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02/25/2006 at 11:11 PM ET

I REALLY try not to editorialize about Britney Spears, but I just can’t hold it in anymore. 

Earlier today I was reading in this week’s OK! magazine a quote from a friend going on about how Britters is such a hands-on mom; how even though she didn’t belt Sean in during the car seat fiasco of ’06, the fact that she brought Sean with her on her Starbucks run instead of leaving him home with a nanny was PROOF of how she’s such a hands-on mom.  Give me a break.  THEN I saw these unflattering photos… When I say these photos are unflattering, I am not speaking of how Britney looks (because it is overwhelmingly and abundantly clear that she does not look her best) but rather how it appears to illustrate  how she is SO not a hands-on mom.  She has her nanny carrying her son, feeding him a bottle, just steps behind her.  (This is not a commentary on the bottle feeding.)

Also, other photos that show her pushing Sean in a stroller (and a baby jogger at that!) also shows the nanny just steps behind her again (and it even looks like the woman is trying to catch her breath running after them).  Can’t she go out for a caffeine run (notice the the ubiquitous Starbucks cup in her hand) without the nanny?  Guess not. 

FYI… The stroller is a Baby Trend jogger.

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annie on

Ehh…Are we really surprised? I think not. Those pictures don’t say much though. I know quite a few ‘regular’ mums who have nannies shop with them, it makes it easier. Now, if she has that lady with her every second of every day, which we can’t verify, then that’s her prerogative (snort). Either way, it appears she’s brought a child into a less than stable environment (the dreaded K-Fed anyone?) and nothing about his life is gonna be normal anyway. I don’t claim to know anything but what I see and read, but it appears from my point of view that she is a child who thought having a baby would be cute, just like I (and most little girls) did when I was seven. Except I had better taste in men, even then. She’ll probably squeeze every drop of baby juice (if you will) out of Kev before she can’t deal with him anymore.

Anyway, is it just me or are her bangers lookin’ a bit smaller in those first pics? Curious…

halifaxhoney on

I’m a fan of CBB and I try to post comments that are fair, so I hope that this comes off in a good tone. I find that when it comes to a post about Britney Spears there is alot of negative ones about Britney.

I think that Britney had a baby and was like many women who said “this is what I’m going to do when I have children” yet once the baby came it may not have been what she expected it to be. I think that something that should be kept in mind is that we don’t know her. When we see pictures of her we see a fraction of what an average day in her life is like. That goes for other celebrities as well.

Shannon on

I think a point to make is that, as other celebritites say, they often take their nannies with them to carry the children, due to the paparazzi-a shot of Britney, smiling and holding Sean Preston is worth a hell of alot more, than a shot of an unknown nanny holding the celebrity’s baby.

Then again, if she doesn’t want to be photographed with Preston, why not just leave him at home with the nanny for an hour, rather than tagging them both along with you???

Scarlett on

Ya know besides the shoes with that outfit(lol)..she really wouldn’t look that bad if she would wear a bra! I just don’t get it. I don’t get why everyone on the net is saying she is really fat because she isn’t at all! Especially after having a baby 5(?) months ago. For a celeb that’s a long time but she isn’t really doing anything right now. She’s losing about like any of us would or better. She just needs to wear things that are..flattering. Anyway, As far as the nanny situation goes I don’t know why she would even need one when she is basically a STAH mother at the moment. Why can’t she just have something like a babysitter to come over when she is needed instead of going all over with her? I know of 16 year old single mothers who don’t have nannies! That’s pretty bad. It’s just having the money to have one and her being lazy.

starlight_perfume on

If I had the money I would definitely get a nanny. Just for maybe the first year. Staying up at night with a crying baby, feeding and changing diapers all the time. It would be nice while you are out shopping to have someone else feed your baby every now and then. I love my baby but it is exhausting taking care of one and I would gladly take help if I could get it.

FC on

Okay, I’ve seen the ones of her and the nanny and those still irk me. But I didn’t know she had the nanny and the bodyguard doing two things at once. She’s just..what? Standing there like a freaking lump on a log.

I mean, she could either feed her son or push the stroller. Pushing the stroller isn’t that big of a deal. I wouldn’t harp on her latest stunts if she wasn’t standing there as if she had absolutely nothing to do.

Honestly, if she didn’t want to even attempt to be bothered with her own child, then she should’ve just left him at home. But I guess she’s just waiting for someone to talk about her in some mag and make her celebrity get a little bigger, bad press or good, though, lately, it’s been more bad than good.

Yeah, she might not look all her best right now, but she could stand to clean up her wardrobe. I know it won’t hurt her any, nor would it hurt her pocketbook.

tink1217 on

I have always been a fan of Britney. I havent liked alot of what she has done lately. BUT, can there EVER be a positive thing written about Britney here?? I had LOTS of family help when I had my kids. My mom or grandma would go shopping with me so I could have an easier time of it. Whats wrong with that?? I just didn’t pay them. My wardrobe was t shirts and leggings for 2 years after having my kids. Most new moms don’t have trendy, expensive clothing after giving birth for months and months.

OK magazine isn’t exactly my idea of a “reputable” publication. I much prefer People more. I think Britney has made some mistakes over the last 2 years, including marrying KFed. Although they are still together for what its worth.

I really do think I would die if I saw a positive update on Britney. Maybe she doesn’t do everything right, and yes she has made some huge mistakes lately, but what mother hasn’t?? I am not trivializing the car seat issue, not at all. But picking apart every little thing she does down to her hair and wardrobe is ridiculous!! Give the girl a break. At least on the personal side and the whole nanny thing. I know everyday people who have nannies and they do absolutely nothing with their own kids. At least Britney is actually “WITH” the baby an d the nanny. And, its not just the nanny out with Sean Preston like he is hers instead of Britney’s.

halifaxhoney on

tink1217 that’s pretty much what I was thinking.

Roxanne Grandis on

I’m sure Britney is not very different from most celebrities who have kids. You don’t think most of them have nannies who help? Britney’s problem is that she doesn’t control her publicity very well.

I kind of feel bad for her–getting bashed all the time. (I can’t believe I just said that!)

Patty on

I’m not a fan of hers – but I am sure a lot of new mothers makes mistakes – which no one sees. As they are not followed around all the time with people taking pictures. The biggest problem I have with her is that she didn’t take responsibility for the possibly deadly mistake of having the baby in her lap while driving. She doesn’t have to be a genius – but just some good common sense would help.

About the nanny – I imagine that hiring a nanny is better because you can check out her credentials easier. Of course – there are probably baby sitter services she could use – but having the same person around is probably better for the baby. And this child needs all the stability he can get.

michelle anne on

I agree, Although I am not a big fan of britney ,nothing personal just not a fan of her music.But really if we had camera pointed in our face 24/7 how many of us would have photos that we would be imbarassed or have a hard time explaining.No matter what celebs do or say someone is always scrutinizing them over every little thing.
Something innocent made into a huge deal and of course they have to relive it over an dover and over.(not saying her driving with sean was a small thing!)
But a nonceleb woul.d have moved on with it and been done,she unfortunatly has to relive it over and over and over and will for years.
I am sure if we look in the paparazzi’s vault every celeb with a child has had a picture they are not proud of or was questioned.
How would we feel as a parent to have every little thing questioned no matter how small or innocent.
I feel for her and all celebs cause it isn’t only them the paparazzi hurts it’s the kids.
Sometimes we just as the public have to let things go or not read between the lines or make assumptions on things.Cause what if the shoe was on the other foot?

joy on

I am not a fan of Britney’s no way shape or form but I don’t see the big deal w/ the nanny maybe bc I am one myself.

I take the baby out shopping and I wish I had a nanny for me sometimes lol! What difference would it be if that photo was her mother holding the baby instead of a nanny? In some cultures its customed to actually have a nanny the first few months after birth. I am not condoning any of Britney’s behavior but a nanny isn’t so bad.

hey think of it in a positive way….maybe the nanny can keep him better protected then his own folks have done?!

Carol Alaniz on

I’m not a fan of Britney either. But my thing with her is, she has complained about the photographers, but then she goes out with her son and in my opinion, is blantant about it. This is not just her everyday life, she’s doing this for publicity. Barely a week goes by that we don’t see a photo of Brit and the baby. Cher once said if you’re a celebrity and the public forgets you, then it’s over. Brit doesn’t want people to forget her so she does the stuff she does. I would respect her a lot more if she conducted herself more like Julia Roberts. Julia is seen by photographers, but not all the time. She is private in her life, she stays with her children at her ranch in Arizona.

As for nannies, I don’t hold it against anyone who has a nanny. I feel whoever has a nanny must have a good reason to need one After all, they find out about your home life, your business, your relationships, etc. Not a private situation at all in that regard.

tink1217 on

I really don’t think she drove with her baby in her lap for the publicity!! Carol, you said she complains about the photogs and then goes out with her baby?? Well, should she remain a hermit forever?? Brit is also ALOT younger than Julia and maybe does not want to stay home all the time. Julia also lives in a completely different type of place than Britney. It seems no matter where Britney goes she has to deal with it. Julia doesn’t always have to deal with it every time she goes out. I am in no way defending anything really stupid Brit does, just the fact that she should be allowed to leave her house with her baby like anyone else and NOT have cameras pushed in her face 24/7. Yes, its the price of celebrity, but celebs can be followed and photographed without it being the way it has been with Britney and alot of other celebs (Reese Witherspoon, for example). When there are children involved they need to realize when to step back and most of the time with certain celebs they just keep pushing.

My whole point was, there are certain celebs who get followed more than others and why should they have to hide away from the world?? She can complain if she wants to. I know no matter how big a star I was, I would complain every now and then too if I had to put up with what certain celebs have to!

joy on

The paparazzi are on Brit’s ASS because of what she did a few weeks ago. Now they are waiting for her to make her next stupid move so they can be the first to have it. In a way Britney causes her own mess. Some celebs do have it alot worse. Look at Brad and Angie….they are constantly followed and bombarded w/ photos all bc someone wants to get a shot of them together embracing. The paps will not stop doing what they do and celebs just got to learn to take the good w/ the bad. Brit’s best action is to do what she’s doing in those photos. Bring plenty of people to help her out w/ the baby. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be able to take little Sean out. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have people follow your every move but then again that’s why I’m NOT a celebrity.

tink1217 on

exactly, joy. she should be able to take Sean out, just like a regular mom. I am sure the paparazzi will be right on TomKats tail as soon as that baby is born too. It may even be worse!!! Will everyone be all over Katie Holmes if she looks a bit under dressed and unkempt when she takes her little one out??

I cannot imagine some photg folowing my every move. Boy, would I be embarrased!!

pg on

What is the point of taking Sean out with her if the nanny is the only one paying attention to him??

I agree that yes, some people need nannies. Does a mother who stays home all the time and also has the help of her own mother and other family members need a nanny? In my opinion, no.

I am a stay at home mother myself, and to answer the question of what it would be like if a camera was in my face 24/7 — the public would see a MOTHER. They would see someone who actually spends time with her child, acknowledges him in public, and does everything with his safety and wellbeing in mind. Even if I’m tired as hell or in a bad mood, you wouldn’t see me taking it out on my child or dumping the responsibilities on someone else. That is not a mother.

I take my son to the store with me all the time. It is EASY. There is no reason she needs that nanny’s help every time she goes somewhere. For companionship? Sure. But to handle all the duties as far as taking care of Sean? NO.

Sorry, but I am just sick of seeing everything rationalize her behavior just because she has cameras following her and she’s a new mom. Those things are not excuses to behave the way she does.

starlight_perfume on

Hasn’t anyone here heard “it takes a village to raise a child”. No one should look down on a mother just because she has help from other people. It doesn’t mean she’s any less of a mother.

tink1217 on

well said starlight. not that a mom should hire a nanny to raise her child, but in celebs cases, it is a different world completely. I know some like Reese and Ryan have deals that while one is working, the other stays home, which is great if it works. But, there are many many celebs who choose to hire a nanny for extra help. Just because a nanny is with Brit or carrying the baby or giving him a bottle it doesn’t mean the nanny is “raising him”.

I still believe the paprazzi make a point to make Britney look a certain way. I am in no way rationalizing anything. I agree she has made some really bad choices. Nobody is perfect and everyone needs help sometimes.

Mrs. McGraw on

Looks like she gave up the “Nobody but me holds the baby” doctrine she had before and right after SP was born!

While I really have no problem with a person having a nanny, I just DON’T understand who needs a nanny for ONE child!

I’m no celebrity…but I have a full time job and I go to school. I don’t use a nanny. But I guess if you can afford someone to walk around behind you with your kid, you look like a better mother than someone who doesn’t spend 24 hours a day with her/his kid.