Katie Holmes' incredibly shrinking and growing belly

01/23/2006 at 10:26 AM ET

KatiebumptimelinebgPink is the New Blog reader Tara created this timeline of Katie Holmes’s pregnancy.  Hmm, my belly never grew and shrunk like that.

Thanks to CBB Reader Adrienne.

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Courtney on

It DOES look mighty fishy when all those pics are put side-by-side………things that make ya go hmmmmm…..

michelle anne on

this is what I was saying awhile ago in a post …she doesn’t look pregnant.IN most pictures.Or else she isn’t very happy about it cause she is practically the only person i know who hasn’t shown it off,or looks to have binded herself down? Someting definatly up.I know it’s none of our business but thats really strange.I know some women shrink because of baby movement but for the tummy to almost dissappear at what is she like 6 months if not more is a little odd?

joy on

okay that def. looks fishy! lol

I smell a Tom scheme! Maybe they are pretending she’s pregnant and instead in the process of adopting and trying to play it off as their biological child?! do you think one could get away with such a thing?

courtney I agree…….things that make u go hmmmm

joy on

oh btw – first I was going to say it must of been the clothes. But then I actually enlarged the photo and some clothes are really tight and she’s small and some clothes are really tight and she’s big within one week of each other! So now I am confused.

charlie65 on

It’s all in the angle/distance/clothes. That person has put togheter pics carefully chosen to prove her point in a deceiving way. But if you look at other pics taken those same days (there are a tons on KH websites), you see the pregnancy showing.
For example here, on the 16 january
http://gallery.katieholmes.com/displayimage.php?album=362&pos=26 (click to enlarge)

Kresta on

I agree with joy. Unless we see her naked pregnant belly, I think that what joy said makes perfect sense.

mystique on

I agree charlie, that person is clearly biased and got deceiving pics of her in jackets, the wrong angle or where you could only see her from the front. Go to many Katie sites and you will see Katie from those very days where you cant see much, showing her belly from the side or her jacket are off.

I think its a shame that people are trying to degrade them like this. It makes no sense for them to fake a pregnancy and have her belly go up and down.

I think they would know the correct way for a belly to be, Tom Cruise is rich and have all the resources. This is ridiculous.

Erin on

As much as I dont like Tom and Katie – i have to agree that these are deceiving pictures. For example -look at the picture dated 1/15 and look at this photo at the same event with the same woman behind her http://gallery.katieholmes.com/displayimage.php?album=361&pos=3

tinkerbell on

I totally agree with mystique it doesn’t make sense..why would they fake this pregnancy? She LOOKS pregnant that’s obvious! You don’t have to show your naked belly everywhere to proove you’re actually pregnant. But I have to say that past week I saw a documentary on french tv about Tom Cruise and it really scared me…all those scientology stuff and all that, wanting his kids to have only scientologists teachers. But since the very beginning I’ve been a defendor of those two. I really believe they love each other and I ‘m sure they’re gonna have a beautiful baby.

tinkerbell on

Now you can see her belly !

wow gold on

thanks for sharing.thx!