Katie Holmes worries she'll deliver early

01/31/2006 at 12:29 AM ET

Katieholme_jmc_4382807_ma Katie Holmes, 27, is said to be fearing that she may deliver her unborn baby early. The young actress, who is engaged to Tom Cruise, 43, is rumored to be about 7 months pregnant and is, apparently, a "bundle of nerves." Katie herself was delivered almost two months early, and now Katie is afraid that this could happen to her. A friend of the Batman Begins star also added that "Katie was only four pounds at birth and it was touch-and-go for several days before doctors determined that she was going to make it." Katie "seems desperately afraid that the same thing could happen to her!"

Source: Star Magazine via Entertainment


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Lauren22 on

If she stays a “bundle of nerves”, that baby will for sure be coming early. She needs to calm the heck down if she is that nervous!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy the pregnancy Katie!

joy on

she’s probably a bundle of nerves cause she’s worried about how she’s going to give birth with no drugs and in silence.

I’d be worried too.

Zoey on

Perhaps I am a horrible person for thinking this, but the first thought that came to my mind was ‘oh, wouldn’t that be convienent. She’ll deliver early, ‘lose’ the baby, and there will be even more publicity for TomKat.’

But that’s just because I still doubt her pregnancy. Have we seen any proof yet that says she’s really pregnant?

And if she is pregnant, and if this isn’t just some big scam, then I hope to god none of the things I said above come true and that she and her baby will both get a happy ending.

charlie65 on

Yes she is really pregnant.
This is one of her most recent pic, with a good angle, posted on this same blog a couple of weeks ago.
http://gallery.katieholmes.com/displayimage.php?album=362&pos=33 (click to enlarge)
Tom Cruise has enraged a lot of people, all right. But i fail to see what she has done so abysmal that everyone has to throw to her such insult, faking a pregnancy, come on.

joy on

^^ she clearly does not look 7 months pregnant in that latest photo. But I guess people grow at different rates and for Katie she goes up and down day 2 day *scratches head*

I believe she’s pregnant cause that would be a dumb and horrible thing to try to pull off.

And I am only down on the tomkat situation bc of how they went about it all. April met, May started dating, June got pregnant, then got engaged. This only after breaking up with her BF of 5 years in FEBRUARY! that’s what I don’t like. It’s like she’s not even in love she’s just infatuated by being with him and stupid enough to bare a child for him.

charlie65 on

She does not go “up and down” from day to day, but from the angle the pics are taken, and of course the star article is pure bs.
You don’t like them? Well, i don’t judge them. Regardless of their timing, they have chosen to keep this baby. If not good wishes, i think that Katie at least deserves respect, like every mother in this world.

brave on

if I were getting all my information about pregnancy and childbirth from Tom Cruise, I’d be worried too!

She’s young and presumably healthy so probably has nothing to worry about. I sure hope her mom and ob are reassuring her that her baby likely won’t be premature.

Zoey on

Ok, well I personally have been doubtful of this pregnancy from the very beginning. Their entire relationship has been (imo) one big publicity stunt. It came about at a time when both of them had movies to promote, she was just coming off a serious relationship, they never really had time to get to know each other.. and in just a matter of what.. a month or two, Tom was jumping on the couch declaring his love for Katie. They’ve been quite open about their PDAs, and they never did anything small, the proposal, the declaration of love, always seemed too over the top to be real.

There was also the whole scientology issue. Tom certainly used his newfound publicity from the romance with Katie to promote his cult/religion and get he word out about it, so I personally assume that that would be another benefit of this relationship.

And the pregnancy was announced just as the world was starting to lose interest in TomKat.. it was the perfect interest booster (I think) to announce they were having a kid. The timing was just.. suspicious.

Oh, and wasn’t Tom supposed to be unable to have kids? I thought that was the reason he and Nicole Kidman adopted?

And then there have been plenty of things since the pregnancy was annouced that made me say ‘hmm’. For instance, her parent’s seem pretty upset. If your daughter was having a baby, wouldn’t you be ecstatic, even if you didn’t like the daddy-to-be. I mean hello?

And obviously, there was the whole balooning belly thing. Yes, the timeline that was made was certainly deceiving, but the picture from when she first announced her pregnancy, she was HUGE.. but two days before that she was wearing tight fitting clothing and she looked perfectly tiny? Don’t you start to show a /little/ bit in the first few months?

And the sonogram machine. Well, when he got it, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘oh, because there isn’t any baby… he doesn’t want the real doctors to see it because there’s nothing to see’.

But in any event, that’s just my opinion. Now she could very well be pregnant, and I guess we’ll know (hopefully) in just a few months. And hey, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.. but this is just why *I* have my doubts about Katie’s pregnancy.

charlie65 on

I don’t know that much about Tom Cruise (i know however that he won a lawsuit about his supposed sterility), but i have followed Katie career from the beginning, and while i respect every opinion, i also think that all the things you listed are just rumors. A pubblicity stunt? And exactly why now? For what purpose? Did they have ever get positive press from this? What Katie has earned from all this? You know that she has dropped from 3 high profile projects in the last months and now her career is basically stalled? From not gossip reports, family support her. All the “strangeness” in her pregnancy is due to pics taken from different angles and different clothes… I could go on, but i feel silly doing so.
I realize that things got really screwed for her, and i simply don’t think she deserved it.

Patty on

They opened up their relationship for criticism and skepticism by making such a spectacle of themselves.

I kind of hope she’s not pregnant – because I feel very sorry for the innocent child she might bring into their world where a strange cult ordains how they conduct so much of their lives.

But if she really is pregnant – I hope she gets control of her “nerves” real soon – as she’ll have a very nervous and fretful baby. And I hope he gets back on his meds soon.

happymom on

Spectacle is defined by the viewer. What one person sees as taking a courageous stand, another takes as a personal attack. Why not give someone the benefit of the doubt?

It seems like there are so many judgements being made on this couple based on their personal belief system, one that I am guessing most of us know little about. (Any practicing Scientologists out there?) Personally do not have a religous affiliation as they always seem to draw lines between people rather than unite.

Also, don’t understand the big deal about a silent birth without pain meds. Big deal. Relaxation helps ease the pain, screaming tenses muscles and only makes everything hurt more. Basing this on my own 2 labor/delivery exeperiences. I think many of us are afraid of pain instead of being empowered by it. Fear is so negative. Birth is nothing to be afraid of – it is an exciting, amazing experience.

You can do it Kate! We are all sending you positive thoughts.

Melissa on

I can’t make any open judgments about this couple or the reported pregnancy. I have some personal opinions, viewpoints and suspicions, but I will just keep those to myself. Celebrities, unless they are actually “caught” (but then again, there’s always a spin on things when they actually do get caught) let us see what they want us to see. Only time will tell regarding the relationship, the baby and other details of their lives. The only “beef” I will propose here, is that Tom should not have openly and publicly criticized and ridiculed Brooke Shields in her personal battle that she chose to reveal in the efforts to help other noncelebrity mothers confused and frightened by their own symptoms of PPD. The comments he made were slanderous and insulting, not only to Brooke but to mothers everywhere who have come close to the PPD experience. He had no right or authority to do that. His own behavior has opened a can of worms in the speculation department and that has spilled over to judgments about Katie, as well. Whether or not these two are what they “appear” to be and whether or not there is a baby inside Katie or in a surrogate somewhere, I sincerely hope that child will not be brought into a psychologically harmful situation and has a happy and productive life despite the issues swirling around his/her life.

joy on

I have to agree with zoey and patty. The whole relationship seems to be one big publicity stunt. I frankly dont’ care though if they want to make fools of themselves in public….it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is more of Tom and his Scientology ways. When you start preaching about something that’s when you excuse my french Piss me off…..he is allowed to state his opinions on the matter but to personally attack someone (i.e. Brook Shields) for her own personal decisions then u have crossed the line.

I agree the whole purchasing the sonogram and jumping on the couch is just a wierd behavior. I do believe she’s pregnant and the media wants to put it out there that she’s trying to “hide” something to make us believe that something is up. However, I do have concerns for her. I feel she’s young, vulnerable, and she’s brain washed. I used to be a fan of Tom’s but now everytime I see him I cringe.

I hope this didn’t offend anyone. I did not try to personally attack anyone. I just simiply am stating how *I* feel on the whole Tomkat nonsense.

and btw if this happened to be a non celeb couple in real life and they were friends of mine…..I wouldn’t be congratulating them on their “happy” little family.

happymom on

Again, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. What one person views as criticism and ridicule, another sees as an effort to help. Don’t you think the views expressed by Brooke in her book were equally as hurtful to Tom and others with his views as his comments were to her? Brooke did not have to continue the cycle. They are both guilty. That’s what upsets me here – there seems to be no sympathy or respect for Tom’s feelings, only Brooke’s.

What one person views as help, another can see as harm. Take religous missionaries for example. Brooke is trying to help people and I geniunly believe that Tom is too. Different people, different ideas of what help is needed.

It would be nice if they could sit down together and talk about their feelings and why each of them was hurt by the other. What a great example that would set!

Again, let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. If you were pregnant, would you want people speculating you were lying? How would that make you feel?

DJ on

Why can’t Katie just be nervous about delivering early liker her mom did and that’s all? Why does everyone have to read so much more into it? I never worried about delivering early myself, but I did worry that I would miscarry. No matter who Katie hangs out with, namely Tom, and what his views are on different things, she is still pregnant and entitled to be nervous about different thigs. Come on people, cut her some slack!

joy on

I wish her the best of luck. That’s the only thing I have left to say about it all.

Shannon CBB Contributor on

Can we please try and keep the comments positive.
I think DJ put it well-Katie is nervous about giving birth like her mum did-i don’t think we need to read into this anymore.