Katie Holmes leaving NYC hotel

01/03/2006 at 02:04 AM ET

Sdfl151205a_05 KatieHolmesPictures has some shots of Katie leaving her NYC hotel in a so-bright-it-hurts-my-eyes orange jacket, as she goes to join Mama Holmes and mother-in-law-to-be Cruise for an afternoon of shopping.

Source: KatieHolmesPictures


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Jennifer on

Way to avoid the paparazzi: wear big ugly orange coat that screams “hey, notice me!”

Scarlett on

Katie looks really pretty and classy in the photos of her in the black dress and coat that the link goes to. Why do women think Tom Cruise is so attractive? He does absolutely nothing for me.

brooke7502 on

hmm…ok. in most of those photos she doesn’t even look pregnant! and she must be close to or in her last trimester. she does look very classy though…as for tom, yeah i tend to agree that he’s not all that great-looking.

michelle anne on

I agree brook this is what I have been saing she never looks pregnant to me? She hides it all the time?Is it just me or is she looking very tired and worn out?
The dark circles around her eyes/.
I hope she and baby are ok.I just feel like she needs a vacation like she really isn’t as joyous about all this as she lets on..But that is just my opinion.

K7 on

I have agree with brooke and michelle. She doesn’t look like she is pregnant. She does look like she is very tired and worn out.

tinkerbell on

For sure She looks very tired, maybe going to China then to New York then to Miami… is not the best thing for a pregnant woman. But I still don’t undertsand how you can doubt she’s actually pregnant… it’s obvious..; and honestly if she wasn’t pregnant it would the end of their career

mystique on

How in the world can some people think she’s not pregnant? tinkerbell is right, it’s obvious as day. And if any of you knew Katie for five mins and followed her career would see the obvious changes in her. She’s gained weight all over, her boobs hasnt gotten larger, her face puffier etc. She is clearly pregnant and if you follow that link it’s shown in majority of those photos. Unless people are seeing what they want to see.

And you cant judge her pregnancy by seeing one photo, depending on the angle and what she’s wearing, you could see just how pregnant she is.

Like or dislike Tom and katie, I think it’s such a disservice to them that their pregnancy is being insulted like this. Especially on a site where motherhood is celebrated. If this were any other couple there wouldnt be such outlandish statements. Why would they have to fake a pregnancy that is one of the most incredulous things I’ve ever read.

No wonder she’s self conscious about her pregnancy, I would be too if I felt like everyone was watching me zeroing in on my belly. Not everyone feels the need to show their naked belly, Katie has always been a modest girl.

I wish them both the best, they’re going to need it.

vanessa on

I just wanted to add that you will find a lot of pictures showing that Katie is definately pragnant at page 13 in the link. You can actually see her navel there!!!
Just to keep you from making a fuss about it any further.
I really don`t like Tom and his Scientology-attitude and I think that it`s a pitty that Katie thinks he`s the one for her, but well, they are old enough to make their own decisions and people should stop judging them!