Another baby in the works for Britney Spears?

12/30/2005 at 01:11 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Shannon

In Touch Weekly has reported that Britney Spears is eager to give her 3 month old son, Sean Preston Federline, a sibling "sooner rather than later." A source told the magazine that Britney was waiting until the 3 month mark, that had been recommended by doctors, before trying for another baby. Britney is apparently wishing for a girl and also "hoping another baby will strengthen her marriage to Kevin."

SOURCE: Miami Herald

Thanks to CBB Readers Amber and Terri.


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Barbi_Doll on

What could she be thinking?

Patty on

The problem is – she’s not thinking – at least with her head. That’s about the poorest reason in the world to have a baby. Does nothing to improve my opinion of her…..

joy on

Well the key word is IN TOUCH. They are not that reliable.

And all I can say to this is Give me a break! Another baby is not the option to fixing a marriage. It didn’t fix his relationship with Shar what makes her think it would strengthen it with her. This girl (if this story is valid) is just messed in the head anymore.

melissa story on

Oh dear…

staceynsam on

All I have to say is WHY???? She is a fool to think another kid with that crazy man is going to strengthen her marriage, Kevin will probably leave Britney too and go have kids with someone else. I feel sorry for the kids because they don’t deserve this! Hopefully she will be a good mother and take care of her son instead of worrying about her marriage, the baby is more important!

em0712 on

My baby is almost 6 months old and I can understand the feeling of wanting to hold a brand new baby, but there are so many new things that my daughter is doing now. If this story is true, I think Britney should enjoy little Sean. He will only be this little once. She has plenty of time for more babies. Also, she finally has her body back! Enjoy your non pregnant body for more than three months!

michelle anne on

So sad,I mean I understand the wanting to have your children close together.heck my sis and I are only 14 months Are my nieces.but to have a baby to make you rmarriage stronger? So not the answer.I hope thats not the case.Enjoy Sean while you can before he is to big cause it happens fast.

Melissa on

I agree that it is never a “fix” to a troubled marriage to have another baby. There are obviously a lot of problems going on in the Spears/Federline household, but it is going to take them BOTH being committed to making this marriage work. A baby cannot and should not have that responsibility placed on it to be a quick fix for a relationship. There are already three people’s lives and happiness at stake here (not to mention those who genuinely care for or concerned about Britney). I just wish she could muster up the self-comfidence to stop turning to other people to make her feel complete. If she could just take care of those issues and be confident on her own, she could make a sound, rational decision that is best for her life and, most importantly, the life of an innocent child.

FC on

This is just ridiculous, and stupid on her part if she thinks having another child will solve her problems away. That’ll only make them blow wide open should they split up, because I don’t see Kevin sticking around if they do. He’ll probably be off in search of greener pastures again.

I’d have yet another baby to feel sorry for, if this holds any truth to it at all.

Tita on

Stick to something you know best, Brit: using public bathrooms in bare feet.

tink1217 on

c’mon, its In Touch Weekly. I doubt it’s true. If it is, she needs a serious talking to. I was pulling for them from the beginning, but I just don’t think he is as committed to a family as she is. Having a baby will not change their relationship for the better. I understand the want for a little girl or to give Sean a sibling, but he is too young to even know what that is right now and I remember after both my csections the doc told me to wait at least a year to give my uterus and muscles time to heal completely before getting PG again. I am sure Britney is a good mommy, but Kevin leaves much to be desired as a daddy. At least what the public sees. I hope if this is true she wises up quickly!!!