Jude Law cheats on fiancee with children's nanny

07/17/2005 at 11:50 PM ET

Judelawalfie_wideweb__430x2931Stupid stupid. Not only did he cheat, but he involved his fiancee, his ex wife, and his kids in it too! Jude Law, who funnily enough starred in the remake of ladies man movie Alfie last year, has admitted to cheating on fiancee Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny, Daisy Wright. The affair was uncovered when one of Jude and ex-wife Sadie Frost’s children walked in on their father and nanny in bed together, then told their mother. Sadie promptly told the nanny that her services were no longer required, after questioning her about the affair. Today, Jude apologized to Sienna, Sadie, and their families, saying that he was “deeply ashamed and upset” and described his “sincere regret” for his actions. He remarked; “I want to publicly apologize to Sienna and our respective families for the pain that I have caused. There is no defense for my actions which I sincerely regret and I ask that you respect our privacy at this very difficult time.”


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Jennifer on

IMO, Sienna should DUMP him ASAP and not look back – and be glad this insight into his character came about BEFORE they got married. What a jerk.

fan on

idiot idiot ><

jenifer on

Is this for real? I’m shocked! Why would he do that. What a jerk.

millie on

It seems like Sienna was a rebound relationship that turned serious too soon. I don’t think he was ready to commit in the first place,after going through such a messy split, with three small kids (four, if you count Sadie’s son), the tabloids etc. Who knows, maybe by sleeping with the nanny he was trying to sabotage his relationship with Sienna. In any case, she should dump him fast. If it happens now, before they’re married, it’s bound to happen again.

Karen on

I don’t understand this guy. And to cheat
with a trusted nanny while his children were
in the house?! The whole thing is very
bizarre. How sad for everyone involved.

I wonder how old the nanny was and how long
their affair had been going on?

Maria on

And this on the heels of divorcing Sadie Frost and starting to date Sienna Miller far too soon.

You know… it’s hard not to get a bad impression from the rumors, when they seem to speak volumes about a person. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Jane on

I’ve never like Jude Law, but I didn’t think he’d do something like this! He always seemed so alright I guess. I’ve always thought that he is over-rated as an actor.

Marissa on

Poor Sienna!

He was wrong to do what he did (He knows it, that is why he was quoted as saying what he did.)

Bad decisions will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Jane on

BTW, the nanny is 26 years old

Kiley on

That’s horrible!

conchetta on


Scarlett on

I’m shocked! I love Jude Law! I guess as far as celebs go you never know how they REALLY are. It was a crappy thing he did but everyone has their reasons. But I’m sure he only had one reason to do what he did..eh hem. Temptation temptation!

Julie, CBB Contributor on

So stupid! I *used to* like Jude because he seemed to be the perfect daddy and a really nice, thoughtful, caring partner to Sienna… Yeah, right.

Poor Sienna, I really hope she dumps him! Imo, a man who cheats once will start again…

Erica on

I completely agree with Julie (btw, I’ve never spoken to you before but I have to say pregnancy agrees with you, you are beautiful! Back on subject) I used to admire how great he always seemed w/ his kids, but to cheat on your fiancee WITH your kids anywhere in the proximity with their NANNY…did he think NO ONE was gonna find out? lol.

I’m hoping Sienna dumps him fast, but it’s going to be horrible b/c I’ve heard she absolutely loves his kids.

MaryN on

I really hope Sienna will dump his arse asap. He’s a great dad but a horrible lover/husband.

celebbabylover on

what a ratty ratty rat. i cant believe the gaul and i will never ever support any movie he is in.
i cant believe some people. too bad talent isnt based on moral character.

i hope he gets an std.

Sissy on

Easy all of you. He is engaged, but technically single. There are no kids between him and Sienna. Think Kevin Federline- Men make their choices, accept it without passing judgement.
Also since when is ok to insult celebs here? This is baby blog site. Not a moral judgement site. It’s a private matter.

Heidi on

Wow that’s a shock to me. I agree with all of you, she should dump him ASAP.

Dolphin on

Once a cheater always a cheater,Run Sienna and don’t look back

Shannan on

So sad. My friend and I were just talking about him yesterday and how we love him. I am very sad to hear that he did this to Sienna. I hope she ends the relationship and finds a man who absolutely adores her b/c those are the type of men who will not cheat on you.

Christy on

Great actor, but what a pig.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Erica- Julie isn’t pregnant, I am.

Cathleen on

Jude Law, is he the new Hugh Grant? At least he admitted it right away and apologized, but that’s really terrible. I know people are human, but he’s not a very good daddy if he does anything like that his kids can come in contact with.

annypooh on

sissy i’m sure u can understand everyone’s shock and disgust at d news so allow them feel free to vent it ok?….as for sienna i sure do hope she’s not pregnant 4 him…she needs no further ties with this disrespectful DOG!!…

Sissy on

Yes, I can understand you are in ‘shock’ because after all you are deeply involved. It is your business. Yes, insult and abuse away ‘vent’. Delightful.
The presumptuousness of it all.

PixieGaf on

What a stupid thing to do,its just like a sopa opera. I guess some people just love the drama.

Annie on

Oh, Jude Law. I used to love you. Not anymore.

jenn on

And to say “please respect our privacy?” JERK! He did something idiotic and he’s going to ask everyone to leave him alone? Poor kids!

Tiye on

I agree with Sissy. This is a baby blog, right? And anyway, if you were going through the same thing, I’m sure you wouldn’t want everyone talking about it. Granted it’s not right or anything, but still.

jenn on

What about Poor Sadie? She was sumped by him first after she bore him all those children. My sympathies are with her before Sienna. Her carer’s going to move on fine, as will she. She should party with Jennifer Anniston! haha.

fan on

did the tabolids find out or smth? if its such a private matter why did he have to apologize publicly? wouldn’t that cause more attention & embrassement?

Amy on

Wow-I’m really shocked! Sienna is so gorgeous and they seem so happy together. Of course, I thought what he did to Sadie Frost was pretty bad so I guess he just has a weak character. Too bad-I hope Sienna finds someone great soon. I’m sure she’ll have no problems!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Sissy and Tiye-This is a baby blog, but you’ve probably noticed that we don’t only post about new babies. We also do articles on maternity fashion, swag, books, marriages, engagements, splits, etc. Since children are involved in this split-discovering the infidelity themselves-it certainly is acceptable subject matter for the blog. And it most definitely will be talked about, all over the entertainment news! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fan-yes, the tabloids found out, and Jude went public with it to admit it and apologize.

tink1217 on

I always loved Jude Law but he does seem a little too free with his love!! Everyone is talking “poor Sienna” and while I agree, I think poor kid who caught them before I think poor Sienna. I am sure Sienna knew he was a bit of a scoundrel before she started dating him and definitely before she agreed to marry him. He seems like such a good dad this is so unfortunate!!

As for respecting their privacy, I have to agree. The everydau Joe doesn’t get media attention for cheating on his spouse/lover/finacee. Nobody thinks to print it in the tabloids. Imagine if they did? Everyone would feel differently now wouldn’t they!

I hope Jude is truely sorry and can save his engagement and gain people’s respect back. If Sienna stays, well, its her decision and her mess to clean up if it all fails. But, maybe she loves him and wants to try to forgive him and make it work. Once a cheat, always a cheat isn’t true. My husband cheated on his ex wife at least 4 times I can think of. He has NEVER cheated on me. Know why?? Because he is happy now. I know some of you may think I am naive, but I was cheated on in my first marriage (while pregnant, no less) and I know what to look for and how it all happens. My husband has never and will not ever feel the need to go to someone else. I know how Sienna feels though, it is hard not to try to forgive someone you love. I am curious to see what she does. Good luck to all involved!

Sissy on

Dear Sarah

One of the things I love about this site and what sets it apart from other blogs, is the policy of celebrating what celebrities do ‘right’ in this case having wonderful babies.
Celeb trashing sites are common. This place is classier- from the beautiful layout, the gorgeous baby giveaways…
A lot of the ladies posting today seem to be really enjoying ‘putting the boot in’, plenty of insults and bad language. This is not normally on this site.

What is not the end of the world… a man cheated.
The man made a mistake, he has publicly apologised at… serious potential risk to his career and personal ridicule (as we have here). He could have denied it, said “no comment” as many celebrities do. But he has been a man about it (thus far).

Also comments such as I used to ‘love’ Jude. Just goes to show, that whatever form love that was it’s obviously not unconditional kind.

On a personal note. Jude Law used to come into the council office in Hampstead, London where my sister worked to renew parking permits (no p.a). She said he was one of the most patient, sweet natured people she encountered.

Marilyn on

I never even knew about this until he just apologized to the world. Why did he do that – now everyone knows about it and Sienna probably has everyone saying, oh you poor girl, etc. and she might feel embarrassed/sad/humiliated. But then again, maybe she agreed to him apologizing (if she knew he was going to do it), thinking he would feel embarrassed and humiliated instead of her.

helena on

chill, sissy. does anyone have a photo of the nannny?

Sissy on

“does anyone have a photo of the nannny?”

Search the internet there may even been a tape of them ‘doing the deed’ that you could enjoy.

joy on

sissy – how can you unconditionally love someone you never met?

plus is love really unconditional when it comes to significant others?

This story is shocking. Damn and Jude is so hott I am so shocked but then again he lives the hollywood life so not too surprising. That’s ashame mostly for the kids. Thank goodness 2 of them are too little to even understand. I hope Sienna moves on and so does Sadie. Jude shame on you but now you’ll have alot of kissing up to do.

estelle on

Poor Sienna and poor kids! I wonder what Jude said to his children about this?

Marilyn on

Apparently the story was going to be in all the papers today, so he had to say something…I answered my own question. (It’s on several U.K. websites)

Marilyn on

There’s a good picture of Daisy on mirror.co.uk.com (The Mirror newspaper in the U.K.)

michelle anne on

Well some men use their looks to every adavntage they can hey,no matter who they hurt in the process.Shame on him.I hope sienna can find herself a repsectable man that will treat her with respect!

Ebony on

That’s a D**n Shame!!! But I always say if he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you. He cheated on his wife Sadie w/ Sienna. Unfortunatly what goes around comes around.

Allison on

That is so sad for his children, especially the one who walked in on them. I wonder which child it was? Very sad for Sienna, too.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

Sissy – I think my explaination to the “I *used to* love Jude” was explicit enough. I don’t know him personally, but I said that I thought he was a decent guy. I’m not at all talking about real love, and I find it sad that you should take this whole story so seriously.

Ok, the CBB is a classy, serious site, but please, don’t overreact at the comments posted on this subject. Danielle, Sarah and I are smart enough to judge on when/where people get out of line….

Sissy on

Taking things too seriously is the point.
Why the outrage? A hot movie star has slept with the nanny. Woah, well I never??
Shocking !!!

Where the line is drawn about saying things about celebrities is about judgement/opinion not intelligence. I am sure Julie you are very intelligent, thatโ€™s why you reacted to me in the way you did.
If its ok to let rip and bash him cos he’s done something wrong. It should also be ok to offer differing view. I am defending him because there are always two sides to the story. This is not a gossip site, so Iโ€™ll stop there.

helena on

thanks marilyn for the mirror link. i saw the picture of the nanny. interesting, but certainly not as hott as sienna. she is gorgeous. sissy, you really are getting out of hand. if this bothers you so much just stop opening the comments on this story. move on to something that doesn’t anger you so much.

Cheryl on

tsk tsk, tell me why he would cheat, she’s absolutely gorgeous! I read a report that he tried to blame her, which is even worse. Poor kids too, they walked in on it! I hope Sienna gets rid of him, once a cheater always a cheater (I know this first hand!!)

Cheryl on

Thanks Marilyn for the link. What the h-e double hockey sticks was this boy thinking??

bbdoll on

He said. She said. The tabloids say… I’ve heard it all. I read that Jude and Sadie broke up because his little girl ate a half-tab of Ecstacy while Jude was on location somewhere and Sadie had a wild party. Jude was mad because Sadie endangered their child…Sadie was mad because she said Jude wasn’t supportive and concerned enough when the little girl nearly died. Then, there’s the Sienna thing. Yes, cheating is despicable. There is always a lot of he said, she said in Hollywood and everywhere else. But, the real concern here is for the children. I wonder how they have been affected by it all – the divorce, getting close to a potentially new stepmom who may or may not be in their lives now. Wonder what fears they have or will have about getting attached to people. So many children watch boyfriends, girlfriends, fathers, mothers, stepfathers, stepmothers, half-siblings, step-siblings and everyone in between, pass through their lives like a revolving door. They are the real victims here.

kiki on

Sienna called off the relationship with Jude after the news broke. Apparently he claims it was her that drove him to the affair, he “said ” he wasnt getting enough satisfaction from their relationship because she put her career ahead of him. She was always either working, partying or sleeping.
Such a shame he’s so hot but what a tosser.

Bigger Than Britney on

I want to say I am shocked but I’m not really.
Cheating celebs isn’t anything new but the fact that his child walked in on them is. I wonder which child it was and the age- were they old enough to comprehend what was going on? I really really hope not.

Sissy -you are so funny- did you honestly think that you would log on to this section and see 30 entries supporting Jude Law?
I loved your comment “He is engaged, but technically single. There are no kids between him and Sienna….this is a private matter.” Just because he hasn’t actually walked down the aisle and impregnated Sienna that it is Ok to do this? There is no excuse for this and he made this a public matter when he made his PUBLIC statement about it.

Bigger Than Britney on

bbdoll-I think you have hit upon the real issue here. Great comment!

Bigger Than Britney on

Ok one more comment and then I’m going to clean my house.

Jude Law blames Sienna for his infidelity because she was never home? Oh that is rich. He was marrying an actress, does he (being an actor) not know that this is part of the business they are in? If there are problems in a relationship- you either fix em or you call off the engagement, you don’t screw the nanny.

Heather on

I cannot believe this when I saw it. With everything they had in the past. I saw before pictures of his ex-wife with Jackson Scott before thier divorce.. and I think Sienna and Jude are cute together, but he should really think about what is his actions.. His kids are going to be involved way to much. I thought he was such a good man. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Heather on

Anyone have pics of Daisy Wright?

Mae on

Er, don’t say ‘poor Sadie’ because she cheated and left her own husband Gary Kemp for Law.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

Thanks Bigger Than Britney! You spoke my mind! And it’s not the first time we’ve agreed on smthg! :o) May we could be friends ?! lol

Karen on

A couple of posters asked why Jude would
cheat on Sienna because she is so gorgeous.
Ironically, it seems like the most gorgeous
women in Hollywood are the ones who get
cheated on: Liz Hurley, Halle Barry, etc.
I think that his behaviour is really a
reflection of him and his attitude toward

Sissy on

B T B. Well done, maybe you should be a contributor. You performed well, you rebutted what I wrote, clearly, concisely and politely.

Julie as for you…oh dear.
Insult away, i dont take it seriously. Its interesting that BTB had to express what you couldn’t.
If you dont agree with what I write, ignore it.

anamcara on

i think allison was totally on point in that this is incredibly sad for the children, esp. the one that walked in on the trysting couple and then had to be the one to tell his mum. (can we say hello therapy?)

as for the rest of the issue, it’s not our business but it’s just so ordinary of the people we deem non-ordinary by virtue of what we are trying to look at/talk about on this site. (and by ordinary, i mean, so idiotic/humanly stupid.) plus, i’m sure some of us have been there on one side of it or the other, so we can relate. i know i was on the side of sienna (had someone cheat on me). so there’s relation in that sense. – just my two cents though…

sienna should definitely kick him to the curb and not look back. what a rat for saying it was her fault anyway. she can clearly do better.

shelley on

Cheating is unforgivable! That’s the point of no return… I know cuz I’ve been there. I hope she dumps the ass.

Bren on

Does anyone else have the urge to find the nanny and throw something at her? What a horrible thing for the two of them to do. She should have respected that he was engaged and had children and he should have respected his family as well. Such a sad situation but Sienna is beautiful and will find a man much better for her then Jude Law. For some reason I had a feeling he was this type of person and I used to love him. So sad.

Hillary on

Poor Sienna. I always thought Jude was such a nice guy, but I read that this has been ongoing. I think he deserves to be dumped, but maybe she wants to work it out.

Sissy, you really need to lay off. If this has you so mad, why do you continue to read and post?

Sissy on

Hilary, you really need to lay off. If my comments get you so mad, why do you continue to read and respond to them?

Amaya on

Once a cheater always a cheater…didn’t he cheat on his wife for Sienna Miller??
I guess they call that karma….

annypooh on

time out sissy!!!!…..

Sissy on

Annypooh, peace out.

Erica on

Danielle I am an idiot, as you can see I posted my first message at 3 am last night and was not paying close attention, of course I meant you and not Julie, sorry to get that confused. ๐Ÿ™‚

ellen on

Easy all of you. He is engaged, but technically single. There are no kids between him and Sienna. Think Kevin Federline- Men make their choices, accept it without passing judgement.
Also since when is ok to insult celebs here? This is baby blog site. Not a moral judgement site. It’s a private matter.

^ firstly, how can you be positive about a man cheating on his fiancee, and not only that, but doing it whilst his kids are in the same house, with the chance of one of them walking in, which apparently happened, irresponsible doesnt even begin to describe it, the only positive is she found out now.

and he was not technically single at all, he was in a relationship with sienna, a serious one, one in which he pledged the idea of marriage with the intention to be with her forever, then he goes off with his kids’ nanny after getting drunk without a thought about sienna, but every thought for his own pleasure?…yes good marriage potential he is, afterall, he wife swapped in his first marriage, hes no saint. perhaps when they take their vows, if they do, which lets hope she doesnt go through with, she might want to get jude to leave out the be faitful to you forever part, cause thats never happeneing and that vow will never be lived up to. theres no defence for his deception and the hurt hes caused. hes a jerk and she needs to leave him, if she forgives him, shes giving him the go ahead to do it again, with no consequence. hopefully she’ll respect herself and realise, hes not the man for her and be happy she found out before she entered a legal union with him.

Bigger Than Britney on

Bren- that is such a good point- I would love to slap the nanny. While she was fornicating with Jude who was watching the kids? WHO WAS WATCHING THE KIDS? No wonder they came looking for her, maybe one of them was about to light the house on fire and decided to find her and give her a heads up.

Julie- of course we can be friends!

I am concerned about the role models that the Law children have. They have a mom who had a wild party and wasn’t watching her kids enough and one of them took ecstasy and almost died. They have a nanny who doesn’t watch them either because she is too busy doing their Daddy and they have a Daddy who clearly does not understand the meaning of an engagement ring.

As a parent, i am a role model and I take that very seriously. It saddens me when I see that other people don’t take it as seriously as they should. I don’t know much about Sienna but maybe she could have been that badly needed role model that is obviously lacking here.

Jorge on

I’d still do him.

Sissy on

Gosh I didnt realise I was in the company of saints. Frankly, the nanny needn’t have sold the story. But put in the situation, young, free…I probably wouldnt say no.

For those that truly care about the kids, thats sweet. But they will be ok. Brits dont do therapy. It’s grin and bear it.
Re: engagement: it was a rebound relationship. They hadnt set a date.
They will probably stay together though because Sienna Rose Millar is an actress who I’m sure few of you heard of prior to the Jude Law attachment.
She’ll get over it…

Bigger Than Britney on

Brits don’t do therapy? Really? I thought I remember Prince Harry-Jane having to attend a few sessions for his love of weed? And you can’t tell me the late Princess Diana didn’t attend a few therapy sessions to deal with the pressures of being a royal? Not to slag the royal family but they are pretty famous Brits.

Sissy-None of us are claiming to be saints here. In my young carefree days I probably would have had sex with Jude also BUT I would have said wait until I am off duty, ditch your fiancee and don’t forget a condom- who knows where that thing has been!

Bigger Than Britney on

Sissy- can you clarify something for me? I didn’t understand this part of your comment…”Re: engagement: it was a rebound relationship. They hadn’t set a date.”

What exactly does this mean? Is this in response to something somebody else said? I couldn’t tell but maybe it was the use (or misuse?) of all those colons.

kiki on

Bigger than Britney and bbdoll: While it is true that Jude and Sadie split up following daughter Iris swallowing an E-tab, Sadie was nort at a wild party at the time. Sadie had taken the children to another child’s party at a London club (can’t remember the name sorry). Iris then 2 found the tablet on the floor and swallowed it. Sadie, Jude and the club claim that it had been there from a bachelor party the previous night and that the club floor hadn’t been cleaned sufficiently.