Kevin Sorbo loses out to wife in baby name fight

10/22/2005 at 09:34 AM ET

Hercules star Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam welcomed their first daughter last Sunday, but didn’t release a name – because they couldn’t agree on one! Kevin has now revealed that his newborn daughter’s name is Octavia – a play on the fact that the baby is the 8th grandchild of his parents. Kevin wanted to name her Reagan, Riley, or Taylor, but his wife won out.  However, he is still worried that his daughter will be made fun of due to her name. Octavia joins big brothers Braeden, 4, and Shane, 1.

Source: ABC Local

Thanks to CelebKids poster Milo.

Did any readers have a hard time finding a name that both you and your spouse could agree on?

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starlight_perfume on

Me and my husband definitely could not agree. My son is 3 and up til the day he was born we couldn’t decide. In fact we had no option for a middle name picked out until we were in the hospital. I’m now 6 months pregnant with my second, another boy, and we have nothing. Not one name picked out! We just cant think of any names either one of us likes.

MamaLaughingBear on

My husband and I agreed on the first name if we had a boy, which we did, before he was even conceived. The middle name, however, wasn’t decided until about 3 days before he was born! I ended up giving my husband a list of names, all that I could live with, and he picked one. I wanted a more unique middle name, but the one he chose fits perfectly. Our baby’s name means Laughing Bear, and he is one big happy boy (about 19 lbs of joy at 5 months)!

joy on

well I don’t have children but when my brother’s GF was pregnant she wanted to name my nephew Evan and that was gonna be it but then after his birth she said he didn’t look like an Evan! I was like, well what does an Evan look like? lol

Well it took them til right before the baby came out and they ended up calling him Damon instead. At first the family was not to thrilled with the choice but today he’s 4 and nothing but a lil Damon! U just kinda get used to whatever you pick.

I work in a daycare and know someone who has some really odd names for her kids and I feel bad for them. But for me I think that I will win over my husband as well. I just feel as though as the mother it should be my decision esp. the first time around! Not that I won’t take his thoughts into consideration but in the end it will be my decision LOL

BTW not to fond of octavia and I think its wierd when people pick names for unsignificant reasons like “8th grandchild” (shaking my head) – oh well to each his own.

Jennie on

My husband and I had no problems naming our first child, we both agreed on his first name and his middle name was in memory of his grandpa who had died before he was born. Our second child was a totally different story…as soon as we found out it was gonna be a girl the “fun” started. I favor the traditional, old-fashioned names like Victoria and Elizabeth; he wanted to name her after Liv Tyler’s character in the “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy (“Arwen”). Needless to say I put my foot down there! Thankfully we came up with a name we both agreed on about a month before she was born, Rianna. I am just praying that whenever the next child comes, we won’t have too many problems in choosing a name!

Alyson on

I have no kids, but when my sister gave birth to her second son she and her husband couldn’t agree with a name till right as they were leaving the hospital with him. It came down to Brody Chase or Logan Cole, and her husband picked Brody(I was pulling for Logan), but it was literally at the last second as they were signing the birth certificate!

Tequilamonky on

I have a friend called Octavia but she’s mostly known as “Ockie” it really suits her.

Lauren22 on

My husband and I had some trouble finding a girl name, but none with finding a boys name.

As for the choice name for this baby….all I have to say is BARF!!!!!

Roise on

I had a male classmate named “Octavio”, but we called him “Tavio” or “Tav”. The names Kevin picked for his daughter are unisex, so I wonder if maybe those were the names he also had picked if the baby was boy?

Kirrily on

My sister is having this problem now, she is due on November 17th.
She likes the name Aja (pronounced Asia) and Toby for girls and Oscar, Noah and Felix for boys.
Her partner only likes Toby for a boy, doesn’t want to call their son Oscar because they had a dog called Oscar a few years ago, doesn’t want to call their son Noah because a guy he went to school with has a son called that.
Their three-year old daughter is called Ruby. My sister said the trick she used when coming up with names then was to let her partner think he had picked them first, then say, “yeah, i could live with that!”.
My brother-in-law likes the names Dane for a boy and Lily for a girl. Mys sister doesn’t like both these names!

Kirrily on

oh, this is a better example – my other sister was pregnant with a girl. They already had a boy, Jacob, and my sister had named him and stupidly told her husband he could name the next one.
The name he liked – Destiny!
It took nine months to convince him it was stupid (the whole family was in on it!) and my niece was eventually called Arliah – although my brother-in-law tried to convince my sister post c-section to change her mind to Destiny!

starlight_perfume on

My husband likes John and Jack. I think those are too plain. My first son is named Clark. I think it has that dashing gentlemen sound like Clark Gable. He was like the George Clooney of his day. But nothing sounds good with that. You need to name your kid something that sounds good when your saying both their names together. We need serious help with the baby names! By the way, how do pronounce Arliah? I have never heard of it. I know about three or four Destinys.

Kirrily on

Arliah is pronounced ah-lee-ah – i think it’s a really pretty name.
My sister liked the singer’s name Aaliyah but I told her it was pronoucned a-ly-er so she just made up the spelling of Arliah.

starlight_perfume on

I think when people see it they will be like “what kind of a name is that?” But when you hear it your like “oh, that’s really pretty and feminine”. But you want something that pops out at people and grabs their attention. I think she did a good job with the name.

Melissa on

Before my first child was born (a girl), my husband and I easily picked out a boy’s name, but disagreed the whole pregnancy on a girl’s name. He insisted on “cutsie” names and wouldn’t budge and mainly wanted names that were more like nicknames. He wouldn’t even consider the names I wanted: Stephanie, Lydia, Elaina, just to name a few. After nixing Patti, Penny, Chrissy, Susie (and there’s nothing wrong with these names for nicknames – I didn’t want them as given names) I finally came up with a name ending in “y” that we agreed on. We named our daughter Kelly. And, she looks like a Kelly and it suits her personality, and at the time, it wasn’t very common.

MamaLaughingBear on

Mrs. Starlight, I thought of a couple of names that I think would work with Clark. I hope you don’t mind! If your husband likes Jack and John, what about Jackson or Jameson? Another good way to go I think would be to stick with the “Ka” noise. Parker would work, Felix, (from the above post), would be cute. Just some thoughts. Have a great day!

starlight_perfume on

Nope, already asked him! I like those names but he’s an associater. Jackson is like Michael Jackson and Jameson is like Jenna Jameson. See how hard it is. And my son loves watching Felix the Cat cartoons so that would be to weird for him to have a cat and a brother with the same name. But thanks anyway!

joy on

^starlight – I think you should go with a C name .

Colby, Colton (aka cole), Calvin, Clarence something to that effect! Clark is not a name you hear of as much today but I like it.

I used to love the name Jaden but everytime I turn around there’s a jaden. So even though I am not pregnant I am always working on names for future kids lol

Melissa on

I have a great name that goes with Clark – Kent! No, I’m just kidding! Some names I like for boys that start with “C” are: Chase, Cade, Caleb, Carson, Cayden, Chance, Chandler, Christian, Connor and Cooper. If you want the hard “C” sound, you could use names that start with a “K” like: Kade, Kaden, Keaton, Kenyon, Kieran or Kyler. If your husband likes John and Jack, you could use something close like Jonathan, Jacob, Jake, Jared, Jase, Jonah, Joshua or Justin. Just some suggestions. I know agreeing on a name can be a challenge!

sharlit159 on

Octavia is a great name, IMHO. I had an Octavia in one of my classes in university who went by Tavia. Reagan and Riley have become so popular that it’s nice to hear something unusual!

Roise on

If you want to stick to the “k” sound, a couple of names I like are Cason (pronounced like Jason)and Callum. You could also try one of my fave websites…they have hundreds of names (for free!)and their origins.

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