Cindy Margolis fights Congress for infertility issues

08/20/2005 at 08:00 AM ET

by auditioning contributor Yolanda

Model and actress Cindy Margolis and husband Guy Starkman, president of Jerry’s Famous Deli were in the news last month when they welcomed twin daughters, Sabrina and Sierra through a surrogate mother. Today, Cindy talked openly with The Insider about how she is fighting congress regarding surrogacy and infertility issues.

Cindy has become the spokesperson for RESOLVE, which is the National Fertility Association. She told the Insider that not only was infertility a “long road, an emotional roller coaster,” but that is was also expensive. She does not agree with insurance companies seeing surrogacy and infertility issues as a cosmetic surgery. Margolis also said the price of a surrogate mother can run from $30,000 to $70,000. Per IVF cycle, it can cost $12,000-$20,000 and she had 5 cycles for hers to be successful. Margolis also has a meeting scheduled with President Bush to further discuss these issues. Check out The Insider Online for pictures of Margolis beautiful baby girls and more details about infertility and surrogacy.

Source: The Insider

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lindenen on

I don’t know if Cindy suffers from infertility due to her age or because she has legitimate problems, but I do know if these procedures are made into health care requirements, then health care costs will get worse and worse and worse. They should take a page from Lasik surgery. It’s not covered by health care, but the price keeps dropping. Why does the price keep dropping? Because it’s not covered by health care and doctors selling the procedure have an incentive to refine it, improve it and get the cost of surgery down. Eventually, the cost of infertility treatments will decrease as the tech improves. The worst thing they could do is make this a health care requirement.

brave on

Thank goodness there are celebrities and others like Margolis who realize IF is a medical problem (or more than one!) not cosmetic issue like Lasik or plastic surgery.

Erica on

I think there are very valid points to both sides. Infertility is something no man or woman should be ashamed about, but at the same time, procedures to aid infertility such as IVF are extremely expensive. Meaning that, like lindenen said, general health care costs would significantly become worse.

And while infertility can and does affect all types of people, age can play a significant factor. Fertility decreases dramatically after a certain age, and the trend of waiting to start having children has also been a reason why some have turned to IVF. S

ometimes infertility can be caused by certain STD’s, and (I hate putting it this way) I really don’t think it’s fair that everyone should experience in increase in healthcare costs to accomodate those who weren’t more vigilant about their sexual health. NOT to say that anyone ever deserves an STD, or that you have to be promiscuous to contract them, but there is an inherent risk that can come with consequences.

Stephanie72 on

I commend Cindy on her fight to raise awareness of infertility treatments. I will be doing my 2nd IVF in October and my insurance covers nothing. My infertility problems are due to blocked tubes, something that was totally out of my control. There are many many reasons for having IVF.

I’ve been riding on this long horrible road for over 2 years now and I would not wish it on anyone. I have no children yet.

I’m sure this can be a very controversial topic and all I have to say is that unless you’ve walked in the shoes of someone going through this horrible battle, it’s really hard to truly understand.

brave on

Stephanie — fingers and toes crossed for your upcoming cycle!! Wishing you all the best for luck this round!!!!

Stephanie72 on

Thank you so much brave, I appreciate that. I actually got pregnant on my first IVF but I miscarried at 10 weeks, so we’re hoping for better luck this time around. This upcoming cycle, we’re actually using frozen embryos from my last cycle.

Technology is amazing!

brave on

Yes, the technology is great! People who haven’t been through it don’t know how physically and emotionally and spiritually difficult the process is; not like going to the dentist!! Esp. if you have to go through losses as you did. I never was able to get pregnant through treatment but have many friends who have.