Could Kelly Ripa be pregnant?

08/15/2005 at 01:53 PM ET

NYC, Aug 10 – Actor Mark Consuelos & wife actress Kelly Ripa attend a special screening of Miramax’s "The Great Raid" at The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

It looks like she has a little baby belly in those pics from Getty Images, but that could only be her dress.
What do you think ?

Kelly1   Kelly2


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Shelley E. on

It just looks like an ill-fitting dress to me. Until she makes an announcement, we can only guess.

Eli's Mom on

I’m not seeing the baby belly anywhere!!

Catherine on

I think usually that satin/silk like material makes the middle look rounder, for some reason I remember Catherine Zeta Jones wearing a similar cut dress and she looked pregnant.

However Ive noticed Kelly has been wearing looser tops on the show during the summer, remember before she announced she was pregnant with Joaquin she was wearing loose button down shirts?

I’m secretly hoping she’s pregnant the show is always even more fun with a baby on the way and Id love to hear another name!

Keedeeg_1 on

I don’t know if she is or isn’t but they both look AMAZING!!! What a handsome couple!!!

Shelly on

No I don’t think she is…

Jennie on

I agree, I think it’s only the dress…but you never know! She and Mark are both gorgeous, and so are their kids…I bet a 4th kid would only be a blessing to their family! 🙂

Shirly on

I don’t think it’s just the dress. She is usually very tiny and I don’t think the dress could make her look that big.

Looks like a bump to me.

Bigger Than Britney on

Why stop at three when you look that great after three kids, you have a ton of money AND your husband looks that hot! I’d quit my job just to chase him around the house all day!

I hope she is pregnant because she is so funny and I love her insights. Keep us posted on the topic because I am certainly interested.

joy on

Kelly is NOT pregnant I repeat NOT pregnant. I love how a women has a slight bulge and suddenly she’s expecting. Most of us (ok probably all of us) on here are women and we all know that were not perfect the entire month! lol

btw Mark co-hosted with her hubby on friday’s show and they joked about the one time they left the baby (lola) they got pregnant with Joaquin and therefore they have never left the kids again! And then Mark even turned to her and said your not pregnant are you? and she looked at him and screamed “NO I am NOT PREGNANT!!!” and today on the show Kelly joked with regis about her appearance at the premiere and talked about how she was cinderella and she only had two hours to look good and she turns back into a pumpkin.

So I think if Kelly’s prego all you have to do is watch R&K and she’ll announce it…..we know she’s not shy about anything.

joy on

guess we can’t edit any more I meant to say Mark co-hosted with his wife kelly not hubby 🙂

FC on

I think it’s just the dress myself, but they both look amazing. Damn, Mark is looking fine as hell lately, but he always has for years. 😉

brooke7502 on

i’m really not sure. she usually has a very flat stomach so i was surprised to see a little bulge. but who knows? maybe she ate a huge dinner or something. so to me, it doesn’t look obvious yet.

joy on

she’s not – and if it turns out in a few weeks she is……well she just gone and lied to america! lol

Bigger Than Britney on

Somebody lied to America? DAMN HER!!!
I guess we should believe her since we all take everything we see on TV as factual. Nobody would ever lie to us!

At this point i don’t even care anymore if she is or isn’t. I just find it funny that just because she didn’t pee on a home pregnancy test stick and wave around the positive result on national TV, everyone assumes she isn’t pregnant. Maybe she is and they are keeping it a secret for a little while until she is past 12 weeks. I’ve heard some people do that.