Sara Gilbert's son's name retraction.

01/01/2006 at 03:21 PM ET

We’ve decided to remove the information due to respect for Sara, Allison, and their son, and for our readers who were offended by the posting of the information. Although the name is publically available, Sara has made it clear that she will not be sharing it, so it’s been decided that we will not be either. We retract our prior posting.

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Lauren22 on

Am I the only one who thinks this was wrong? Sara was very clear that she didn’t want the public to know the childs name. Why couldn’t that friend respect their wishes?

Tita on

Co-sign Lauren22.

logan on

I agree, the friend shouldn’t have told and this site shouldn’t have posted it.

Heather on

This is not wrong at all!!

Sara’s not wanting anyone to know her sons name was a little bit rediculous if you think about it.

What was she going to do? Never refer to him by his name out in the public for fear of someone knowing what it was? By the pictures on this site posted here in the past, you can obviously see They’re out in the public and anybody walking by could overhear his name. If they were really so adamant about it they should be raising him in seclusion somewhere where they could ensure his name wouldn’t be known.

As for where I found this information, It wasn’t a website that had big lights flashing that said “Come here to find out what Sara and Allison didn’t want you to know”. It was simply a blurb on a website, a congratulations mixed in with other updates and news. I’m sure that when it was posted, it wasn’t realized that there were people out there like me that search here there and everywhere for information on celebrity babies and kids.

on another note, Kim Raver (Third Watch, 24) like Sara didn’t want her child’s name revealed, but I still found it!! It was listed on a home town newspaper’s obituary site.

I don’t feel bad in the least for sharing what I’ve found.

joy on

thanks for sharing.

I think it’s no biggie 2 know the babies name when u see his face out in public.

BTW what are kim Raver’s kids names?!

joy on

nevermind I think his name is luke.

michelle anne on

I have to commend you guys for quicky retracting the story.I think it is a bit rediculous to expect your sons/daughters name not to be found out after over a year ,when their picture is everywhere,but your right to respect their wishes.
You’s think they would have released the name and kept his picture out of site?? Oh well I wish them luck with the little guy.