Britney at the recording studio

08/11/2005 at 02:53 PM ET

Fmp050299 Fmp050300 But not for herself. Kevin’s recording an album, ya’ll! I know we’re all anxiously awaiting it’s debut. 😀

Source: Profimedia

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Shelley E. on

Cute top… she must spend a fortune on clothes… gawd forbid she be seen wearing the same thing twice.

Oh, and she’s carrying that purse that I need…. love it.

Marie on

Kevin recording… you have GOT to be kidding me.

tink1217 on

Cute top! Love it! She is looking great IMHO.

Bigger Than Britney on

Nobody should be the least bit surprised by this news. Of course he is recording an album! Marrying Britney was such a good career move for him.

Eli's Mom on

Yeah….don’t you all think Kev’s new singing career will go really well!! wink wink Britney still looks good, although she could tone down the bright extensions. I think she buys nice maternity jeans, then cuts them off daisy duke style. Wish I had that much money.

halifaxhoney on

Britney looks great as usual!

I’m not sure about Kevin’s music. I guess only time will tell about that one.

Shelly on

I’m actually curious about Kevin’s record. I think Britney looks good in this pics.

Erica on

As usual, Brit’s extensions are hideous. Not only is it the wrong color, but it’s the wrong texture! Like the type you’d buy at one of these kiosks in the mall. I shake my head thinking about the millions she has, and how she can never seem to invest in a good hairstyle.

I love her top, but I’m also not a fan of the daisy-dukes-every friggin’ day-look. But, I bet they are comfy.

FC on

Britney looks okay, but she should just stop with the extensions already. That stuff goes from bad to worse.

And Kevin is actually recording an album, since when did he know how to do anything musically? Oh, good Lord…lol

sara on

how come every time I come on this site (which I love, by the way) there’s some insignificant new about Britney Spears ? I guess she’s okay, but lacks the charism or the beauty of a Paltrow or a Jolie, no ? I hope all this madness will calm down once her baby’s born…

Danielle Friedland on

Sara- you may find the news insignificant, but our other readers are definitely interested!

Kily18 on

she’s careless about her appearance, i really hate her clothes, i am the type that love to be well dressed.

about her belly, sometimes i think it is a normal size, but sometimes i think she looks six months pregnant, not eight… but she is short, that’s why don’t look that big.

joy on

the only reason Kevin has a record deal *rolls eyes* is because of britney. That guy is a nobody without her. BTW kevin had a parody song out a few months back and it was all about making babies and being a sperm bank yadda yadda yadda…..basically making fun of himself but it sounded so sad and pathetic.