Ryder points out mom Kate's flaws

08/13/2005 at 12:52 PM ET

Khudson_1 Ryder Robinson has a new word-pimple-and he likes to use it to point them out on the face of mom Kate Hudson, 26. In two separate interviews last week, baby Ryder, 19 months, crowed, "Pimple, pimple!" while pointing furiously at Kate’s chin and nose. However, Kate is proud of her little man. Showing off camera phone photos of him, she explains, "That’s my son the other day putting his finger on my nose and saying, ‘Mommy, look. Pimple.’ "That’s my boy!" says Kate, proudly.

Source: Chicago Sun Times and People.

Did any of your kids have a not-so-pleasant word they loved as a baby? One of the 2 year olds I nanny for is obsessed with showing off her "boobies" whenever we go out in public, and likes to point them out on everyone! 😀

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Heather on

I used to baby sit for a family who’s then 2 year old loved trucks, only instead of being able to say “tr” he’d pronounce it it with “F”. People that knew him, wouldn’t freak out because they understood he really wasn’t saying that word. However, one Sunday at church as they were walking out, there was another kid there who had all of his trucks lined in a row and of course, Cole saw them and started yelling “Oh Truck, Mama….Truck. I want Truck” Lis couldn’t get him out of there fast enough.

Then there was another one, the 4 year old neice of a guy I knew. They had a dog named Butch…I’ll let you draw that conclusion.

Cari Dowd on

My middle son, from the time he was two until the time he was almost four, said “dammit” on a very regular basis. The funny thing was that it was in totally proper context. I’ve definitely learned to watch what I say around the kids.

Bigger Than Britney on

When my daughter was about 2 1/2 she would announce on occasion at the grocery store that she came out of my vagina. Other times she would point to her father’s crotch and say to people (usually the old ladies)”My Daddy has a penis in there.”

Alyson on

LOL! Man all your stories are hilarious! I love kids sayings.

Ryder has such a cool mom!

Julie on

LOL @ BTB! You girl crack me up!!

Annie on

When I was little, I loved Cheese Balls. I have been told that I would be taken to the grocery store on occasion, and would shreak at the top of my lungs BALLS!!! BALLS!!! I have also been told that I was the cause of embarrasment to my grandfather a couple times. lol

MattysMom on

LMAO!! We encourage our 13 months old’s vocabulary everyday to promote his speech…After reading these stories I think we’ll just start encouraging him to sit quietly!
You guys crack me up!!

Shelley E. on

My daughter called it her “bagina” for a very long time…. And she made sure everyone knew she had one, too.

Aleksa on

My friend’s mom told me that when my friend was about 2 or 3, she went on a boat ride with her mom, the next day she kept begging her mom to go on it again, (this was in Moldova, and she only spoke Russian)She was trying to say “I want boat,” but she mispronounced a sound and ended up saying in public, “I want vodka”