Janet Jackson: Mom to secret daughter?

10/25/2005 at 01:20 PM ET

Singer Janet Jackson’s ex brother in law claims that the singer has a secret 18-year-old daughter.  Young Debarge says the singer had the child with her ex, singer Debarge, in 1984 during their brief  three month marriage.

Young spoke out on the New York radio station WQHT, known as Hot 97 and said the young woman’s name is Renee and that she lives with the eldest Jackson daughter, Rebbie. Apparently the secret child rumors have circulated for years.

"There’s no telling what (Janet Jackson) is telling her."  He says the Jackson family and other have been working together to keep the daughter secret.

"No one really knew how it was working out until things kind of surfaced," he said.  Young says "Renee" shares musical genes with her parents and "is a wonderful singer."  39-year-old Jackson is currently involved with music producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri.

Note: This accusation seems a little fishy to me because Young DeBarge has coincidentally recently finished an album.  This could be publicity stunt .

Source: Yahoo News/ AP

Thanks to all the CBB readers who sent in this rumor.

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joy on

Well as a HUGE okay and obsessed fan of Janet I hope nobody buys into this story. The facts are not even correct.

If the guy would have come out and said that the child was 21 or 22 it would be more believable considering Miss Jackson was married to the guy when she was 18 and currently is 39 making the child atleast 21 years old.

But besides the point apparently Young Debarge is putting out an album. This has publicity written all over it. And Janet herself has made fun of the baby situation. Anyone see SNL when she hosted. Well she took a bunch or rumors about her and basically made fun of them and herself.
Janet has said over and over that she did not have a child. I believe her. We all know that she did lie about a marriage so I am not saying that she couldn’t lie about this but I feel as though this isn’t something she’d keep hidden. For what purpose would it serve. And wouldn’t the child know about it if it’s supposedly living with a family member?

Courtney on

Hmmm….its weird theres no denial on Janet’s end…..or they arent reporting it yet……only time will tell I guess…

ally on

I think it’s true, and I believe that Janet would lie about the situation as it could easily hurt her public image. The girl looks exactly like Janet and Debarge. The timing adds up, too. The rumor has always been that she was conceived shortly before the annulment and was born in mid 1986. That would mean she turned 19 this summer. I’ve seen her age listed as 18 and as 19.

namesaketreasures on

I don’t know whether it’s true or not but if there is a picture of the girl somewhere, I’d love to see it. I’ll bet she’s beautiful.

joy on

first of all there is NO proof. And unless janet comes out herself and makes an announcement all it is is speculation.

The girl that they are showing on the net is Brandy. Which happens to be Jackie’s daughter but some are implying it’s Rebbies. Has anyone seen the Jacksons. All of them even their kids look alike (minus Michaels of course)! So that doesn’t mean it’s her daughter.

And janet HAS come out before in the past and denied the accusations. See what’s funny is this story is so 10 years ago. I have a GLOBE interview from James’ grandmother who claims the girl is 12 and janet won’t let them see her. In the globe interview janet denies it. So janet has come forth before and has said it’s a rumor.

And she probably is fed up with people constantly mentioning it and has did what she did all her life, kept quiet about her personal business. That’s why I love her so much cause she isn’t a media *whore* (well of course we won’t mention that unfortunate SB incident *smiles*)

Anyways, everyone is gonna think what they want esp. since their is no proof. And yes janet saying “no comment” doesn’t help it at all. Say there is a child well I will be happy for her and won’t question her intentions. For she was a very young girl with strict parents and a jehovis witness mother. So no doubt that she’d be forced to give up the child or marry. James put janet through hell. She probably wouldn’t want to raise a child with someone like him and thought with her career on the line it was better to seclude the child from all this chaos. I commend her for she probably thought she was doing what was best. But I still don’t believe she ever had a kid.

joy on

namesake this is the girl they are “claiming” to be her child.

a beautiful girl indeed who is not 18 btw. This is Brandy in her 20’s.

Lindsay on

That isn’t brandy. It doesn’t even look like her because I’ve seen a photo of Brandy and that isn’t her.