britney – oh lord my worlds coming to an end* 😉

Arlz on

i was 17 when i had my 1st, 18 when i had 2nd (whoops :D) 20 with no 3 and 22 with baby 4. Im really dippy, but when it comes to the kids and their wellbeing Im stop on. I dont think Brit is a bad mother (excluding the whole car thing – sorry to bring it up) It is hard bringing up kids at a young age and being the same age as Brit i know. In a way she is lucky she has a nanny and god somedays you need them (or is that just me??) At the end of the day we dont know what goes on behind closed doors – maybe she does all the primary care for spf. The truth is we dont know, we will just have to wait till spf writes a bio of his own.

I still maintain she has PND poor hun cause that really sucks.

Also her figure after spf was better (and still is) after she had him.

Dump the fed!!

Ok rant over lol!! (personaly i am not a fan of hers but hey lol)

Arlz xxxx