Our beautiful CBB baby is finally here!

10/19/2005 at 10:23 PM ET

Yes, Danielle’s a mama! Anya Lucia came into the world at 2:32 pm on Friday, October 14th. She weighed in at exactly 8 lbs, and is 19 1/2 inches long. I just talked to Danielle and she is absolutely thrilled.  She had a great labor and delivery experience, which I’m sure she’ll tell everyone more about next week when she’s back online.


UPDATE: Danielle is home and completely exhausted, but sent me a new picture of the little princess!


Danielle’s Update:
Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes.  Josh and I feel like we won the life sweepstakes with Anya.  She is a beautiful, healthy baby and the greatest joy I have ever known.  She’s a great sleeper (at least during the day!) and eater and has a lovely temperament.  We took her to the pediatrician for her first visit and all was well.  Josh is proving to be an excellent burper, diaperer and swaddler and is an all around wonderful and proud papa. 

For those who are wondering, "Anya" is of Slavic origin (though we are not) (pronounced ahn-yah) meaning grace and "Lucia" (pronounced loo-see-ah) is of Latin origin meaning bringer of light.  Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will recognize her name as belonging to the vengeance demon Anya/Anyanka but she was definitely not named after the character.  However, that was where I first heard of the name.  Josh and I can’t remember who came up with the name first- Josh thinks he did and I think I did.  In any case, it was at the top of our list for a while and Lucia was a late contender for a first name so we decided to use both.

I hear Anya stirring after a long sleep so it’s time to get ready to feed her.

            Congratulations to Danielle and Josh!

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Laurie-Ann on

Awww…Anya is so cute! Congrats Danielle! Love the name!

Jax on

Congrats Danielle and Josh!!! She is so cute!! Happy Birthday Anya, Welcome to the world!

ally on

Pretty girl, pretty name! Congrats Danielle and hubby!

g on

She’s adorable. Congradulations! And I love the name.

CailinsMom on


Congrats on your new baby girl! Enjoy every moment of her life, they grow so fast! Love the name.

Zoe on

Congratulations Danielle! Anya is so beautiful and I love the name!

Kily18 on

I love the name, the russian name Anya.

BTW: Congratulations to you and your new baby! and congrats to the father of this little princess too!!!

be welcome Anya!!!!😉

joy on


Anya that’s a pretty name. Isn’t that the name of a famous singer or is it Enya?

Well anyways….she’s beautiful – congrats!

Corriev on

A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! I hope your labor went well, and that you are able to rest and enjoy your baby girl. Enjoy these first few days, get all of the help you can, let chores go, and sleep when she sleeps! Best wishes to your growing family!😉

namesaketreasures on

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!🙂 I absolutely love her name.

floopeygirl on

Mazel Tov! Beautiful baby, beautiful name. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter. Enjoy that precious baby.

christygoo on


She is just beautiful, and I LOVE her name!!

I’m so happy for you, and Josh!!!

meghan on

yea! good job to both of you – you made a super cute baby!

Nicole H on

I have been checking the site like a crazy women waiting for her arrival.

Congratulations on your new daghter… She is adorable….You are now able to see things in this world for a second time through your daughter eyes. It’s truly an amazing experience.

ohmymuffin on

Lovely name, and beautiful baby. She looks nice and healthy, Congratulations!

A Little Hut on

Beautiful baby and a beautiful name! Congratulations! 🙂

Keedeeg_1 on

What a Gorgeous little whopper!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!

Shelly on

Congratulations!! She’s beautiful!!😀

BP on

CONGRATULATIONS, mama!!, and welcome to the club:-) There is nothing in the world like holding your newborn, is there?! Savour every minute, and good luck with all the not-so-nice aspects of being a new mom! Your daughter is beautiful…congratulations new mom & dad, and welcome to the world, Baby Anya:-)

Kristine on

Awwwww she’s adorable!!!!!!! congrats!!!!

Ruthie on

Congratulations Danielle! Best of luck to you and your baby girl!

chris on

Congratulations Danielle and Josh welcomed their first daughter! Enjoy your motherhood🙂

FC on

Congratulations on having your baby finally, Danielle. I love the name Anya. ♥ ♥ I’m sure you and Josh are happy to finally have her with you now.🙂

Lauren22 on

She is BEAUTIFUL Danielle!!! CONGRATS!!!

Penny Lane on

Finally, I signed up ages ago jbut it would never let me post so I’m really glad my first post is regarding such an exciting thing!!

Congratulations Danielle and Josh!! And a warm welcome to small Anya, who is going to be loved and pampered, and quite a celebirty baby herself, among us CBB fans!

anniebabe on

Congratulations!! I chose the name Anya a few years ago for when I have a girl so as you can imagine i think it’s a brilliant name. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

chels5988 on

Welcome to the world baby Anya. Congratulations on your adorable baby

eurochild on

Yayyy🙂 She’s beautiful.

DJ on

Congratulations! I am so incredibly happy for you and Josh! She is absolutely beautiful. You are truly blessed (which I bet you already know lol)!

Songbird on

She is gorgeous😀

momintn on

Congratulations!!!! I’ve been waiting for the good news. She is beautiful. Enjoy every second!

misterorange on

Enjoy her!!! They grow up so fast! I love the name! My husband and I are stuck on A names, we have Annabelle and Abigail(Annie and Abby). She is beautiful. Congrats!!!

sharlit159 on

Your very own celebrity baby – congratulations!!!!! She is absolutely perfect!!! Can’t wait to see her in cute Hallowe’en outfit!

Madame M. on

Congratulations, Danielle! I can’t wait to hold my own little bundle, in about a month and a half! :oD

MamaLaughingBear on

Oh Danielle! I am so very excited for you and your husband. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy and first pics of gorgeous Anya Lucia with the CBB readers. You are so generous to let us be a part of this joyful time in your life. Stare at her and hold her and memorize her face, because it will change faster than you know. I hope you’re having a wonderful first few days; you’re going to do great!

Eli's Mom on


Jennie on

Aww, that’s terrific! Congrats to Danielle and Josh on their precious new daughter! She sure looks like a cutie! And the name fits her perfectly too…best of luck to the new family!

Melissa on

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Will you be pronouncing her name Ahn-ya (like the ah sound in opera) or Ann-ya (like the an sound in fan)? I”ve heard it both ways, but more often Ahn-ya. It’s a beautiful name that is a refreshing change from the many overused names lately. I wish your little family the very best.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Melissa, from what she said on the phone, it’s Ahn-ya Lou-see-a.

landroverdisco on

Best wishes on the new baby girl! She has a very pretty name.

asheley on

Danielle and Josh congrats!!!…Anya is a beauuuutiful angel….send more pics and birth story

much love


tink1217 on

CONGRATS!!!Beautiful baby girl and beautiful name!!!!! All the best to Danielle and Josh for a wonderful life with little Anya!!!

VanessaPaige on

Congratulations Danielle. I hope you had a wonderful experience. Are you breastfeeding?

Sarah CBB Editor on

She is, Vanessa. Danielle may be online tomorrow to answer questions and possibly post, if she’s not totally exhausted!

j4r3d on

Congratulations and best wishes to the three of you!!!!!!!!!!

Toby on

I am so happy for you! Mazel Tov on Anya’s arrival. She is gorgeous!

FC on

I love the new photo of little Anya. ♥ And I’m glad to know Danielle is at home resting–or, at least trying to rest.🙂

kristen on

Beautiful baby girl. Congrats to Danielle and Josh.
Rest as much as you can. Best wishes again.

leslie on


tink1217 on

Love the new pics!! She is an absolute doll!!

Keedeeg_1 on

I’m loving the new pictures!!!! Could she beeeeeee any cuter???? Seriously, she’s lovely!!

Corriev on

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your daughter. It is thoughtful of you to post her picture, we are all just eating up the new pictures! She reminds me of my first daughter…who is 9 now! Time flies, my dear, enjoy EVERY SECOND!!! Thanks again for allowing us a tiny glimpse…she is a doll!

TigerBluEyez on

OMG….she is so beautiful. The newest picture posted has to be the cutest. I cant get over how adorable she is. You guys must just be outta the world rite now with her. Congratulations and Good Luck.

KF on

Congratulations, Danielle and Josh! And welcome to Anya! She’s a beautiful little girl :o) Your lives will be forever changed in the most wonderful way… babies are such miracles! Here’s a quote for you to ponder, when you have the brain space:

“Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future.” – Maria Montessori

staceynsam on

Congratulations….she is beautiful!! Try to get some kind of rest! Good luck to your and your husband!! I wish you the best!

MamaLaughingBear on

She is so gorgeous! I really think she looks like you Danielle. She looks very comfy and happy at home. My baby boy is only 5 months old, but those first few days at home feel like ages ago and yesterday at the same time! Thank you for helping me, and all of the mommies out there remember the births of our children. And as far as rest is concerned, she’s gonna sleep more now than she ever will, so take advantage of it! How did you pick her name?

Scarlett on

She is gorgeous and I love her name! Congrats!

FC on

I love that latest photo of Anya sleeping. She’s even adorable while asleep.🙂

DJ on

She is so cute! I dont know what Josh looks like, but I can definitely see Danielle in Anya!!

Kresta on

Welcome to Anya. So sweet and she looks older than newborn as she doesn’t have that scrunched up newborn look.

Corriev on

Thanks for the update Danielle. Welcome to motherhood…the best thing that can ever happen to a woman!🙂 There is nothing like it. So glad that Anya is healthy…that is all that matters. She is beautiful, though, and does have a grown up look about her. She is precious. Congratulations! Please keep posting new pics of her and of the whole family!🙂

Jessie on

OMG, she is so gorgeous, and the name is nice, one of my friends name is anya. congrats!!

isabella on

Danielle, she really is beautiful. You and Josh should be so proud of yourselves for making such a cutie! Congratulations to you both, I’m sure she’s gonna grow up to be a happy and healthy little girl! She’s so adorable! Thanks for sharing your pregnancy with all of us, it’s been really nice to get all the updates.

Loralie on

Congratulations, Danielle and Josh. She is a very beautiful girl.

All the best,


I know you posted this ages ago, but I was doing the survey on CBB and they asked a question about Anya updates, I’m new to CBB and didn’t know what that meant, but was floored because my daughter (almost one) is named Anya Elizabeth. So I searched the site and found this post. We make the same excuse about Buffy, too, but we actually go with the Gaelic origin “Aine” pronounced “awn + ye”. We met an Irish girl in New Zealand named Aine and no one could pronounce her name so we decided to use the easier Anya spelling.

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