Faith Hill in TVGuide

11/19/2005 at 06:00 AM ET

Country singer and mother of three, Faith Hill, is featured  in the November 21-27 issue of TV guide. Here is a few highlights from her interview:

-Her daughters are 8-year-old Gracie, 7-year-old Maggie, and 3-year-old Audrey.

-The girls have several activities: Gracie likes to play basketball, while Maggie is interested in nature and gymnastics and wants to take up piano and guitar.

-Gracie is a "rock and roll chick" and asked for an iPod  featuring tunes from Stevie Nicks, Steven Tyler ( of Aerosmith) and Robert Plant.

-Faith said that her kids don’t even realize that they have famous parents.

-Her husband, singer Tim McGraw, take their children to school two days a week, she takes them three days a week. "That moment of driving from school to the house is the only time to have a real conversation," she said.

-Faith says she fears her kids growing up with her being involved in their lives.

Source: TvGuide, Nov. 21, pg. 30

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DJ on

“Faith says she fears her kids growing up with her being involved in their lives.”

I am a bit confused…wouldn’t that be a good thing, not something to be feared??? Perhaps this is a misprint/typo???

I would think she would fear NOT being in their lives.

Jaclyn on

There is something about her that I just love (not necessarily her music either). Her daughters names are so sweet, love Maggie, Gracie, and Audrey!

kate6088 on

I’m a little surprised that the older girls aren’t yet aware they have famous parents. Have they never listened to one of their parents’ CDs? And re: the quote about fearing her girls growing up with her involved in their lives–maybe she means ‘over’-involved in their lives–like telling them what to do all the time??

divamommy on

I live in Nashville, and actually had a Faith Hill sighting this past weekend. She was by herself, and talking to some other moms at a kids sporting event. She was just a “regular” person, and seemed very normal. That’s what I like about her. So, it’s probably true that she and Tim try and give them as much of a normal life as possible.

Also, there are plenty of singer/songwriters here in Nashville, so perhaps the girls know that this is what their parents do, but not that it’s any big deal? Just a possibility….