Katie Holmes' 27th bash

12/19/2005 at 03:03 PM ET

Kholmesbday6 People ran a photo special on Katie Holmes’ 27th celebration, which occurred over the weekend. Katie, Tom, his and her parents, his kids, and a gaggle of handlers enjoyed FAO Schwartz after-hours, then went ice-skating in Central Park.

Although the American Pregnancy Association doesn’t recommend ice-skating during middle and late pregnancy for us common folk, due to the risk of falling and injuring the baby or causing early labor, Katie seems to have gotten the okay from her ob/gyn for a quick spin.

Source: People – original credit INFGoff

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Yonni on

I still don’t think she is pregnant. Sorry. I think that she is sporting a fake belly. I am not trying to cause a debate but the whole thing is very, very weird.

Jennifer on

Ugh, more proof that they are completely self-centered…first putting the baby at possible risk with the stupid home ultrasound machine and then ice skating even though that’s not prudent either. Ugh. Hey Katie, why not throw back a few drinks and smoke too…jeez. Some people just lack common sense…when in doubt, don’t do it…esp. if your child’s health could be at risk.

cherish on

If a woman is pregnant with her first child -or any child for that matter – would she agree to go ice-skating? NO. She wouldn’t jeopardize her baby with risking a fall. She just wouldn’t. These people are not for real.

anamcara on

i concur with everyone’s comments…and if you’ve checked out the pics at people: i know he’s probably trying to be a nice guy and hold her ponytail back so it doesn’t fall in the candle but anyone else have a visceral response (as i did) to the way he’s holding not only her ponytail but her arm? i mean, he is literally almost holding her back.

this girl (and i mean girl) needs to hightail it before things get way, way, way too weird. ultra-sound machine? silent birth? detoxification for fire fighters? um, yeah. i don’t think so.

BillieO on

i think it’s so strange that they would let people magazine take photos of her birthday bash, it’s as if they are desperately trying to prove they are for real. but what they don’t get is that the more they “try” the less convincing they are.

morgan on

Remember Tom Cruise goes by his CULT, not real doctors. A bunch of the cult members are going anti-Psychology and even are avocating that it’s all a bunch of nonsense and pushing people to totally disregard Psychology all together. (I saw it on Access Hollywood)So you have to remember that Tommy Boy isn’t playing with a full deck and wouldn’t take advice by real doctors if his life depeneded on it. I don’t believe Katie Holmes is really pregnant. The whole TomKat is a sham for Tommy Boy to make sure he’s the king of the Media Whores.

melissa story on

Wow, I would never. I can’t say that was the smartest idea.

Jennifer on

Yeah, he’s got quite a grasp on that ponytail in that one picture…i’d be annoyed if someone did that to me…yeah, ok, great, it’s nice that he doesn’t want her to catch on fire, but she’s not 6 years old…it’s like saying “I don’t think you are smart enough to keep yourself from catching on fire…”

tink1217 on

i just don’t know what to say! I hope she ice skates well anyway. but pregnancy throws off your balance alot. I don’t know. I really hope they sren’t faking this. I don’t think they would do that. That would be extremely insensitive to so many people. INfertile couples, couples who experience recurrent miscarriages, people who have lost a child due to illness or SIDS. It would be horrific for their careers too.

Steph And The City on

Wow, I hadn’t thought about the fact that the actual pregnancy could be fake…that would be going way too far.

tinkerbell on

Excuse me but there’s something I really would like to say because sometimes I don’t understand the way some people think. They seem trully happy and so in love, he very protective ,very kind with her, and she lookks very good, but from the beginning every time they say or do something it seems wrong to you, how can you say this pregnancy could be fake? Ho ..ok she put a pillow under her shirt..I got it.. Maybe they did too much during this year, too much pictures, too much kiss and all that.. But why can’t you be just happy to see they love each other? And excuse me but about iceskating but I’m pretty sure that if it had been Heidi and Seal or Denise richards and charlie sheen you would have say ” ho that’s great, they have fun, they look so happy” Katie holmes is not stupid girl she’s not jumping evrywhere, I don’t think she would jeopardize her baby’s life. It was long sorry about that but that’s somethin i wanted to say for a long time, and I really love them as a couple.

cherish on

Tinkerbell, I think a lot of it has to do with people being very uncomfortable about what appears to be a show of forced, coerced togetherness. Add to that the strange, secretive cult of Scientology and it’s compulsions to control people and their relationships – leads most to believe that this union is being manufactured for the benefit of the cult.

BTW – the home sonograms and now the ice skating during pregnancy aren’t adding to their popularity either.

jaydilis on

The whole pregnancy thing is kind of bizarre-her belly alternates sizes it seems, one day she looks huge the next she doesn’t even look pregnant. Kind of makes you wonder.

Steph And The City on

Sadly, I do enjoy hearing/commenting on the rumors, but I really do hope they are all false. I do truly wish for them a beautiful baby and a happy life together. And I would absolutely love it if I could spend my birthday at FAO Schwartz like that!

Sarah CBB Editor on

Regarding this comment: And excuse me but about iceskating but I’m pretty sure that if it had been Heidi and Seal or Denise richards and charlie sheen you would have say ” ho that’s great, they have fun, they look so happy”

If you’ve been a longtime CBB reader, you may have noticed that we try to link to professional opinions when a celebrity is seen doing something that is rumored to be risky. For example, when Britney Spears was seen dyeing her hair while pregnant, we linked to professional opinions on that. We want people to have all the correct information about the risks before making a decision or judgment. For all we know, Katie talked to her doctor and he said it was okay since she was being supported by Tom. Who knows – not any of us.

tink1217 on

tinkerbell, personally, i really do hope they are in love and happy. but, ice skating during pregnancy?? i still think its rather dangerous. especially since she is at least 5 months along it looks like. as sarah said, maybe she talked to her doctor, do we know?? nope! Just like we have no idea if britney was getting her hair colored or highlighted. Highlights are okay during pregnancy according to every OB/GYN I have ever been to. We just don’t know the insides of their relationship. So, while we may make comments and express our opinions, it is still only Katie and Tom who know the truth. The media plays sensationalist in just about every case!

catsdream on

Oh, good LORD. Why in the world would Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes be faking a pregnancy? What possible reasoning would there be behind this? Tom Cruise has been box office gold for years, it’s not as if he needs the publicity. And why would Katie, a decent actress in her own right, be willing to go along with it? It seems ridiculous to even THINK that Katie’s pregnant belly is fake, in my opinion, but obviously there are those out there who disagree. 🙂

And, wow, I am actually a bit amused by all the Armchair Doctoring going on, to tell the truth. Everyone is so quick to condemn Katie (oops, I mean “Kate”) for going out on the ice! Well, from the video footage I’ve seen, it looked harmless; Katie mostly just let herself be gently pulled along by Tom, with a bodyguard (?) nearby who could have easily helped catch her if she started to fall. Looked pretty safe to me. Why all the fuss?

Then again, I jogged until I was about 7 months along with all my children, when I toned it down to walking. I would have jogged longer, but my center of gravity would be so out of whack by that point I didn’t feel balanced enough to maneuver curbs and cracks in the siewalk/road. Of course, it took tripping during my first pregnancy to figure that one out. I also had my hair highlighted while I was pregnant. Man! How did I ever have three healthy, beautiful, intelligent children?! 🙂

spindoctormom on

I think I would be hard pressed to find even one other pregnant mom who would go ice-skating. But the real question (in my opinion) is why would Tom arrange an ice-skating party for his pregnant wife? It seems inconsiderate to me.

ohmymuffin on

Catsdream – I had the same general feeling. I agree with the consensus that this couple is a little off. However, a healthy pregnant women can still engage in physical activity unless her doctor advises her not to. My mother played indoor soccer till she was 8 months pregnant with my little sister and she was fine. I ice skated while pregnant with both of my kids, and I did yoga and bowled until I was 38 weeks with my second baby and had a less than 2 hour labor. I always thought of myself as a healthy women not someone with a medical condition that needed to be treated.

mystique on

ICAM catsdream and the fuss is its because its tom cruise and katie holmes. There’s video of them skating and it wasnt that long for Katie. Tom was right there holding her hands as well as the bodyguard. And the article states that she didnt skate that long, not even 30 mins and then left. And she wasnt moving that fast at all across the ice, heck you could see she was speed walking, it was that slow.

They’re in ny, he just wanted to make her birthday romantic and wonderful. Iceskating at midnight sounds sweet to me. How would anyone think he would put his child at jeopardy is beyond me.

And are we still going with this fake belly stuff again? It so disrespectful to them. Why would anyone think they’re capable of this. I cant believe people think they would fake a pregnancy and how on earth would they accomplish that? People arent looking at every pic, depending on what angle its taken,and what she’s wearing, she may appear smaller or larger then what she is. Try having your pregnancy dissected and prodded with every picture.

And anyone who has known Katie can see the obvious chnages in her. She has gained weight just about everywhere, her face is puffy, her hips, thighs and boobs have gotten larger. She is pregnant, you may not like them but she is clearly pregnant to me.

Here’s a concept, I wish them a healthy pregnancy, they certainly need it with all the bad vibes sorrounding them.

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