Britney gets a pregnancy haircut

07/18/2005 at 08:36 AM ET

She’s removed all of her extensions, and cut the ragged ends. Did anyone else cut their hair much shorter when pregnant, or right after the baby was born?Haircut
I can’t post more than these two photos due to our agency regulations, but Oh No They Didn’t has posted more, if you are interested. Third photo courtesy of People-thanks Lisa-Andrea.
Source: Kikapress

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Laurie on

Britney looks cute with her hair cut like that.

Jacks on

I actually think Brit looks great. The haircut is cute as is the outfit.

BP on

Love the cut! This girl is looking better and better as her pregnancy progresses;-) She really is wearing it well…who woulda thunk it?;-) The outfit is adorable too!

Jane on

What the heck is she wearing?

Suzanne on

I think her haircut looks cute! But agree about the outfit, it’s a little “blah”. But I must point out that there were definitely hot, humid days during my pregnancy when I couldn’t have cared less what I was wearing. Maybe this was her day. LOL. As for me, I left my hair long. I refused to conform and get the “New Mommy” cut. A year later I still think about cutting it. Maybe I’ll do it after the next baby…maybe.

Ashley on

AWW! She looks great!


ash on

I think this haircut makes Britney look a little too “aged” and soccer mom-ish. But she still looks cute.

joy on

I agree she def. looks older but my cousin had her kid at 25 and she decided to get what she called a “mom haircut” – she said she needed something more sophisticated lol.

I am actually glad she got rid of the nappy looking extentions but I hope she just lets her hair be.

kelly on

i cut my hair off after-as my daughter always pulled it..

estelle on

I really like Britneys hair like that, short and smooth. She looks a lot older!

Lisar on

Britney’s new hair do is really cute! Im sure it will start a trend!

michelle anne on

WOW that looks great!!! and she looks amazing!What a sweet dress also,She has finally come of age.

Ebony on

I think Brit looks real good. Better than she has looked in a lot of the other pics I’ve seen of her.

Jenn on

I’m not really digging the hair but I love the dress!

Mandy on

Her hair looks really cute.

I did the same thing 6 years ago when I had my baby girl–I cut my hair about a month after she was born.

I am pregnant again (my c-section is this Wednesday!) and I refuse to have “Mom” hair. It’s actually easier when it’s longer & you can throw it back into a ponytail. Ponytails are great when you are lacking sleep, nursing & don’t have time to get ready.

Stacey on

I’m really surprised she cut her hair like that, but I think she looks great! I chopped my hair, very similar to hers, after my son was born and I hated it! Now I keep it a little past my shoulders so I can pull it back and when baby #2 comes in Nov., I am not cutting it this time!

tink1217 on

I don’t know how many times I thought about cutting my hair while pregnant! I never could have done it. I love my long hair, even at 35!

I think Brit looks great with the new do! The dress is adorable, but cowboy boots?? I like the boots, but not with that particular dress. All in all she looks great!

Lori on

I love Britney’s new do! It looks much more refined.

I cut my hair from way past my shoulders to a bob a week after my daughter was born! It got so dry and nasty while I was pregnant and was too much to take care of with a newborn!

Angie on

She doesn’t look trashy.

Lexus on

That looks like JUST the same hair cut Celine Dion got in 2000 when she was pregnant with Rene Charles! It looks cute!

ali on

Not liking the new do, but maybe it’ll grow on me if she keeps it “fixed”. Brit has been known to be out and about with bed-head. Short hair also makes the face look fuller. I’d be suprised if she didn’t put the extensions back in soon.

cv on

I like the cut…it’s nice to see her in a different hairdo! She needs to ditch the boots, though! 🙂

Jenn on

I think she’s looking cuter. Less ‘trucker’ than in the beginning at least!
After my first son I chopped my waist length hair to my ears! I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. BUT I’d had it that long for years and years, so I needed change. LOVED IT! Let it grow out gradually, but find for the most part short works for me, esp. now with a 2, 4, and 6 year old! 🙂

Heather on

I guess I’m in the minority, because I don’t like her hair. I’m sure she’ll have her extensions back in soon, though. She never seems to have the same hair (or short hair) for very long.

Shelly on

I agree with you Heather, in my opinion I don’t like her haircut either. But Britney does look cute pregnant.

ava on

i agree… she just keeps looking better and better. she’s really cleaned up with her pregnancy… she looks great!

Danielle, CBB Editor on

I thought one of the cardinal rules of pregnancy style is not to cut your hair short or in a dramatic style because you regret it! I’ve gotten my hair cut a little shorter than usual but I’ve had it this length before.

bbdoll on

Is it a solid fact that she is expecting twins? Or is it a tabloid rumor? Have her reps either denied or confirmed? Just wondering!

shelley on

What a refreshing change for her.

I did the same thing both times and didn’t regret it at all.

Emmy on

I think she could show up in a garbage bag with her head shaved, and people would still say she looks cute. The dress looks comfy. Don’t like the haircut, but it’ll grow out.

Lara on

I think she looks more sophisticated but I’m sure she will go back to extensions – after all can’t she hire someone to do her hair everyday if she wants? She doesn’t really have an excuse to look bad!

colleen on

i like her hair…i think it will look better once she has it straightened…right now it makes her look older

Yonni on

I like it. I think it is cute, and it will be cool for the summer months. I am sure she will add extensions because she can..just like Jessica Alba, and the rest. I did cut a lot of my hair off after giving birth to my 2nd daughter… Now I am growing it back…it take forever!

Sara on

I’m very surprised that she did that, it looks very suburban mom, but I actually think it’s the classiest thing she’s done.

Karen on

Actually, that haircut might look good on Kevin.

DD on

I love Britney’s new hair do. For once her hair looks healthy & well groomed. Most of the time it looks like bed-head hair. You can tell she is trying to look her best. I’m kind of so-so on the dress. She’s not all that good at finding her maternity style but, I must say she has much improved. Not to sure about the cowboy boots. Have no clue as to why she is wearing them with a maternity dress. ??? Hopefully her baby will calm her down a bit.

DD on

Maybe, Britney got her hair done because this Wednesday (JULY 20, 2005) it’s going to Kaleb Federline’s first birthday.

Jennifer on

I really like the cut and think she looks great.

Kresta on

I think her hairstyle makes her look more sophisticated. I think shorter hair is more practical after a baby. You don’t get the time to be as fussy about your appearance when children come along plus older babies just love swinging off longer hair and another thing babies love to grab is jewellery. Having your hair and earrings yanked by a baby isn’t fun.

Erica on

Her hair looks healthier now than it has in years, and her outfit is 100x better than what she usually steps out in. I’m not digging the cowboy boots trend, though, but not just on her, not on anyone. lol.

wendi on

I think she looks cute….

Rye on

I am not liking the hair at all…but, everyone gets a bad haircut once in there life. She just looks so much better with long hair! Short hair is just not flattering on her. I don’t think she is having twins either. I think there is just one baby in there. Everyone seems to think it’s a boy though…so, that will be interesting seeing if that is true or not.

Sabrina on

Not too sure about the haicut… mine is similar but I don’t have it curled, it’s more flippy. I am sure she’ll change it a bit. Definitely better than those darn extensions.

Jill on

OK…I have to be honest here. The cut is cute…but I like Britney much better with long hair. What do you think??

pingpong on

Cute haircut – it looks healthy and fresh. It’s always nice to have a change … it’s only hair, it grows back if you don’t like it.

I had my hair cut from mid-back to chin a week before my first son was due, and did the same when my second baby was 8 weeks old.

Bigger Than Britney on

We are a tough crowd to please!

Here is a thought- ever since she was 16 Britney has had people create a style and image for her. Us non-famous people began to create our own personal style in our teenage years so by now we know what looks good on us and what doesn’t etc. I think Brit is just going through “Fashion Puberty”. Sure she could have her stylists dress her for the rest of her life but I think she is picking out her own outfits now. We should applaud her.

Everytime my 3 year old daughter picks out an outfit ( no matter how hideous) I always compliment her creativity and style.

I think Britney needs us to do this for her. Let’s encourage her. I’ll be the first to start.

Britney- I love how the leather on your handbag matches your cowboy boots! Good call.

Bigger Than Britney on

For the record I chopped 8 inches of hair (off my head) 4 days before my daughter was born. Cut it right down so nobody could see my roots. I was so upset, I cried and cried! I had this big bloated face and a nice short haircut to show it all off. I actually think I got so upset about it that I went into premature labour but my dr. didn’t agree.

Stina on

I dont like it, but then again…who am I? No one to her. As long as she likes it, who cares what we all think? : ) She does look happy though.

only male i think with a comment.. lol on

well i have to agree with most of u ladies on the hair and the dress. and i love the comment that Stina put in ” I dont like it, but then again…who am I? No one to her. As long as she likes it, who cares what we all think? : ) She does look happy though.” if everyone thought this way it would be so much easier to live in the world we live in today. we most all thing n speak our minds but some shouldnt “throw stones in glass houses” and worry bout their own lives. n let others live n do what they want in theirs. you dont see our faces on these sites n news papers n stuff talking bout us now do ya. but this is the point of these things i guess drama n games. im a 27 year old gay man n i know so well how that goes in the real world of living.. but thats my 2cents worth 🙂 “enjoy life as u want it to be. not as someone else wants u too ” 🙂


tink1217 on

well said, only male!

KAP on

I think nixing the extensions was a great idea but the style of this cut is not my taste. I like how her hair was in the “Lucky” video, or even “From the Bottom of My Broke Heart” (old school videos as far as Britney’s career!) where it was short and curly but not layered like that.
She probably had really fried hair and had no choice but to cut it that short without her extensions. Oh well…I guess it will grow back….
I too have had the urge to chop mine off since becoming a mom. But long hair is one thing that keeps me feeling sexy so I keep it around.

Kirsty on

Hmmmmmmmm i must admit I liked her better before..but hey shes propably hot and tired so needs something easier to look after…it also mamkes her look older than she is so she propably wants that too….i mean look at the dress…so not our typical britney!

cocolee on

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Courtney Love with that hair in those fotos??