TomKitty: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes expecting their first child

10/05/2005 at 05:01 PM ET

Tcruise_1With additional reporting by Nisha, Sarah and Danielle.

Tom Cruise, 43, and his fiancée, actress Katie Holmes, 26, are expecting their first child together.

Though no due date or gender has been revealed, Tom’s publicist (and sister) Lee Anne Devette said that "the entire family is very excited" and that Katie "has never felt better." Tom also has two children, Isabella, 12, and Connor, 10, with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

He and Katie begin dating six months ago, and got engaged in June at the Eiffel Tower. They have yet to announce a wedding date. Katie was allegedly a virgin who was waiting for marriage but apparently could not resist Tom’s masculine wiles.

Sarah says: Perhaps this isn’t the sham relationship many thought!  I had assumed he was sterile. And the Katie’s a virgin rumor? Not true. She made that comment in ’98 to CosmoGirl-years before her longterm relationships with Joshua Jackson and Chris Klein. I’m going to guess that she’s about 16 weeks along after looking at that People photo.

Danielle says: It has been previously rumored that Tom’s boys couldn’t swim so I wonder what will be spun of this.  If she’s pregnant, maybe something fell in by accident? 

I received this insightful comment from CBB Reader Nicole: "Better hope she doesn’t suffer from severe postpartum depression….the kind that isn’t fixed by vitamins and exercise…"

Click for the most recent photo of Katie, taken this past Sunday ( More from daughter Isabella’s soccer game on Oct 1st here (JJB).

Source: People Magazine, photo credit: TabloidWorld

Thanks to the over 150 people who emailed Danielle to let us know about this.  Thanks also to Danielle’s husband who suggested the moniker "TomKitty" for the baby.

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Lindsay on

All I have to say is this is wrong! I can’t believe this….. Aww man. Okay first off I have to say this, what happens if the child has some sort of problem or issue then what is Tom Cruise going to do? He says he doesn’t believe in psychiatry or medicine so how’s he going to deal with his fiancee’s mood swings or even her post partum depression? I just honestly have doubts about this……

Shelly on

Whoa…my head is spinning from today. Um, congratulations to them (I guess).

crazytalk23 on

I guess she’s isn’t waiting until marriage to have sex! I thought Tom was sterile or had low sperm count and that’s why he and Nic adopted? i think he’s a whack job, but i like her so i hope she’s healthy and happy! =P

Lore on

I don’t know why but I am upset about this. As soon as I read the headline on I said Oh No! She already looks like she is showing in the pic of them this past Sunday. She is so young. I hope she knows what she is getting into. Bringing a baby in the picture changes everything.

Rachel on

I still don’t think this relationship is for real.

DJ on

Gee, the first thing that comes to my mind is GROSSSS!

morgan on

Sorry, but I still everything is a sham. I will never like either one. I don’t even care if she is or not. I didn’t like how Tom treated Nicole, expecially when she miscarried and he insisted that there had to be a paternity test done to make sure it was his.which was heartless. Then when he bashed Brooke for getting help with her PPD.
Too bad Katie is already sucked into his twisted life. She has only herself to blame.

Kily18 on

WOW!!! I knew it, I had a feeling… I bet in this couple, right here in this site.

Heather on

It’s highly suspicious to me about the timing of this announcement!!!

Isn’t is interesting that when they haven’t been talked about in the mags for a little while that all of a sudden they throw out “We’re Pregnant” and put themselves right back on the front-burner?

It isn’t hard to fake a pregnancy!

Courtney on

Wasnt there a rumor going on awhile back about them doing IVF? In any case, this should be very interesting for the next 7-8 months….

christygoo on

I would be curious to hear Chris Klein’s opinion about all of this. He and Katie were together for 5 years up until a few weeks before “TomKat”. Very suspicious, and very bizarre.

Stacey on

I’m so creeped out right now.

Bridget on

I have a hunch her parents are not too thrilled. They appear to be very traditional and straitlaced from photos I saw of them. Anyhow, let’s just hope she doesn’t suffer from post partum depression. With him as a husband, he will refuse her any medical intervention/prescriptions and that is scary! Pray for her please. Hopefully her parents will intervene if need be!!!!!!!

anamcara on

um, yuk. i concure with everyone who’s hoping katie doesn’t have ppd…i’ve never been a fan of his, never thought him that cute or whatever. just yuk. i don’t wish them ill or anything but ewww, yuk.

Scarlett on

I find it weird that she had dated guys before Tom for years and years and never got pregnant. She’s only known him for 6 and she already is. Anyway, I don’t care if she is pregnant. They will not last. Tom is a joke and so is Katie for getting involved with him thinking he was genuine.

Melissa on

I am also one of the people who thinks this relationship is a sham. I had heard he was gay, plain and simple. He “auditioned” Nicole Kidman as his first wife and she violated her “contract” with him when she became pregnant by her driver (she lost the baby). When Tom kept saying to the press, “Nicole knows what she has done,” that was it. I don’t think he was so upset about the pregnancy in terms of infidelity, as he was that she violated their 10-year contract (which was just about up when they split). I STILL think he is gay and will never come out of the closet because Scientology frowns on homosexuality and makes its members audit (pay money) when they have indiscretions. I think the children were adopted because he is gay, not sterile. And now, poor Katie is the next to “audition” and take over the role Nicole left. I know she is a consenting adult, but I think the excitement of fame and fortune has skewed her judgment. But, it’s not the consenting adults that I worry about as much as the children who are brought into and affected by these bizarre relationships.

stinkypinky on

I find this truly disturbing news.

DJ on

I just don’t believe it for a minute, that the relationship is real that is. Tom just doesn’t seem sincere. I think it is all an act. Not sure what to think about Katie other than she got sucked into some big elaborate plot to make Tom look good. If there really is a baby, I sure hope Katie and her family have a stronger influence than Tom, although I am not sure how likely that is to happen.

joy on

I just find many celebs to be mighty appauling lately. Does anyone believe in a sacred union anymore? or is getting with someone and getting the pregnant the new thing to do?

This relationship is BOGUS! They met in April, engaged in June, and now baby. How serious can that be? Wouldn’t you want to work on a relationship before you go ahead with a baby?

Ugh! I know it’s not my life but it’s disturbing and quite sad. I just find that Tom wanted biological children and Katie is looking for popularity – so they found what they wanted in each other.

well all I can say is I hope Bella and Connor are okay with all this drama. And I wish the new baby all the best.

Roise on

Two things came to mind when I heard this:
1)The DC girls will be mommies together and 2)Is the new celebrity trend to get pregnant and then get married, or to just have a child out of wedlock? Reese/Ryan, Gwyneth/Chris, Madonna/Guy, Julianne Moore, Taylor Hanson, Catherine/Michael and Bennifer 2.0 and Michelle and Katie (if they make it to the altar)are some of the celebs who got pregnant then married. Elizabeth Hurley, Jodie Foster and Prince Felipe aren’t married to their children’s other parent. I’m not sure how I feel about this, it is their lives, but it seems to me this is what it has been like of late in the celeb world.

stinkypinky on

Roise- I don’t think this is just a hollywood trend but a trend in society. It is now becoming more socially acceptable to have a baby out of wedlock and then get married later. Even for women to choose to have a baby and not marry the father. Times are changing and we aren’t living in the 50’s anymore.

I had a baby and now have absolutely no desire to marry the father. It wasn’t a healthy relationship but I would have never considered not bringing my daughter into the world just because I didn’t want to marry her father.

Melissa on

I’ve always heard that Nicole miscarried her pregnancies, and that is why they don’t have any biological children, not that he is shooting blanks.

I guess good for them, but I pray she doesn’t get severe PPD.

DJ on

If it is true that Nicole miscarried her pregnancies, it is probably nature’s way of saying “Hey, ONE Tom Cruise in this world is bad enough. We DON’T need any more.”

Patty on

I find it disgusting also. It certainly seems a sham. Unfortunately – she seems to be easily influenced and has been brainwashed by a control freak and his religion. So I’m afraid her family has little influence. Actually I never heard of her before I saw she was going to be in Batman Begins (as I’m a Christian Bale fan).

I used to think someone should save her – but she’s chosen her bed – let her sleep in it. But I really do feel sorry for the baby. Who’d want to be a part of a family which includes the two of them??

tinkerbell on

Maybe they’re simply in love,maybe it’s just a normal couple! Katie looks incredible happy just as Tom, Your comments are incredible! not a single one is positive! we’re talking about two persons who decided to have a baby..and it’s just great for them! How can you say it’s a shame or that katie needs to be saved! how can you say it’s disgusting?

tinkerbell on

Maybe they’re simply in love,maybe it’s just a normal couple! Katie looks incredible happy just as Tom, Your comments are incredible! not a single one is positive! we’re talking about two persons who decided to have a baby..and it’s just great for them! How can you say it’s a shame or that katie needs to be saved! how can you say it’s disgusting?

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