Scientology birth-look what Katie Holmes can look forward to!

10/06/2005 at 07:39 PM ET

Tcruise_3In the tradition of fellow Scientologists Leah Remini and Kelly Preston, Katie Holmes is expected to attempt a Scientology laboring and birth experience when she has Tom Cruise’s baby next spring. As they do with most everything, Scientologists have guidelines for the process, which includes birth without meds (a fairly normal birth choice for some women anyway). However, here’s the kicker – mothers are to attempt a silent birth, because they believe that it is traumatic for the baby to hear their mother cry or groan in pain while they are being born.

According to Scientology founder Ron Hubbard, "Maintaining silence in the presence of birth saves the sanity of the mother and the child and safeguards the home to which they will go."

You may recall Leah Remini’s vH1 show, in which she attempted to give birth silently to daughter Sofia, or Kelly Preston dishing to Redbook Magazine about the birth of daughter Ella at home after thirteen hours of labor. According to her, it was "hardcore." Husband John Travolta adds that Ella’s birth was a "beautiful, still experience that lovingly brings a child into the world without screaming or talking." Yet, as the New York Daily News put it, he’s not the one who had the baby. All I can say is ouch. If you aren’t giving me meds, you better expect to hear some yelling!

Source: NY Daily News

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stinkypinky on

Maybe while katie is silently giving birth someone should be shoving a watermelon up Tom’s butt and telling him to be silent about it. It might be traumatic for the baby to hear him scream in pain too.

Eli's Mom on

I think its funny that these women let a man dictate the way in which they give birth. What about the sounds of elation at the sight of your new born baby? Have to wait? Whatever!

BP on

Mmm…the more I hear, the less I like! That is a little bit ludacris, isn’t it?! Look, I am all for each woman having the birth experience that SHE desires…but what makes a MAN, ANY man qualified to dictate how the woman should experience or act while giving birth?!?! It is such an individual thing, and going into it with such strictures can only cause more anxiety for the prospective (especially, first-time) mommy. Poor Katie!:-( She really has landed herself in some deep doody!

Sarah CBB Editor on

Also, I didn’t put this in the article because it isn’t really relevant to CBB, but Katie fired her manager of NINE years yesterday, and is now represented by Tom’s sister.

All I can think is brainwashed.😀

I do really hope that they are actually in love and this whole rushed romance isn’t a sham though, now that there’s a child involved.

floopeygirl on

Wait and see what happens if/when she suffers from Post Partum … we all saw how he attacked Brooke Shields, and he doesn’t even KNOW her … could you imagine how he’d try and coach his own ‘better half’ (which does seem to be an almost appropriate term here) when it’s her turn?! I wouldn’t wish post partum on anyone, don’t get me wrong, but if Katie does suffer from it … let’s just hope he pulls his head out of his ass and let’s her get the proper help and attention (and/or meds) that could be needed.

Toby on

Wow. Only a man could come up with something this stupid. I’d like to see a man give birth without making any sounds. I don’t care what people say. . .I still this this relationship is awfully fishy. Nicole Kidman must feel relieved right now.

Heather on

If she’s pregnant and I still doubt it because of the timing and everything!!

But if the poor girl happens to have been impregnated by this Alien Chaser, I hope the baby’s breech and will require a C-section to be born! and may the Delivery room be filled with bright lights, loud sounds and Doctors and Nurses Chattering So that A.C. can freak out about the noise and go into a deep meditation right there in the middle of it.

Afterwards, May poor Katie have a rough time coping with being a new mother, mood swings, and everything else that’s associated with PPD. And hopefully just maybe after a few days of Tom’s insistance to do things his way, Katie will Promptly tell him “I’m outta here, you’re a nut case”!!

She’ll leave him and go into witness protection. where she and her poor child can live Tom-lessly ever after…

I know I was a bit harsh, but sometimes you’ve gotta go through the pain and the hurt (and In this case litterally) to have your eyes opened!

Heather on

P.S. stinkypinky – I’d like to provide the watermellon

FC on

I don’t see any women ever having a baby without some pain and noises. It takes work and some noise to get through the whole birth either way. Maybe Tom is Hitler in disguise? Yikes.

I just hope Kate knows what she’s doing with Tom. This relationship was weird from jump, now there’s a baby involved…

I hope the baby has a good life is all I’ll say.

Corriev on

Wow, it just gets weirder and weirder! I screamed through the end stages of labor and I even had an epidural! Oh my gosh…have mercy.

And her firing her manager and hiring Tom’s sister? Yeah, definitely brainwashed. I hope I’m not offending any scientologists who read/post to this blog but it sounds almost cultish to me.

My friend and her hubby are dressing as TomKat for Halloweeen. Any ideas?

Corriev on

By the way, she’s not looking too happy in that picture. Wonder what’s up?

Kelly on

Let me guess: a man came up with this silent birth idea. What a load of bull.

hippygirl on

I am all for the natural birth…that’s fantastic. HOWEVER, SILENT birth and the dictation of HOW it’s going to be done…the more i read about Tom Cruise and his plight with Scientology, the more creeped out I get. It seems that the moment Katie Holmes met him her personal choices and freedoms were taken away and replaced with people from Tom’s entourage and the scientology community. Katie Holmes did quite well publicly and professionally with her own staff. It sounds a lot like manipulation, control and brainwash. I hope she’s happy, because it doesn’t sound like she has much of a choice not to be. Especially with a baby coming…I hate to say this but she sounds more trapped now than before she became pregnant. I hope she’s not too young and naive to see that something NOT right is going on. Hopefully her parents aren’t too starstruck with the idea of having Tom Cruise as a son-in-law to intervene when necessary. Good luck Katie…we’ll be crossing our fingers for you.

DJ on

I have to agree with everyone, Katie has definitely been brainwashed! I wish her all the best, and it sounds like she is going to need it. Hopefully she will wise up soon! Tom is a total whack job who gets nuttier by the hour!!

Lore on

I know exactly what happened here. Not-so-famous but pretty girl from small town goes through break up of 5 year relationship with not-so-famous fiancee and in her trying to cope moments gets swept off her feet by a millionaaire mega movie star who every girl dreamed of marrying as a young girl. And probably got pregnant on purpose so she and her child will be set for life. Think about it. She will never have to worry about money, she will have every luxury she could imagine and even if they get divorced she will have alimony and child support to keep her going. Whether this relationship is real or not she is making our like a bandit and he gets to strut his stuff with his trophy wife 17 years his junior. Well, none of his other relationships lasted and I doubt this one will either but in the meantime they are both getting what they want out of the “relationship”. I say Katie or “Kate” as he calls her is one smart chick.

infamousmama on

I agree with Lore, Katie is VERY smart! I just told my friend this the other day. What should you do with an older, richer man? Get pregnant so that you will be rich for the rest of your life. I don’t know if its helping her career, but financially on the day she gives birth SILENTLY (haha) she will be set. I don’t know if this relationship is real or not (and I don’t think it is and it really grosses me out) but Katie has defintely covered all her bases! She can probably put up with all this Scientology crap because she is just thinking of the future!

Melissa on

If she does need a C-section, what if Tom steps in and prevents it? After all, she won’t be in much of a position to help herself by then. And, what about local anesthesia for an episiotomy? Is he against that, too? Will they use Scientologist doctors who will refuse to give her medications and/or the proper medical care if she needs it? I just cannot even imagine the misogynistic @#&*s who came up with all of this crap! I really hope her family will intervene (but then again, I had hoped they would intervene before things got this far) if her health/life or that of the alleged baby is jeopardized in any way. I think her mind has already been taken over and she is not making ANY of the decisions in her life. If Tom is not making them, then her Scientology coach/guru/mentor, or whatever, is. This whole situation makes me sad.

DJ on

I was talking to a friend about this, and she told me that in addition to the supposed “quiet birth”, they are not supposed to talk to the baby for the first 7 days because the baby has been so tramatized by the birth that they don’t want to “overload the senses.”


Kresta on

I’ve had 3 natural births to 8-9lb babies and I was very quiet during the labour and delivery because I was in so much pain and that is how I deal with pain. I get very quiet and each time the midwife was worried if I was ok because I was too quiet. There were labouring women screaming around me and that was their way of dealing with their pain and the huge amount of physical strength required to deliver a baby. It’s a very individual and personal thing. I do recall a doctor telling the woman in the bed next to me that she would do better to put her efforts into delivering her baby rather than screaming her head off.

Sarah CBB Editor on

A lot of these comments are attacking Tom personally, instead of the Scientology guidelines, so I’m going to close this one up.

Melissa on

Holding, cuddling, talking to the baby has always been called “bonding”, which is critical to the baby’s development and success in thriving. Go figure!

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