Ex Justin Timberlake comes to aid of Britney Spears over baby photos

10/24/2005 at 05:59 AM ET

Jtimberlake Justin Timberlake has revealed his opinion on the Sean Preston/Britney Spears photo fiasco of last week, saying,  "It’s a little crazy…When a person like her, who’s obviously a sweet person, is having their first child, it’s like, ‘leave the girl alone, let her have the baby! I do think that’s crossing the line…That’s her baby and those are her baby pictures." Timberlake and Spears dated for quite a few years before breaking up early in 2003.

Source: People

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joy on

Well I am no fan of Miss Britney’s but I do understand her wanting privacy however, you shouldn’t go out and take family photographs of your family with intentions on selling them to magazines knowing that they will some way some how make it on the net. She has to be aware by now that it happens. Now she decided it’s not a good idea and doesn’t want to sell the pics. Fine but you know soon or a later a paparazzi is gonna get a shot of that baby and it’s gonna be all over the tabloids and then you’ll be wasting precious energy trying to sue them in court.

How I see it is that she should sell them to a reliable magazine like People and then take that money and put it away in Sean’s college fund. If not she’ll just ending up worrying about hiding him all the time when she knows that’s not possible.

Like the saying goes, you can run but you can’t hide.

eurochild on

Whoa Justin, that stuff was really deep lol
Awww Justin and Brit Brit foreva!!!

FC on

If she didn’t want him seen at all, she should’ve never had the shots done. If she wants privacy, she should’ve never agreed to a photo shoot, which makes me hard to believe that this whole thing isn’t just a publicity stunt.

Since she couldn’t get money through the photos used in some magazine, and since someone illegally posted them on a site, she’s milking the opportunity for what it’s worth, keeping her name in the spotlight.

She knows how the public and media have been about her baby. The minute word leaked that she did a shoot and photos were posted, someone would get their hands on them, using whatever means necessary.

I just don’t know about this. It won’t make sense to sue the person who posted the photos. Is she going to sue every damn person and papparazzi now.

Just keep the baby out of the spotlight, period. Don’t start anything, there won’t be anything.

I feel sorry for Preston being used in such a way, but I don’t feel anything for Britney right now.

Kresta on

Britney not only needs to follow Heidi’s fashion sense but also the mature way in which she has released photos of her baby. Without resorting to attention seeking dramatics. Britney is a celebrity. She gets paid very well and with that comes the paparazzi and public curiosity about her life. If she doesn’t like it, then she should just retire gracefully.

halifaxhoney on

I don’t judge people. They make mistakes.

The only thing I’m wondering is if she’s still going to sell them to People. I thought I read somewhere (maybe here?)that the money she made from the pictures she was going to donate to Katrina relief. Which I think is pretty nice of her.