Jamie Lynn Spears confirms a September due date for Brit's baby

07/21/2005 at 11:51 AM ET

070904_gallery_britneyToo bad she didn’t spill the sex too! 😀 Jamie Lynn writes, on her online diary on JamieLynnSpears.com:I like being in LA because I get to spend lots of time with Britney. We are getting ready for the new baby’s arrival in September!!!! I can’t wait. I have been shopping so much for the baby and it is not even here yet.So, there we go. Not August, and not October, as suggested previously. And her mother already denied the twin rumor!

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Bigger Than Britney on

Although I believe she is not having twins, I just think they are all giving away too much info for it to be true.

Shelley E. on

Is there anyone out there who DOESN’T have an on-line diary? Hahahaa…. Anyhow, Congrats to Jamie on her upcoming “auntie-hood”. She sounds so excited.

tink1217 on

Awww, how cute! Lil sis is so anxious to be an aunt!! That baby is going to be loved so much! I think Brit is definitely due in September. But, it does seem like they are giving away alot of info. Like with her wedding, I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually gave birth somewhere other than Scottsdale. I mean, the wedding was earlier than anyone expected. Even the guests!!

Sarah CBB Editor on

I tend to believe it just because they aren’t really announcing stuff. Jamie Lynn seems to have just happened to let this out, and Lynne only responded to the twin thing because the rumor got so loud.

Bigger Than Britney on

Well I still think that something is up…if Brit wanted us all to know when the baby was due I think she would have told the world herself…if she didn’t she would have told everyone that knew to keep their mouths shut about it. I could see Jamie Lynn spilling the secret to a close friend or something but to the whole world on her on-line diary? Hmmmmmm- if Brit is trying to fool us it would look a lot less obvious if Jamie-Lynn spilled- we might trust Jamie Lynn more than Britney.

Brit has fooled us in the past by having a wedding sooner than everyone expected- why not have a baby sooner than people expect too? PLUS none of us would ever suspect little Jamie-Lynn of trying to trick us.

maurice on

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Piosto on

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kimberly on

i live in louisiana and i think its a good place for jamie because louisiana doesnt get much attetion and she needs some quiet time

arianna mcclain on

what are yall doing???? i love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!