Jennifer Garner talks to InStyle about her pregnancy

08/16/2005 at 06:46 AM ET

Instyle_septemberJennifer Garner is the cover model and feature story in the September issue of InStyle.  She talked to them about her marriage to Ben Affleck and her impending motherhood.   Some choice quotes:

"Clearly I’m in the middle of a life shift," she says. "I don’t know what things are going to be like, so of course I have moments of apprehension and in-over-my-head-ness. I think I’d be a fool not to."

She probably wouldn’t like the Celebrity Baby Blog, let alone reading about herself on the site.  She says, "I feel uncomfortable with people reading too much about my pregnancy or my relationship," she says. "It grosses me out. It’s too sweet to read about or dissect or talk about."

"It’s so personal for me," she says. "The news of my pregnancy got out when I was in the middle of my first trimester. I hadn’t even had a chance to tell my friends — that alone was so ugly — it made me hyperprotective."

The issue hits the stands August 19th.


Thanks to CBB Reader Elizabeth.

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Eli's Mom on

I can understand where she is coming from. These are very big steps in life. Imagine the pressure of going through all of this in the spotlight like she is.

Heather on

I feel bad for her! It was her news to tell when she was ready to, yet everyone has this sense of entitlement to know when Celebs are having babies.

I mean, if you were pregnant and you didn’t want to tell people just yet, however somebody you didn’t even know found out about it and started putting the news out to your family and friends, how would that make you feel?


Dory on

Yeah i dont blame her at all…i’d be the same.

kate7896 on

I wonder if she will leave Hollywood after Alias is done for the season. It seems like she would be alot happier living and raising her baby in NYC or London.

Shelley E. on

I don’t blame her either…. I feel yucky commenting on her now 😦

Bigger Than Britney on

I don’t feel bad for her. I would gladly trade my privacy for her fat wallet anyday. She is a celebrity and having the public know about her private life is part of the biz. She CHOSE to be an actress and along with the glitz and fame comes the lack of privacy. She isn’t dumb, she knew what she was getting into.

If you don’t want the media to know about your pregnancy then don’t tell anyone you don’t trust 100% to keep their mouths shut about it OR just to be on the safe side don’t tell anyone until you are ready for the world to know about it.

Julie on

I totally agree with BTB! I don’t feel bad for her either.
If she didn’t want the whole world to know about her pregnancy, then why share the news with ppl on the Alias set in the first place?!
I mean, come on, people are just waiting for that kind of news to spill…

Bigger Than Britney on

Apparently I am not done on this topic…the more I think about this the more I think Jennifer Garner is just a big whiner. Nobody kidnapped her off the street and forced her into acting. Let’s feel sorry for the women out there with REAL problems..the teenage asian girls forced into prostitution, women born into cultures where female genital mutilation is practiced, women that live in countries where they can’t vote or go to school etc. These are problems…Jennifer Garner does not have a real problem, only a superficial one.

Shelley E. on

I would have to disagree completely with you two…. Just because a person chooses to become an actor and enterntain the public like Garner does, does not give the papparazzi the right to stalk and meddle in their personal lives. While I enjoy reading about my favourite celebrities and seeing pictures of them, I feel creeped out when the pictures are grainy and obviously taken from a great distance. And why wouldn’t she share her happy news with those on the set? They are people she sees everyday and are most likely close to her… NOT telling them doesn’t make sense to me. But like I said, this is only my 2-bit opinion for what it’s worth! 🙂

Erica on

I’ve got to agree with Bigger than Britney. Jen’s just gonna have to cry me a river. 🙂

I imagine it’s no picnic to have so many intimate details of your private life put on display, but it’s more than a fair trade-off. As far as financial security goes, her husband, future kids, and several generations after that will never have to work a day of their lives if they choose not to.

And like a couple people upthread also mentioned, Jennifer Garner knew exactly what a great deal of fame would mean in terms of her privacy. It’s also why there are several celebrities that have a lower exposure, who opt for smaller projects that may not pay as much, but they are able to retain a more private life.

I can honestly say that if my career could bring me such as much financial security as she has, I wouldn’t mind trading my privacy…especially since I have nothing to hide anyway! 🙂

Bigger Than Britney on

If the people on the Alias set were really that close to her then they probably would have understood how much she likes her privacy. If they were really such great friends then why would they sell her out by running to the media with the news? I think there are probably alot of people that work on the Alias set that value money more than Jen’s privacy. Sad, but probably true.

I’ve never said that what the paparazzi do to her is right or in any way justified. I think it is terrible too BUT it is part of the business. She certainly isn’t the first person this has happened to and I think you would be naive to go into that business and think that the media will leave you alone if you get famous.

The problem here is the people that “…enjoy reading about my favorite celebrities and seeing pictures of them,” but “…feel creeped out when the pictures are grainy and obviously taken from a distance.” If we didn’t show any interest by reading magazines or visting websites devoted to celebrity sightings then the paparrazzi would have no market in which to sell their pictures. Thus, the celebrities would have their privacy back.

I understand I am part of the problem. I buy the magazines too BUT I am certainly not going to sit here and be a hyprocrite and feel sorry for her lack of privacy when I am smart enough to know that I am part of the problem.

Shelley E. on

Hey I was merely expressing my opinion lmao…. I didn’t call anyone a hypocrite or insult anyone’s intelligence. By merely saying I disagree with you doesn’t mean I was saying you are wrong, so relax.

kate7896 on

Actually, I think she was incredibly naive and really had no idea what would happen to her privacy. All she wanted was fame and didn’t think about the consequences.

Bigger Than Britney on

Hey Shelley E.- you relax. I am fine with you disagreeing with me, I welcome a good debate on the subject. None of this is personal. I am just expressing my opinion too. I never called anyone specifically a hypocrite or insulted anyone’s intelligence. I was only referring to myself and said I didn’t want to be a hypocrite and feel sorry for her lack of privacy when I knew that I was part of the problem. Don’t take it personally because it really wasn’t meant to be.

If I felt bad for Jen Garner (and others) that are hounded by the media then I would stop buying the magazines and stop showing interest in their lives. It wouldn’t make a difference to the industry but at least it would make me feel better that at least I wasn’t contributing to it. BUT ,I don’t feel bad so I will continue to buy my People mag every week for those delicious grainy shots.

Shelley E. on

lol okay !!

Bigger Than Britney on

Sorry but I have no idea what lmao and lol mean. I suppose I could look it up on the internet but I am too lazy.

Jennie on

lmao means “laughing my a** off” and lol means “laughing out loud”… 🙂

Bigger Than Britney on

oh, I get it now. Thanks.

Julie on

I’m with BTB, Erica and kate7896!
And by the way, if she so needs to keep her pregnancy private, why is she the model cover for this mag ??? (unless she’s not pregnant in the front pic ?)