Tom Cruise purchases sonogram machine

11/22/2005 at 11:02 PM ET

163_tcruise_kholmes_051005_53158209Entertainment Tonight reports that in the issue of People hitting newstands on Friday, Tom Cruise reveals that he has purchased a sonogram machine so he can follow the progress of his and Katie’s baby on his own. These run anywhere from $15-200,000! Tom said that he will donate the machine to a hospital after the birth of the baby. He also revealed that he and Katie’s wedding will be sometime in 2006, after the baby is born.

Source: ETOnline

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hippygirl on

Can this guy get any weirder and wrong?!?! Why the hell would he purchase a machine that’s been statistically proven to cause hearing and speech problems in babies?!!? why? so he can make sure his “perfect” wife is producing the “perfect” baby? And if the ultrasound readings aren’t to his liking, is he going to be upset?? Maybe he has good intentions, but all I see is him having katie strapped to the couch with an ultrasound microphone attached to her stomach berating her because their child isn’t in the right percentile for it’s month…this guy is driving me nuts! For a man of supposed science he sure knows NOTHING!!! If I read this info (to follow), I’d change my mind about having ANY ultrasound, much less purchase one so I can strap myself up to it at a moments convenience.

“There was a great study done, maybe a year ago or so, I am sure I can dig it up if anyone wants to read the abstract. In the study, researchers placed a tiny microphone in the womb of pregnant women while performing the ultrasound. The results were surprising. As it turns out, the U/S waves emit a sound in the womb similar to the sound of a FREIGHT TRAIN and were measured to be at 100 decibels. No wonder babies run from ultrasounds and dopplers! This is the same technology used in submarine radar that causes whales to beach themselves. The conclusion of this study suggested for doctors to no longer point the U/S wand directly at the fetal ears or head unless medically warranted”.

Wake up Tom…do some research! Katie needs to get out before he has her too tightly in his claws…Katie wake up and grow a brain!!!

DJ on

Yeah, I have to agree, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. I know he thinks he knows it all, but come on. It is not like he is going to have a clue what he is looking at (as far as all of the little details). I bet he is driving the doctors nuts already. The guy is totally crazy.

tink1217 on

as scientific as thst study sounds, i really think its blown out of proportion. otherwise there would be millions of lawsuits against doctors using ultrasound machines.

anyway, once again tom strikes out with me! I really hope he can somehow take a step back and see how he looks to others. Katie is in for a rough road I think. I still wish them the best though, and a healthy baby!

mamanature on

This is weird, wrong and abusing to the unborn baby. It’s been proven in many pre-natal studies done on the effects of intrusions – both envitro and ultrasonic – that yjr fetus suffers clear distress. Why ON EARTH would anyone want to inflict suffering onto a fetus unneedlessly?

Is it for him the ultimate entertainment show? Does he NOT realize the damage he will be causing his child?

I pray that some CPS will intervene on that child’s behalf.

mamanature on

Here’s one link on the dangers of the ultrasound, yet ob-gyns still re-assure millions of women that there’s no risk involved.

krewcat on

WOW! I hardly ever post but i have to say…I think its sad that he is doing this… I mean I was one of the moms that bought the babybeat things so I could hear the heartbeat everyngiht if I wanted to…but your own ultrasound machine??? thats a tad overboard in my opinion.

I honestly don’t care about what the studies say because it is my firm belief that you can make a study say anything you want if you do it enough.

That being said I had nearly 30 ultrasounds with my first who is 4 years old and can read and is doing 1st-2nd grade work. and with my second I had nearly 20 ultrasounds and she has the skills of a Level 4 gymnast and she is barely 3 years old and can’t compete for another 3 years! My youngest, you guessed it, many ultrasounds with her and shes a perfectly healthy 2 year old. looking back I wouldnt have changed ANYTHING. I had 4 m/c and recieved top notch care from on on the best Reproductive Endocrinologists and high Risk OB’s in the area. i doubt that they would have knowingly put me or any of their patents at risk.

brave on

Could be he bought it to make sure the sonograms have no chance of being released to the press and it will only be used by their OB for standard procedures.

Courtney on

I really hope he isnt going to use it himself, because it takes skill and knowledge to even know what you’re doing with those machines….I believe it takes at least 9 months to 1 year to become an ultrasound technologist….*shudders*

Marie on

Wow, I bought one of those just the other day. We should all go out and spend thousands on one. I sure hope she plans on seeing a doctor at some point. That kid might come out with a sonogram machine of its own. Surely a sonogram a day isn’t the best thing for a growing fetus.

chels5988 on

You’re right Courtney its a one year program. (Thats what im going into next fall) I really hope he doesnt plan on using it himself. I dont know, this whole thing just keeps getting wierder and wierder. I just hope all is well with the baby and “its” healthy

Nikki R. on

Well, the scary thing is he told Barbara Walters that he is planning on doing it himself. They have part of the interview on I think that’s crazy!! He has no training, experience, or knowledge on how to do it. This is just one more thing that proves he thinks he is the “almighty” that can do anything he feels like. He is disgusting, and I feel for that poor baby!!

Nikki R. on

Here is the link to the part of the interview with Barbara Walters that I was talking about.,19736,1133541,00.html

Patty on

You all forget – Tom is a Scientologist and knows all. It’s part of his control freak nature – he wants to start controlling their “lab experiment” even before birth. He is insane and she is pathetic. God help this child…

I don’t know it the studies quoted are true – but there is something to be said that in most pregancies – there are only a couple sonograms done. At least I think that is correct.

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