Britney's baby: Call him Preston, not Sean

01/06/2006 at 08:32 PM ET

Britney_momdad_blog According to a new interview that Britney and Lynne Spears did with Access Hollywood while in Las Vegas promoting the Spears family name (Dad Jamie and brother Brian just came out with home poker software), Sean is simply a first name – friends and family call him Preston.

Britney revealed that her almost four month old son is "so happy…he laughs all the time." She told AOL’s Luxe Life that, "I love being a mom. It’s the greatest thing in the world. I almost couldn’t leave Preston tonight to get here. He was crying, and I’ve sort of made it a rule never to leave while he’s crying. [They are currently adjusting to a new nanny for when the couple goes out.] But [my] mom came over to help and that quieted him down. I love being a mother, and I want to have more babies."

Britney is currently taking dance classes, and while she’s gone, yes, "Kevin does change diapers," says Lynne, who also spoke of the intense bond between Britney and Sean Preston – "She lets me hold him [laughs]…She doesn’t let just anybody hold him, but she lets me hold him." She said that Britney reminds her of herself as a young parent, "She’s the same way [I was] with Preston, so I really can’t say anything."

Source: Access Hollywood / Luxe Life

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joy on

So why didn’t she just name him Preston? I never understood why people name their kids one name but choose to go by the middle name. Oh well. I like Sean better but atleast preston isn’t too wierd.

Scarlett on

Most of the time when people go by their middle names it’s because the name goes better with the other name choice if it’s a middle name. Like Sean Preston sounds alot better than Preston Sean. My brother is Mark Ryan and he goes by Ryan. Ryan Mark does not go well. I know alot of people who go by their middle names.

DJ on

“I’ve sort of made it a rule never to leave while he’s crying.”

As the mother of a young child myself, I can say that she better get over that rule or she won’t be leaving him much, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Raye on

My cousin called her baby Adelaide, but everyone just calls her Ella. I’ve never quite understood why they didn’t just name her Ella in the first place, but I guess both are beautiful names.

michelle anne on

My one nice is Ashtyn brianna we call her Ashy or Bri..My other niece is Shay Michelina
we call her shay shay or mostly shaymish
I think most families have nicks names for thier kids.LOL I agree with scarlett probably jusyt sounded better.Both are nice names.

DJ on

Another reason sometimes people call them by their middle name instead of their first is to avoid confusion. The dad’s name may be James Travis Whatever, and so they want to name the son James Travis Whatever, Jr., but they decide to call him Travis instead of James, Jim, or Jimmy like his dad.

Roise on

My younger bro and I go by our middle names because our first names are family names. My little bro, dad and both great-grandfathers share the same first name and my cousin and I have the same first name as our late aunt. My cousin doesn’t have a middle name and my family doesn’t like nicknames, so they started calling me by my middle name and the name stuck. It gets weird sometimes because I’m not used to being called by my first name, so there are times it takes a beat or two for me to realize that I am being addressed.

Jennifer on

I have a friend who named her son “Alexander Maximus” and they are calling him “Max” now because they think he looks more like a Max than an Alexander.

Scarlett on

Hey, That’s cool! I have a close friend who has a son named Maximus Alexander! She calls him Maximus only! She hates it when people call him Max, lol. Doesn’t the name remind you of a gladiator ?

joy on

My mom didn’t want me to have a nickname that’s why she named me joy so nobody could give me a nickname.

I know someone who named their kid Stephen Derrick but decided that they didn’t like stephen afterall *rolls eyes* I guess some people just don’t put much thought into it lol!

I do no a few people who go by middle names. I am not against it but I just never really get why if you really like that name just use it as a first name and who cares if the middle name doesn’t flow.

Terri on

lol I thought like many of you…”Why didn’t she just name him Preston, then??” Especially since she said she liked the name “Preston” while she was still pregnant. Given her family’s history, though, maybe Sean is a family name. Or maybe Kevin thought that he wasn’t getting enough of a say in the decisions regarding his future child, so “Sean Preston” was a compromise…

Erika on

I think they were originally going to name him Preston Michael Spears Federline, but then his initials would have been PMS (Federline). For a few days after he was born, I remember there being talk on the internet about how stupid they were to burden their child with PMS initials. I think *maybe* that’s why they went with Sean Preston??? I’m not Britney obviously, so I don’t know what went behind their decision, but I remember there was a lot of ridicule about them possibly naming their kid PMS Federline.