Me and my pal Jennifer Garner on the Martha Stewart show

10/04/2005 at 08:00 AM ET

J4942609 UPDATE:
Just got back from the Martha show.  Jennifer Garner was sooo cute.  It’s so funny how completely different she is from her Sydney character on Alias.  She is so jovial and friendly, while Sydney is so dead serious all of the time.  She was supposed to bring her dog, Martha Stewart, but unfortunately, the dog was ill so she left her home. 

Martha asked her about the baby’s gender and Jennifer said, "I’ve been known to give it away" but didn’t reveal it again.  As for the nursery, she said she didn’t realize there is a few month lead time for furniture so she hadn’t done anything until her girlfriends got on her case.  They also talked about how she’s now into baseball because of Ben.  She talked about how she likes to cook but it’s hard because Ben is trying to eat healthfully and she’s craving stuff like Cheetos and waffles.  She even said it was like they’re like Jack Spratt and his wife.  I know she’s been talking about gaining a lot more junk in the trunk, but you have to realize, she’s in Hollywood and they all wear size zero.  She said one of her sisters told her something like, "You have to build the foundation [meaning, a booty] before you build the house [the baby]."

Because it’s the Martha show, they had to do something Martha Stewart-y so Martha and Jennifer made homemade yogurt (it’s so easy!  I’m definitely going to try it- here’s the recipe) and then yogurt cheese (who knew?).  Then the editorial director from the Kids magazine showed some cute homemade baby announcements (featured in this month’s Kids magazine).  Jennifer held a baby they were using as a model and at one point she said, "She’s got the mic in her hand, she’s fascinated by my boobs but I am too!  I’ve never seen anything like it!" During this segment, they gave us our first giveaway item- the Epson Picture Mate photo printer that they used for one of the announcements.  The other features on the show included the chef from Le Bernadin, Eric Ripert, making some baby/toddler food and the parents of sextuplets AND twins (the twins came first).   

I had a great seat, viewing wise, but I didn’t notice any cameras panning past my friend and I.  If you were watching, I was wearing a black cardigan and my red Little Showoffs tank top.   

They gave us some good stuff– I was actually surprised because the show’s been kind of chintzy with the freebies.  when I was on the Diddy episiddy, all we got was a Sean Combs tee shirt that says "Daddy’s Girl" in gold script.  (The phrase works as a baby tee but not for a 30 year old woman.  That’s a little too creepy…)  Yesterday, when Whoopi Goldberg was on, all the audience got was a book.  We pregnant ladies got some good stuff- in addition to the photo printer, we got a Johnson Baby First Touch gift bag , a pair of Stride Rite Stage 1 Crawlers , the Kids magazine, a Layette set by Zutano, a copy of "Don’t Panic! Pregnancy Book : Tips for Moms-to-Be and New Mothers," a Mama Mio Congratulations Kit and best of all, a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpacks diaper bag!  Woo hoo!  It really paid to drive into the city and pay for a parking lot! 

In case you dug the cool modern high chairs they had the baby taste testers sitting in, it was the Kettler Tip Top Highchair and it’s available at (the sponsor of our last giveaway of the dwellbaby Cribset bedding) for $119 and free shipping.  It comes in Natural Birch, White and Mahogany.

I’ll post some photos soon.

Screencap thanks to Ivy.

If I haven’t had my baby by then, I will be in the studio audience of Martha Stewart’s new talk show on Tuesday, October 4th for her special baby-themed episode.  The guest will be Jennifer Garner and the entire audience will be filled with pregnant women.  Jennifer is a HUGE Martha fan and has even named her dog after Martha (the dog’s name is Martha Stewart).  I will definitely be bringing my camera but I doubt I’ll get an interview…

According to Martha’s site, someone from her Kids magazine will show how to make baby announcements, Le Bernadin chef Eric Ripert will whip up homemade baby food and a mother of septuplets will be involved somehow. 

I was in the studio audience of the Diddy episode on September 15th and was recognized by two Celebrity Baby Blog readers after the fact which is very funny because I was in the audience, and not on camera for more than a few seconds, in the distance.  It was there that I was invited to come back for the baby episode.

It airs in New York City at 11 AM on channel 4 (NBC) and reruns on TLC at 6 pm that evening.  For air times in your neck of the woods, visit the site and plug in your zip code.  If you’re in the New York area, you can request free tickets on the site (but it’s not working right now) but the  last time I checked, they didn’t have any availability for a while. 


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Jules on

I definately will be tuning in! I am due in just a few days and I think this will be fun to watch.

stinkypinky on

Wow I didn’t know you were pals with Jennifer Garner? How exciting for you.
Thanks for reminding us about the Martha Stewart baby show you will be attending, I’ll for sure be tuning in and scanning the audience to see if I can see you, you little celebrity you. It really helps us all recognize you when your face and belly have been posted every few months on this site.

halifaxhoney on

I actually caught the promo and was wondering if that was the special you were talking about before! I will watch for you tomorrow!

joy on

Wow that’s great for you!

I cannot stand Martha Stewart and will not watch her show cause that’s how bad I dislike her. But good luck to you and I hope u have fun.

Sarah CBB Editor on

You were shown right as the show was opening. The camera panned by you. But I only watched until halfway through, because Bushie’s press conference cut Martha off.

em0712 on

I also saw you in the beginning of the show. Everyone was so cute in the audience. I had a baby 12 weeks ago and it really made me miss being pregnant! I thought the show looked like a blast and I loved when Martha talked about her pregnancy! I can’t wait to try the yogurt recipe out.

g on

I also only watched half because of the press conference.

ally on

Page Six is reporting that many of the pregnant women (who were originally invited) were disinvited because the show was way overbooked. The women were so upset that they set up the green room so that those who had been disinvited could watch the show backstage.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Actually, I think they ended up letting everyone in. Martha apologized sincerely after the show about the mix-up and disinvitations. I think they probably overinvited people (which is what all shows do anyway) and too many people said yes! If it wasn’t for the special theme and people thinking they were going to get a lot of free crap, 1, they wouldn’t have been so upset, and 2, they wouldn’t have all said yes.

Oprah has really spoiled audiences for expecting lot of free swag for being in the studio audience (especially with a specially invited audience) so nowadays people come to expect a lot and feel entitled. I am really glad I didn’t expect much because not only was I not disappointed, I was extremely surprised and happy! I went because I thought it would be cool, because I like Martha and because I wanted to see Jennifer Garner.

While I can understand that people were disappointed that they were disinvited after being confirmed, some of the people described in that Page Six story are really out of touch with reality. If you are mad you turned down Rosh Hoshannah synagogue tickets and got disinvited to a talk show, then maybe your issue is not related to Martha but that you made a decision to be in a studio audience instead of going to High Holy Day services and being with your family on the second most important day in the Jewish calendar. Additionally, even when they were offered tickets to a later show, women who said that they couldn’t go back because they’re pregnant- are they never going to leave the house without the baby? They’re having a baby, not going on house-arrest!

Also, to boycott Martha Stewart because her staff screwed up with invitations? Give me a break- half of the United States voted for Bush and he and his staff screwed up the COUNTRY!

ally on

I’m sure there wouldn’t be this backlash (and talks of boycotting MS products) if these women didn’t expect a bunch of free stuff for attending the show. And to put Martha Stewart ahead of Jewish high holiday services is really sad, but not suprising in this country. It sounds like Martha and Co. handled it the best way that they could. Jenn Garner looked so cute holding that baby!

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Ally, I totally agree.

It reminds me of something that happened with Oprah when she invited some women who were pregnant with multiples to be in the audience of an episode that then-pregnant Julia Roberts was on. The women were mad that they didn’t get special gifts for being pregnant with multiples and that Oprah didn’t even pay for parking!

ally on

I had forgotten about the Oprah show with Julia Roberts with moms of multiples in the audience. If I was in the audience, I probably would have assumed that I would get free goodies, too! After all, it’s Oprah, who gives away thousands of dollars in free stuff and new cars at the drop of a hat. Oprah definitely started all the madness with her Oprah’s Favorite Things shows. Of course, those shows aren’t at all about her favorite things, but companies that are willing to give away products to everyone in the audience for the free publicity which make Oprah look like the nicest person on the planet. If you aren’t willing to give away free items for everyone, your item can’t be on the show. I remember Rosie O’Donnell shows where it was a big deal when she gave everyone in the audience a free Rosie Show t-shirt!

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