Fun facts about Ashley Parker Angel

02/23/2006 at 11:29 PM ET

by CBB Reader Ashley

Ashley Parker Angel, new dad and former boy band member from MTV’s hit reality show, There and Back, is currently on tour and has made a stop in Chattanooga, TN. Here are a few interesting facts that he has shared in  an interview today:

-Lyric was the first baby born on MTV.
-His girlfriend, Tiffany, called him at 5:00 in the morning to tell him she was pregnant. He said he was so sleepy he hung up with her and went back to sleep and when he woke up it hit him and he did not believe what she had just told him.
-They are working on a season 2 and possibly get married in season 2.
-Ashley shares a with MTV.
-He was able to pull a lot of feeling and emotion from the pregnancy and use them on his new album.

Note: CBB Reader Hannah wants to know what chair Ashley and Tiffany ordered for baby Lyric on the show. If you know what she’s talking about, please post a comment with the info.
-CBB Reader Kristy responded that it’s a Bumbo seat (which I have as does Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s daughter) or a Prince Lionheart seat.

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Alyson on

“Lyric was the first baby born on MTV.”

That can’t be true. What about the babies born on True Life? I remember a girl gicing birth to a baby boy whose cuban? father was in the army. Don’t remember the details, but I really dont think Lyric is the first baby born on MTV.

design_officer on

he’s about as smart as a loofah.

Autumn on

Yeah I think Alyson’s probably right about the baby born on True Life because they often portray various teen issues which I wouldn’t be surprised if teen pregnancy has been covered before too.

Plus as far as couples shows similar to “There And Back”, didn’t they show Shanna Moakler Barker giving birth to her daughter on an episode of “Meet The Barkers” which aired at about the same time as baby Lyric’s birth on ‘There And Back’ first aired? I know Shanna had a c-section for her daughter, but even that’s still a birth.

It’s sort of funny though that Ashley P. was born the same day MTV first aired in Aug. 1981, but I guess it goes to show how long the network has been on. (Long enough for the people born then to be old enough now to get married & have kids w/o it being a teen pregnancy etc.)

As far as the chair, I’m not sure what brand it was but I do know that it was an overstuffed light blue swivel-rocker Tiffany had apparently ordered several months in advance, but wasn’t delivered until right after her son was born.

(I don’t know what’s up with those CA celebs and their furniture orders because I remember a similar episode where Shanna Barker had ordered furniture for her kids’ rooms which was delivered late, or somehow disappointed her despite the $10-20K price tag?! I just hope Ashley & Tiffany didn’t spend that much on their son’s furniture.)

udandi on

One of the MTV-jays was was reporting about this show on TRL and there was a clip of Ashley saying Lyric was the first baby born on MTV, but the announcer said something like apparently he missed Brandy give birth to her daughter on MTV.

Kauai17 on

With Shanna you just saw them walking into the hospital, and with Brandy you saw her mom waiting outside of the delivery room while she labored (if I remember correctly). With Tiffany you were there for the whole thing. Maybe that is what he was talking about. Who knows…..That chair was cute though and it looked comfy. It seemed to have a corduroy texture as well.

Yonni on

I agree..You actually saw Tiffany laboring and pushing the baby out the other people just went in to the hospital and came home..No cameras were in there for Brandi, or Shanna. I do remember that True Life show. It was in regards to people being with in relationships with people of different races.

prdmommyof3 on

was she talking about the bumbo or the oversized armchair/rocker? I would think she is talking about the rocker. I have no idea where it is from, but it was beautiful, and i will bet prett pricy!

Alyson on

Actually, the FIRST baby to be born on MTV was Brandy’s Baby on her “Special Delivery” show!! Brandy didn’t let everyone into the actual delivery room, when it was happening, but nevertheless they were still there!

However, Ashley and Tiffany, let the crew in there to see all the blood sweat and tears(pardon the pun), that goes into delivering a baby!

I must admit…….I cried like a baby when Lyric was born!! I think that little boy is SOOOO CUTE!! Being a mother to my 3 year old son has opened me up to a new emotional sensitivity to babies and children.

I wish them the best with that adorable son of theirs!!

Alyson on

Heyyy…You stole my name Alyson (above comment) now I have to change mine so others won’t get confused on what we comment on. BTW…I did the first comment on this page.

Did anyone watch Ashley’s show this past Monday, with the fight at the club and everything? Woah…there are some crazy people out there!

AlysonG on

OK this is my new name!

Autumn on

Oh yeah I’d forgotten about Brandy’s baby, but yeah I think I remember that episode now that I think about it. Maybe Brandy and Shanna thought they were too much of a celebrity themselves to be filmed in the delivery room w/o makeup and all? Who knows?

Anyway maybe Ashely & Tiffany’s son was the first filmed birth on MTV? To me it remined me of a crazy version of an episode of TLC’s ‘A Baby Story,’ which is cool too.

Plus another thing too, Tiffany was probably the only married young woman who was filmed without makeup the most often for any show on MTV. Quite refreshing I think.

Courtney on

What about Toni Braxton also? I could have sworn she had her 2nd one on MTV also….

Alyson on

Actually, Tiff and Ashely aren’t married, yet.

Also, when you are tired, fat and pregnant, the last thing you want to do is clog your pores with tons of make-up. Plus she has GREAT skin……she didn’t need ANY make-up!

BTW……I didn’t mean to “steal” anyone’s name…….It’s my name too……I’ll share it with ya!!….. :0)