Tom Cruise to nurse new child…?

12/23/2005 at 04:43 PM ET

Update: The nursing bit was an unrrelated blind item about another celebrity, which was listed directly under the magazine cover article.

Rumor has it that father to be Tom Cruise has been frightening other expectant fathers with his tales of male nursing. Tom has been reportedly telling others that they can and should take part in nursing their babies.  He also shared how he looks forward to doing so once his first child with fiancee Katie Holmes is born this coming spring.

In other TomKat news, Tom has made it clear that he and Katie will not be featured in any upcoming joint magazine covers.  Tom reportedly told insiders that he only approves of his co-stars from Mission: Impossible III like actresses Keri Russell, and not his real life love… Katie. His rep has also mad a statement concerning a joint cover saying, "There are no plans for any Tom and Katie covers at this time."

So I guess we will not see any magazine exclusives of this pregnancy… how sad!

Source:Insider TV

Thanks CBB Reader Erin!


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Mandy on

Interesting. I’d read that Scientologists are against breastfeeding. Guess that only applies to women breastfeeding.

Jennifer on

So he’s going to magically start lactating???

Jennifer on

That’s interesting that you heard scientologists are against breast feeding…you’d think it would be the opposite since there was such a staunch stance to taking “unnatural substances” to deal with psychiatric disorders…you’d think breastfeeding would be ok under that line of thinking as opposed to formula!

Mandy on

From “The Volunteer Minister’s Handbook” by L. Ron Hubbard

Breast feeding babies may have a nostalgic background, particularly to a Freudian oriented medico, but real breast milk again is usually a poor ration. Modern mothers smoke and sometimes drink. Smoking makes the milk very musty. Anyway, a nervous modern mother just can’t deliver the right ration. Maybe it’s the pace of the times or the breed, but there are few modern Guernsey-type mothers. So even without drinking or smoking, one should forget breast feeding.

The foremost reason a baby doesn’t do well is poor rations. And to remedy that, here is a formula one can use:

15 ounces of barley water
10 ounces of homogenized milk
3 ounces of corn syrup (As the Romans had honey, 2 ounces of honey may be used instead of corn syrup, if desired. Do not use lactose [a sugar found in milk, used in infant foods] as a substitute.) The amount of syrup should be varied – depending on the baby – some like it weak – some take it stronger.

You can google scientology and breastfeeding and find lots of info.

mystique on

Why are we automatically assuming it’s Tom Cruise? Cause every rumour out there must be about Tom and Katie and therefore must be true? That blind item said girlfriend and Katie is not his girlfriend, she’s his fiancee.

And I’ve read articles where Kelly Preston mentioned breastfeeding her kids, so the breastfeeding part isnt true either. Not every single scientology standard applies to tom and katie.

And good for them that they wont have any joint covers together, why would they? So people can rip them apart for doing a cover together. I can only see it now, let them enjoy their pregnancy in peace. He’s right for only doing mi-3 stuff.

Patty on

I’m looking forward to 2006 and no magazines with TomKat on the cover. I would have liked to see Tom nursing their alien baby. But I guess we won’t get to see if the little one has horns and a tail.
Seriously, I really feel for the safety of this poor baby – with Tom’s expertise in child rearing – it’s going to need a lot of prayer.

tinkerbell on

Patty, I have to say that what you wrote is totally stupid, “their alien baby” ? how can you say that? I’am totally against scientology ,it’s not about that but please … I think Tom has two adopted children they seem happy, healthy and totally fine, so why would this baby need “prayers”? It’s really surprising to read that a baby conceived with love , from two persons obvisouly in love , is a “poor child”… Sometimes I don’t understand what people say.
I always post about them because i think some people are just trying to find every single details or things to critizice them. (mystique i totally agree with you) another thing, maybe katie holmes is actually a cbb reader,(she’s pregnant it would be a good reason) I ‘m sure she thinks it’s funny for her to read she’s expecting an alien

Patty on

Tinkerbell – I’m not here to argue with you – but I will point out that there is a lot of conversation about how this “poor child” (and I say that because who will be raising it) was conceived – probably in a test tube. I personally don’t think it was “out of love” and that is why I feel sorry for this baby.

And about COS – any so called religion who’s beliefs are centered around an alien named Xenu is a little suspect to me. Check this out:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In Scientology doctrine, Xenu (also Xemu) is a galactic ruler who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of people to Earth, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Their souls then clustered together and stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to cause problems today. These events are known to Scientologists as “Incident II”, and the traumatic memories associated with them as The Wall of Fire or the R6 implant. The story of Xenu is part of a much wider range of Scientology beliefs in extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in Earthly events, collectively described as space opera by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Hubbard detailed the story in Operating Thetan level III (OT III) in 1967, famously warning that R6 was “calculated to kill (by pneumonia etc) anyone who attempts to solve it.” The Xenu story was the start of the use of the volcano as a common symbol of Scientology and Dianetics from 1968 to the present day.

Much of the criticism of the Church of Scientology focuses on the story of Xenu. The Church has tried to keep Xenu confidential; critics claim revealing the story is in the public interest, given the high prices charged for OT III. The Church avoids making mention of Xenu in public statements and has gone to considerable effort to maintain the story’s confidentiality, including legal action on the grounds of both copyright and trade secrecy. Despite this, much material on Xenu has leaked to the public.

Hubbard later dramatised parts of the Xenu story as a film script, Revolt in the Stars.”

I personally don’t disregard the fact that there may be life on other planets – but to set up a religion around it – makes me uneasy.