It's officially over for Brad and Jen

08/23/2005 at 06:52 AM ET

by auditioning contributor Nisha

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have officially filed to dissolve their marriage. According to Reuters, the paperwork went through the Los Angeles courts Monday. The couple, who married in a million dollar ceremony July 29, 2000, signed the papers Friday, along with their attorneys and a retired judge.

Jen, 36, filed for divorce from Pitt earlier this year, after a sort separation. The couple is said to have reached an out of court settlement. This dissolution returns both celebs back into the dating pool, although Pitt, 41, is rumored to have already moved on to actress Angelina Jolie. The divorce is scheduled to be finalized as soon as October 2, almost a month after the release of Aniston’s tell-all interview in Vanity Fair.

Source: Yahoo! News


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FC on

Yeah, I heard that on E! News last night. I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon, but…you know…

Shelley E. on

I kept hoping and hoping there was a chance for these two to reconcile… They looked fabulous together, one couple you couldn’t stop staring at when they were together.

Bigger Than Britney on

Well they looked great together so there is a reason to stay married if I ever heard one.

We don’t know what went on in their private lives. Looks can be deceiving. Obviously behind closed doors this wasn’t a good marriage otherwise they wouldn’t be seeking a divorce. Brad fell in love with Angelina and had emotionally checked out of the relationship so I think this divorce was a good thing. Why should we hope for a reconciliation when he is obviously in love with someone else? Would it be fair to Jen? No. They both just need to move on from this and so do we.

Shelley E. on

Wow you are SO right !!!!

Sarah CBB Editor on

Please stop the snippy remarks to each other. This is not the first post this has occurred in between the both of you, and it’s borderline breaking CBB rules because your comments are inflammatory. Thanks.

Julie on

This divorce was the best thing that could happen to both Jen & Brad.
BTB spoke my mind. It’s their private life, just because they used to smile in public doesn’t mean life was a bed of roses at home.
Brad obviously wanted smthg else, which he -we suppose- has found. Good for him! Jen will move on too when time is right. There’s no need to fake or pretend you still love each other only because that’s what the whole world is expecting from you, because you’re a ‘glamour couple’. When there’s no more love, it’s one’s right to move on and go seek smthg else.

Erica on

I agree with BTB and Julie. It seems like people are having a hard time believing that Brad and Jen’s marriage was never the perfect Hollywood fairytale it was made out to be. And to be honest, I don’t think seemed to be well suited, in the last couple of years you could almost see in pictures and in interviews how their goals and interests began to deviate.

It’s fortunate that they were able to settle things out of court. Hopefully one day, they will be able to renew a friendship.

Shelley E. on

I guess I could have said more in my previous comment. I didn’t mean they should stay together only because they looked good together… What I had in mind when I said that was there were so many shots of them looking lovingly at eachother. Not only that, when one talked of the other in interviews you could tell there was a connection of love and committment. They were so private and seemed to have great respect for one another. I was so sad when I heard they split as I really liked the two of them, as individuals and together, and yes I had it in my head they were gonna last forever; really prove Hollywood wrong and make it. I have a ton of other reasons too but it’s moot to get into it. It’s just too bad it all deteriorated for whatever reasons, but I guess this is the best for them both or they wouldn’t have split up.

Bigger Than Britney on

I agree there were so many pictures of these two and you could literally feel the love that the two of them had for each other coming right out of the picture. Brad made a great comment about how his marriage was not a “failure” just because they are was a really great 4 years..something like that. I thought this was really interesting and it totally made me change my opinion of divorce. Just because a relationship doesn’t last forever why do we (as in society) deem it a failure?

Danielle, CBB Editor on

This topic really does not require any more discussion here. Bigger Than Britney and Shelley- if you feel the need to carry this on further, please get in touch with other and take it offline.