Cindy Crawford's son gives the birdie

12/30/2005 at 10:32 PM ET has a photo array of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s son Presley flipping off the paparazzi.  Way to go Pres!  Their daughter Kaia is also pictured, sans birdie.

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Lauren22 on

That is disturbing to me. A child of his age should NOT know something like that. My 7 year old doesn’t even know about it. Sorry, but I am NOT impressed.

Riverlea on

It isn’t cute. He has needed a haircut in every picture I’ve seen of him — long hair is one thing, but it’s practically in his eyes. I’ve seen pictures where it looks like he’s leaning his head back so he can see through the hair in his eyes.

They are very pretty children.

Tita on

Let’s just say if this was my kid, that moment won’t be commemorated in the tyke’s baby book.

Obviously, Cindy and her posse should be watching themselves a bit more closely around the kids…how incredibly tacky and crass.

joy on

I remember being about 6 and giving the finger to a girl bc my older brother told me to do it. Well I certainly didn’t know what it meant but came home and told my mom, “I went up to this girl and did this (showing her)” My mom’s eyes flew out of her head and then she immediately looked at my brother and started yelling at him! He couldn’t figure out why he was getting into trouble. But my mom was disciplining him for making me do his dirty work bc I as a child didn’t know what I was doing!

anyways. I think that it’s merely innocent and he probably saw someone do it. But when u do it at a time like this (as if he knows what he’s doing) I think that it’s fine to laugh once but then to sit the boy down and explain to him that it’s not a nice gesture. Wow raising kids must be tough!

Chiara on

Uh, it’s pretty obvious from these pictures that not one but both of his parents are trying to get him to stop.

Children are not perfect. They will do things like this, and when they do it is when their parents take the opportunity to correct them just as it appears these two are doing. Let’s go a little easy on the criticism of his parents.

cherylina on

You know what? I find it funny…just like with little Maddox sticking his tongue out at the paparazzi, the kids notice these people following their family, probably see it upsets their parents (especially when they are trying to run simple errands) and is trying to let them know that they dont like it, he’s sort of sticking up for his parents. Of course a child his age shouldnt be doing something like that, but as you can see by Cindy’s smile in one of them, kids do do the darnest things! By far, they have to be the most gorgeous family ever….I luv ’em!

Scarlett on

Lol. I don’t think I would want my kid flicking off anyone at that age. It just makes you look bad. I admit I started cussing when I was about 2. I had a 11 year old sister who would get me to say cuss words all the time and who would also cuss and I would mimic! It wasn’t cuss words like the F word but like Damn, Sh*t, and Bitch. Lol. I didn’t know what they meant or anything. Everyone thought it was hilarious but probably thought it was my parents I was getting it from when it wasn’t!

tink1217 on

Lighten up, people!!! Can’t you see once Cindy actually realized he was doing it she put his hand down?? Kids will be kids and they don’t have to see it from their parents to pick up on things! I had a good laugh and chalked it up to kids are kids!! Scarlett, I said things when I was 3 and 4 that I had heard from others before too. The point is not to make a big deal out of it. They see it gets no attention and they usually stop!

kara on

I don’t like Cindy at all. She was acting really strangely on the talk show circuit after Presley was born. She didn’t like it when any of the talk show hosts would call him beautiful looking. She even interrupted David Letterman when he called Presley beautiful and pointed to her friend’s daughter instead. All she really wanted was a girl. I don’t think she really cared for a boy.