Melania Trump wants an old fashioned delivery

12/21/2005 at 03:10 PM ET

Melania Trump, who is expecting her first child with hubby Donald Trump, is old fashioned when it comes to the role of a man in the delivery room.

"I don’t think a man should be in there anyway.  It’s a woman thing," the former model said.

Source: In Touch, pg. 98, Dec. 26th issue


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Courtney on

What the?????

stinkypinky on

How easy for Donald. All he’s had to do is pop a Viagra and his job was done.

Jayfleur on

Yeah, but let’s face it – he doesn’t really strike as the ‘hands on’ type of Dad, does he!!

Lauren22 on

A woman thing? What, did she get pregnant by herself? Oh, whatever!!! I bet everything will change once that baby is coming. I was more than happy to have my hubby with me for support. He helped me focus when the pain got really bad!

Kresta on

This sounds more like Donald’s idea than hers. But, if a man really objects to being in the delivery room then I don’t see any point in him being there. Some men are physically sickened by the sight of their partners giving birth and relationships have broken up because of it.

tink1217 on

whatever floats her boat!!!

spindoctormom on

ok, don’t everyone jump on me at once, but… I can totally understand not wanting to have your husband in the delivery room. My brother-in-law fainted dead-away and missed the whole thing. The second and third times, he waited outside! Not everyone is cut out for it.

ohmymuffin on

His wife is also from a different country. The customs may be different for her than they are for Americans. Many cultures around the world still do not have men present for labor and delivery. Personally, I would not want “the Donald” anywhere near me, but I have natural childbirth and I don’t think he could hang!

BP on

I personally think that it is such a PERSONAL choice!! If Melania feels better NOT having The Don. in there, then more power to her…Only women who have been through the whole birthing process will understand that sentiment, I think. WHATEVER it takes to get through it…screaming, moaning, with your SO, or without…it should be up to the mother-to-be. It is HER body, and largely her experience. I am not minimising the father’s role, but I can say for myself…I wanted my husband present for delivery- and although he thought it was amazing, and wanted to be there, he was still grossed out by it. As previous commentor rightly said as well…she is from a different country, and cultural norms vary. No reason to get down on her for that…him either- he could just be respecting her wishes! Hope she stays strong in her birth plans, and has the experience that she is hoping for!! Good luck, Melania:-)

stinkypinky on

BP- I have been through the whole birthing process and still do not understand the sentiment. Yes it is a personal choice and I just don’t understand her not wanting him to be in there. My husband missed our daughters birth and I was so upset about it. It was my finest moment and I was incredibly proud of myself for the way I handled everything. I wish he could have been there. Each woman has their own birth plan and a right to have it any way she wants BUT I just think that alot of people are surprized by this because it is very rare that the father is not invited in anymore.

Personally I think this seems kinda similar to the hollywood “too posh to push” trend of having scheduled c-sections. Maybe Melania doesn’t want him in there because of her culture or maybe she doesn’t want him to see her face beet red and grunting like an animal. Is this about vanity? Possibly.