Introducing Sean Preston Federline!

11/22/2005 at 10:26 PM ET

Fz4xaoHUGE THANKS to Rosie at smart for this scan. I see a lot of other blogs using her scan and not crediting her – if you use this elsewhere, give her proper credit please – she took the time to do this for everyone.

Thanks to all the CBB readers who emailed me links to this scan. There are too many to name!

The photos are being released this week to coincide with the debut of Britney’s remix album. If anyone has article scans – send them in!

Access Hollywood reveals this about the cover and article: "With a headline that screams "BABY LOVE," a beaming Britney is shown snuggling with newborn baby Sean Preston, wrapped in a cozy blue and white blanket, as proud papa Kevin looks on…As you will see from the cover photo, a grinning Sean has his mom’s radiant smile…Inside the magazine, Britney says she was "ecstatic" at her baby’s arrival and that her favorite part of the day is sharing "an afternoon nap" with the little guy."

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Jennifer on

2 minor things –
this photo choice (with kevin looking at britney, britney looking at the viewer – no one looking at the baby in the photo) kind of creeps me out for some reason…kevin looking just at britney especially. The other thing that I thought was a bit amusing was that Britney’s favorite part of the day is when she can “get away” and in essence not interact with the baby! I know, I’m overanalyzing….

pg on

What is it with celebs choosing the most unflattering pictures of their children for magazine covers?

pg on

Or rather, whoever it is that chooses them?

hippygirl on

I was noticing, in about 90% of the pictures of Britney Spears, her son is not with her. I hope she’s not one of those mom’s that shops till she drops while her baby is with the nanny. I guess it’s not my business, but why have a kid if you’re going to pawn it off??

tink1217 on

Of course, yet again, nobody mentions how beautiful the baby is. Just crap about Britney looking away at the camera and Kevin looking at Britney. I happen to think the picture is great! He looks like he is smiling in the picture and both parents look wonderful. Did anyone ever think the photg thought this pic was the best of the bunch and thats why they used it??

Hippygirl, when Britney is out, she is usually grocery shopping or doing something with her little sis. A mom DOES need to get out of the house sometimes WITHOUT her children. She knows she will be photographed heavily. Maybe she just doesn’t want millions of people lurking around taking photos of Sean just yet. Instead, she chose to share on her terms with People magazine and have control over the situation.

People need to get off her back about every little thing and let the girl LIVE!! However we may disagree with things she does, its nice to see pics, but its really is HER LIFE!

tink1217 on

And yes, Kev does seem to be looking at Brit, but you can’t see his eyes. Maybe he is looking at Sean. Whats the matter with a husband looking lovingly at his wife holding their baby???

meghan on

as much as i dislike kevin – i see no problem with him in this photo. you cannot really see where he is looking – plus what’s wrong with looking at britney? he looks as though he is very proud of his wife in that photo – i think it is a loving photo. and sean is very cute!

the only issue i have had with any photos is with britney – and it was in just one photo. in one of the ones from the family in the car (they have been removed) there was a photo of the nanny reaching from another row in the car to feed sean his bottle. britney was sitting next to him – is it that difficult to give him a bottle? i don’t know… i guess i am rambling!

tink1217 on

i noticed that too Meghan and thought the same thing. but i can’t see bashing brit over every little things she does or doesn’t do. not saying you are at all. i just hate always seeing negative comments about her instead of how beautiful she was while PG and how beautiful her son is. i am pulling for her to be a great mom!

Sarah CBB Editor on

The nanny was actually not holding a bottle, she was holding Sean’s hand. That was very clear in the entire set of photos – which I unfortunately couldn’t post. There was a discussion of that on JJB that was finished when it was clear from other photos in the set that while she was holding something, it was just his hand.🙂

Jennifer on

I think media literacy skills ARE important to emphasize – that media images ARE constructed and DO have ideology behind them. This is the entire principle behind semiotics – images and “signs” MEAN things – and there CAN be a plethora of meanings to them depending on the culture in which they are analyzed. I think it IS important to analyze the photo choice that People put on the cover – to say that it was the “best” photo is specious. There are MANY “best” photos that could have been chosen – this one was chosen for a reason over others. I do research on visual analysis and semiotics for a living. I think it is important to look at the media choices and images that are put out there. We can disagree with the interpretations of those images (which is good for the sake of hearing numerous voices/analyses) but images DO hold ideology about what is important and what is not (ie. why are most images in advertising of “beautiful” “slim” people despite so few people having that body type – it say something about what a culture values over others). Whatever. There is equal danger of OVERanalyzing something than there is in UNDERanalyzing it and saying that “maybe this was just the best photo” – the positioning of the family is something that a photographer consciously constructs in a photo shoot.

Bridget on

I’m telling all of you…….Kevin is using her so badly. She is too young to realize. The baby is a cutie!

Stacey on


The baby arrives when her perfume is released, and now these pictures just in time for her album!

She makes me want to hurl.

landroverdisco on

The pictures are cute w/ the exception of KFed. As usual, he is sporting the Hood Rat look. If I were her, I’d be incredibly embarrassed having him as a spouse.

And, as far as her timing the pictures to her album release…girl has to make bank considering KFed doesn’t bring in any bacon. LOL!

meghan on

Sarah – thanks for clarifying the happenings in the nanny photo. that one photo was the only one i saw her in.

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