"Celebrity moms making motherhood hot"

01/31/2006 at 11:56 PM ET

MSNBC is running an Associated Press story called "Celebrity moms making motherhood hot," citing hot new pregnant celebs as proof of what we at the Celebrity Baby Blog all know- that motherhood is hot.  Unlike hemlines, motherhood is not a trend or a fad.  Just because the tabloids are paying more attention to celebrities getting knocked up doesn’t mean that there’s a baby boom!

What do you think?

Thanks to CBB Reader Angela for pointing out the article.


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Melissa on

Tabloids are always going to use whatever subject sells the most. Any subject is fodder when the “bottom line” is at stake. I agree that some publications spin impossible “truths” about motherhood, getting back into shape, careers, etc. And those fallacies do provoke some self-loathing in some mothers who don’t look a certain way after giving birth or who can’t do the juggling act with the ease that the media portrays celebrities being able to do. It takes a small village to create a supermodel celebrity mother…or at least to create that image! I think if we can keep things in proper perspective and celebrate motherhood, children, careers and life in an individual manner (meaning what works for each individual and her family) we can all take pride in the fact that, yeah, we mothers are a hot lot! And even the stay-at-home mother has a career – nurse, psychologist, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, leader, teacher, provider…the list of duties and responsibilities can’t be summed up in a resume! I’m glad that we can celebrate motherhood and children…but celebrate your own individuality, even if you just can’t rid yourself of those five extra pounds!

joy on

I think celebrity motherhood would be hotter if these couples were actually committed to each other.

Layla's Mommy on

I agree with Melissa. The image that celebrity moms projest is not a realistic one. True, there are a few very down to earth celebrities that maintain a much more realistic image but most still have a lot that is unobtainable for the average mom. Wh really has three $4000 strollers, a diaper bag that costs $1500, three full time nannies, and a personal chef. I really like to know about celebrity mom’s because it is a fantasy life compared to my day in and day out life with my daughter. The truth is I stay at home and am very lucky to be able to shower and get out of my PJs. My usual day cosits of a Carnation Instant Breakfast, feeding, playing with, and changing my daughter, and being lucky to get a few clothes folded. On a rare day i get to eat luch. A far cry from the image most celebrity mom’s project.

Layla's Mommy on

Sorry for the typos. I am holding my sleepy baby and am typing with one hand. 😉

joy on

I agree with you.

I am not a mother but a caretaker for a 12 month old little girl. I know first hand what it’s sort of like to be a mother. Baby gets dropped of by 8 a.m. and picked up by 6 p.m. so I have her all day. Granted I don’t do the bed time routine but I get the majority of the constant chasing around! I am lucky if I find time to shower myself. It’s all about watching baby Einstein, changing diapers, feeding, feeding, did I mention feeding lol! *the kid always wants to eat* and then if I’m lucky and can get up and dressed we spend the day playing with her toys that we proudly bought at a consignment shop! By 6 p.m. I’m ready for bed. So I know what it’s like to be the mom and the nanny. It’s a great joy to watch this child grow up but at the same time it’s the most challenging job I’ve ever had.

I always tell mom’s that I respect them more then ever bc what they do is more work then most jobs and now I finally know.