Is Britney Spears raising two kids?

10/06/2005 at 02:43 PM ET

Britney20kevin Jeannette Walls at MSNBC Gossip is reporting that Britney Spears is feeling increasingly frustrated by the lack of parenting help provided by husband Kevin Federline. Britney, who is attempting to go the nanny free route, with just Kevin and her mother helping her for now, reportedly complained that she is "raising two kids now," as Kevin has been "a real brat-hitting golf balls, partying, and talking on the phone well into the night [while Britney tends to Sean alone]." Ouch. Although, recalling Kevin’s past choices, who’s really surprised?

Source: MSNBC Photo Source: Power98


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Lauren22 on

Am I surprised? NOPE….not one bit.

landroverdisco on

He just makes babies, he doesn’t take care of ’em! He is just so…oh nevermind,if I cannot post anything pleasant than best not to post at all.

Corriev on

Nope, not surprised🙂

crazytalk23 on

does anyone know if she ever signed the prenup?

Bridget on

Listen to me people, Kevin F. is only with her for the money and exposure. I give this union 1 more year tops. She went after him. His first girlfriend is some sort of a celebrity. I think. She was on a TV show. He had to be with her for the exposure and then he saw that he was going no where and so he hooked up with Britney the minute the she struck. Britney’s mom must be seething. Let us all hope he signed a pre-nup!!!!!!! He really needs a stylist. He get ups are so trashy.

stinkypinky on

Kevin will stay as long as Britney will put up with him. If she finally wakes up and boots out the loser he will still live quite nicely off the money he makes whoring out pictures of the baby.

Alicia on

Well, what did she expect? That he’d change? *snort*

FC on

Britney was never right in the head to begin with when she hooked up with Kevin. I still don’t know what she sees in him. And I am not surprised by this behavior of his. She should’ve known this would’ve happened, considering how much time he spends with his first two children. Did she expect him to change for HER? Just because she is who she is? Ha!

I feel sorry for Sean Preston. He does need to have some quality time with his father, which he doesn’t seem to be getting.

Okay, I’m done.

mom4bob on


Two things I’ve learned over the years about men are 1) pay attention to how he treats the women in his family; and 2) if he has kids, pay attention to how he treats them. How a man behaves in these areas is fairly indicative of what you can expect for yourself.

Let’s face it: Kevin dumped Shar Jackson while pregnant to hook up with Britney, and Kevin is not exactly “father-of-the-year” to his two older children. Why should this “new” revelation about him be of any surprise?

hippygirl on

This is so sad. I still don’t think Britney will be happy in this relationship. Kevin, to me, seems like nothing but a money-mooching, immature, freeloader who has no respect for his wife(s) and children. Britney will have nothing but a hard time. Hopefully, she’s smart enough to give him the boot and avoid bankruptcy in the process. Kevin: Shame on you!!! If you can’t be a father and a husband, keep it in your pants and stay single!!

Melissa on

You know, even in these “modern” times, there are still so many women out there – young and old alike – who, even though they’re smart, talented, successful individuals, just don’t think they are anything without a man. With all Britney had going for her, she still fell into this mentality and it’s going to cost her a lot, financially, emotionally and physically, in the long run. I just wish she would pull herself out of this self-imposed fantasy of a life. Now, there’s yet another child who will be affected by Kevin Federline’s trashy, deadbeat lifestyle. There are a lot of users and losers out there who try (even if it’s just for show) to appear interested in their children, but not this guy. He has one person’s needs in mind in everything he does, and that person is KEVIN. Look at his track record. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then…you know the rest.

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