Mindy McCready on Oprah

11/03/2005 at 11:11 AM ET

20051103_112_284x218 Pregnant country singer Mindy McCready appeared on today’s Oprah. She discussed her drug use, her suicide attempts, and her pregnancy. In regards to her baby, she said, "I got pregnant on the Fourth of July [a few months after the baby’s father almost beat her to death]." Though they aren’t really supposed to see each other, Mindy reluctantly admits that she and Billy have "seen each other several times since then." Mindy says that she did not get pregnant intentionally. "I definitely didn’t plan this. I’m happy about it now, but I was very scared [because] this relationship has been the way that it’s been." Read more about the interview and see photos on Oprah’s website.

Thanks to CBB readers Debbi and Jessica.

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Carol Alaniz on

I was in an abusive relationship and was able to get out years ago and have been happily married now for almost 15 years. I know if I had stayed, my ex would have hurt me very badly.
The bottom-line truth is, if Mindy doesn’t want to leave this relationship, someday we’ll see her obiturary online. Either her ‘guy’ will get out of jail/prison and hurt her, or she’ll take her own life. Mindy’s got a very destructive state of mind. She reminds me of the late actress, Dana Plato (of TV show Different Strokes). Dana was on drugs and took her own life after her friends spent years begging her to get help.
I could see that Mindy wasn’t listening to Oprah or to Dr. Robin. It was frustrating and sort of embarrassing to watch Mindy defend herself and the father of her child.

Marie on

I agree. Something really seems … well… not right about the story. I wish she would get herself some help. She seems like she could be such a sweet and happy person. I hope all goes well with her pregnancy. Congrats on the baby.

melissa story on

CRUD! I can’t believe I missed it. So I am guessing from the sound of it, she is still pregnant? I am really hoping she wakes up soon and doesn’t bring her child into that situation. That’s really sad, but unfortunately women in her situation don’t seem to realize until they are ready to. I’ve been a long time fan of hers, I hope everything turns out for the best.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Yup, she’s still pregnant. If you missed it Melissa, go to the link I posted. There’s video and a transcript of everything that happened, so you won’t miss much.

halifaxhoney on

I watched yesterday and I must’ve missed it when she said that she was still pregnant.

I find some of the comments insulting towards her. She’s so brave for putting her story out there hopefully she’ll stay away from her ex and raise her baby.

DJ on

I got the feeling that she still thinks things will work out with him if he will just say he is sorry. It was like she knew she should say things like “I am messed up” and “I know I sound ridiculous” because that is what Oprah was saying and what Mindy thought Oprah wanted her to say, but I am not really sure she believes it. I think she will keep going back to this guy until something really bad happens.

I hope she will find the strength and courage to say enough already and get out. I hope this new baby will help her do that.

tink1217 on

She sounds like she is in complete denial. How can you love someone who demeans you like that??? I don’t know, I just don’t get it! I have been emotionally abused and hit once by my ex husband and that was it! Once he hit me I kicked him out and never looked back. I am not belittling the situation of abuse in any way, I just don’t understand how someone can put up with it for so long. I hope she finds the help she needs for herself and her baby’s sake. Lots of luck to her.

Marie on

Unfortunately, too many people aren’t like you tink1217. I do, however, wish they were. I don’t think any of the comments have necessarily been insulting. Some of us have strong opinions on the topic, but we all would be deeply saddened to see yet another person damaged further by abuse. I hope I speak for everyone when I say: Please get help and get out now.

Easier said than done. She seems to really love the guy. One question, does anyone really love someone when they abuse them as much as she claims she’s been abused? Perhaps he just learned the wrong way to treat people.

tink1217 on

I am sure he was probably involved in some kind of abuse as a child and growing up. I am sure he could probably benefit from therapy and counseling. So could she. She does seem to love him, true. I loved my ex, since I was 16. I had seen abuse in my home growing up (my dad broke my moms nose and her arm once) right in front of me. Maybe that is why I chose to get rid of him when I did. I don’t know the inner workings of people’s minds, but it does puzzle me. I really hope she can make a life for herself and her baby.