Britney Spears on August 11th

08/17/2005 at 01:05 AM ET

Bspears081105_01 Bspears081105_02 Entering a studio for a recording session of Kevin’s. Thanks to LimeLight for the pics, more available there.

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Shirly on

She needs some prego jeans and an undershirt!
I bet she’s miserably hot and humid where she lives though and can’t stand to wear much more!

Kresta on

I have only one thing to say. “Eeek!”

Sarah CBB Editor on

LOL. Well, to her credit, she is wearing her maternity short-shorts, you just can’t see them in the pics because they’re so darn short! 😀

FC on

Blecch! Okay, that says it all for me. 😛 lol

Eli's Mom on

Actually it isn’t hot in LA. Its about low to mid 70’s. I think she thinks she looks good in this. Or maybe she thinks she must dress this way because she is a pop star. Who knows? I’ll be gald when she has this kid.

joy on

she should just walk around naked….*shrugs*

Bigger Than Britney on

The dress isn’t that bad, I would just like to see less of her jugs.

Erica on

The sad thing is Britney has the potential to look nice…she just never does. A part of me would love to see someone like Heidi Klum or Reese Witherspoon pull her to the side and give her some pointers on how to look GOOD while pregnant.

Julie on

I find it totally vulgar. Eeek! Plain gross!

Bigger Than Britney on

Will she be able to nurse with her breast implants? Always wondered.

Shelley E. on

She ALMOST doesn’t look pregnant here… just overweight…. It’s hard to believe someone with her money wouldn’t dress better, but I guess the same could be said for Hilton, Reid, Duff, Simpson, yadda yadda….

Sarah CBB Editor on

She doesn’t have implants. They are really low hanging when she doesn’t wear a bra. I don’t know if you saw her topless Rolling Stone or Esquire shoot, but they were pretty deflated looking. 😀

Pam Anderson breastfed two kids with her giganto implants though.

Bigger Than Britney on

What?!?! I know she has always denied it but I didn’t think anyone believed her “I just went through a growth spurt” story. I didn’t. Her boobs are tiny in her earlier videos when she was 16-17 years old. I just didn’t buy it that they suddenly would grow that much. Well you learn something new everyday and sadly todays lesson was that Britty’s boobies are real. I hope tommorrow’s lesson is more meaningful.

Erica on

I still tend to think her boobies are fake…or at least one point they were. I remember when she suddenly “grew”…it was painfully obvious b/c during a performance on Nickelodeon, of all places, her chest did not just look huge, but totally bolted on/stationary. I also think she might have traded the really big ones in for a smaller pair at one time. Maybe they are real now, but I still doubt it.

Kily18 on

that dress Brit is wearing in that pic is horrid!

a clue: go shopping in “a pea in the pod” the clothes are sensational!!!!

Sarah CBB Editor on

Yeah, I don’t know if she had implants in the past, but she definitely hasn’t had them the past few years.

Bigger Than Britney on

Probably she had them, her skin got all stretched out from accomdating them and then she had them removed, leaving her with those droopy monstrosities.

Shelley E. on

Maybe she was just wearing one of the many enhancement items a woman can buy in order to help an outfit look better.

At La Senza (lingerie store in Canada) you can buy inserts that feel like jelly to put in your bra to increase your bust size up to 2 sizes. I’m sure the stars have access to these things, and the like.

Bigger Than Britney on

Brit had a totally manufactured image and when they sexed her up, I highly doubt they would miss something like giving her big fake boobies. Jelly inserts just wouldn’t have stayed in wearing a barely there outfits and dancing the way she does on stage.