Tara Reid dreams of becoming a mother

08/22/2005 at 10:59 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Laura

Tara Reid, notorious for red carpet and clubbing antics that regularly land her on the front page of gossip magazines, has revealed that the role she truly anticipates is that of motherhood. Tara Reid currently headlines E!’s Wild on Tara, traveling around the world to party with the stars. She has headlined such films as American Pie and Van Wilder. For all of the excitement that her current lifestyle brings, she reveals that: "Eventually, I definitely want a family. If I didn’t have a family, I would really be a heartbroken person. That is the most important thing I will ever do."

The 29 year old actress was interviewed by OK magazine and disclosed that she would love to have at least three children and settle into life as wife and mother. She adds that "I have so much love in my heart to give to someone one day, and I also want to be loved. I am crazy for kids. I love the very idea of love, marriage and kids."

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Heather on

Why when reading this did I think of Courtney Love?

All I can say is that I hope she’ll put down her bottle of booze, before she picks up a baby bottle.

Stephanie72 on

Heather, I thought the same exact thing…I envision Courtney Love.

Shelley E. on

I’ve often thought Tara has to disappear from the limelight for about 2 years, and then reappear a more grown up mature woman (new hairstyle etc.) …. Then maybe we’ll take statements like this from her more seriously.

Bigger Than Britney on

Tara Reid is not unlike many people in their twenties that I know, she just is a celebrity so her partying is always in the spotlight. Does she really party that much or is the media just always there to make an issue of it? It is very entertaining and makes for great magazine sales.

Why does she have to disappear for two years and get a new grown up hairstyle for us to think she is mature enough to have a baby? She said she EVENTUALLY wants to have kids. She said that having a child will be the most important thing she ever does. Sounds like mature thinking to me.

I think the comparison to Courtney Love is particularly unfair. Courtney Love is 41 years old and has an 11 year old child but motherhood certainly didn’t make her take control of her life and stop her addictions. Tara is still young and should be out partying and enjoying herself, she doesn’t have anything she needs to be responsible for at this point in her life. I don’t have any doubts that when this girl decides EVENTUALLY that she is ready for a baby, she will be a good mother. She deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Heather on

Shelley E. is right, Tara needs to disappear….to a detox program.

If your definition of having fun and partying is getting fall down drunk and can’t walk without someone helping, you’ve got a problem.

Basically, If she looks like a drunk and stumbles like a drunk…She is a drunk!