Madonna and Lourdes at Harry Potter premiere

11/09/2005 at 12:01 PM ET

Fdyqs2_1Source: Absolute Madonna

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Courtney on

Lourdes is becoming quite the young lady….I’m sure she’ll be a heartbreaker in the not-so-distant future….

Melissa on

Lourdes is such a beautiful little girl, and I’m sure she will grow into a stunning young lady.

landroverdisco on

I saw Lourdes on Madonnas recent documentary which highlights her last tour. She is a beautiful and precocious little girl who seems to adore her mother. I like how Madonna has a firm but loving hand on her children. I can also appreciate how she sees to it her children are well-educated (ie both of her children are fluent in French).

isabella on

She’s a sweet child, but this picture made me laugh because it comes just a couple of weeks after Jon Bon Jovi had a go at Madonna for wheeling her children out at premieres, and while it’s ultimately Madonna’s decision about where to take her children, I have to agree with JBJ at least on principle. Lourdes doesn’t know what a normal life is. I’m sure she’s very much loved, and well looked after, but I don’t think I’d be taking her to premieres if I was Madonna.

joy on

Lourdes is such a spitting image of her mother – beautiful.

I see nothing wrong with taking her to a children’s premiere of Harry Potter. There’s nothing detrimental about it. It seems like Madonna for the most part keeps the kids very sheltered from the typical child life (no tv, video games, junk food etc) so why not splurge once in awhile and take her to something that’s fun. Atleast Madonna is with her and can watch exactly what she’s doing.

I love Madonna and I like Bon Jovi but JBJ needs to mind his own biz and his own kids.

eurochild on

I can’t come up with anything nice to say, so I won’t say anything.

isabella on

Sure, I see your point Joy, but what you said just proved what I was trying to convey. Lourdes is brought out in front of the cameras at premieres, which isn’t exactly a ‘bad’ thing, but the child is not allowed tv, or kid food at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think kids should be stuffed of processed food, but I think they should be allowed to be children every now and then. I’m not for a second saying that Lourdes (and Rocco) are not treated well, it’s just that Madonna and Guy do shelter their kids from normal kid stuff, but don’t mind putting them in front of the cameras at a premiere. I’m not exactly knocking Madonna, but it’s slightly hypocritical.

But on a better note, Lourdes and Rocco are both beautiful children, who seemed quite well behaved, so all power to the parents. They should be proud.

joy on

I understand what your saying. But at the same time Madonna grew up in the spotlight so that’s basically all she knows. I don’t think she goes out their and purposely puts her children out there for all to see but it’s the life that she lives. If Lourdes decided she wanted to see Harry Potter at the theater do u think for one second paparazzi wouldn’t be right there snapping pictures of her daughter for all to see. Anywhere Madonna goes with her children she’s putting them in the spotlight bc people won’t leave her or the kids alone when they are out and about.

I am sure Lourdes and Rocco are so used to it that it doesn’t phase them one bit. I mean it’s just like any child actor (i.e. Dakota fanning) she’s in the spotlight all the time. Yes by choice but she’s a child who doesn’t really get to live a full child like life.

I don’t know maybe I confused my point more but I think that Lourdes is just like her mother and enjoys the attention. As long as Madonna is there to watch her I see nothing wrong with coming out of the house once in awhile to do something fun. And Lourdes is a lucky little girl for having that ability to do things like this. And it’s not like Madonna takes her out to thinks like this all the time. Infact this is the first I have seen her take her daughter to a premiere.

tink1217 on

Isabelle and Joy you both make excellent points. I did see the comments by Jon BonJovi also and I tend to agree with him. Although taking Lourdes to a Harry Potter premiere is fine, she is a kid after all, I do see ALOT of Lourdes and Rocco. But, it is probably the paparazzi hounding them rather than Madonna pushing them into the spotlight. So, I think both could be right. As for the no TV, no video games, no sweets, etc.. I think that is going a bit overboard. I know there are people who do it that are not celebs too so it’s not abnormal, but kids NEED to be kids. They are not little grown ups. Let them have some fun! Either way, Madonna is a good mother, very loving it seems, and very concerned with her children’s well being and education. JBJ is probably a great dad. I think even more so cuz his kids aren’t shoved into the public eye. They get a chance to be real kids and do real kid things. To each his own, I guess!

Lourdes is a very beautiful little girl!

FC on

I saw her answering some questions on E! But anyway, she’s adorable and quite the fashionable little thing. I love her jacket.🙂

joy on

I think that the no sweets and tv rule isn’t that bad in my opinion. I mean their are other ways of letting your kids have fun besides shoving sweets and tv down their throats. I don’t have a child but I have nephews who get whatever they want and watching them and seeing them on their sugar highs I know that when I do have kids I may myself may have similar rules. I also see kids who watch tv shows that they shouldn’t and it effects the way they behave sometimes (I see this firsthand working in a daycare). I am not gonna be a strict parent who forbids it all the time but I will monitor their television and will not let them have candy unless it’s a special occasion (like bday parties, halloween etc).

I mean what do we say to other parents who constantly have their kids in the spotlight? Kelly Ripa is a prime example. She takes her kids to premieres and events all the time. So does Terri Hatcher and joely fisher. So are they pushing their kids in the spotlight or are they normal mothers because their kids get to do other normal kid things?

I guess I just don’t understand what the big deal is. And as much as I love Bon Jovi he doesn’t have the right to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their kids. Many celeb parents have their kids in the spotlight because it’s part of the lifestyle they live.

martina on

Lourdes is a very beatiful little girl and she is cool

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