In Touch magazine has picked up the Britney/twin rumor

07/15/2005 at 01:31 PM ET

Oy vey… now In Touch magazine is repeating the Britney/twin rumor. It must be a slow week! I have to say once again that I still don’t believe this "news."

They are saying that when Brit went for her latest ultrasound, they discovered she’s carrying a boy and a girl.  An unnamed family friend is quoted as saying, "One had been hiding behind the other."

While Britney and Kev are overjoyed at the news, they are also concerned about  how they are going to care for twins.  “She’s happy, but scared,” says an unnamed friend. “She was wondering, ‘How am I going to breastfeed two, how am I going to handle two?’ ”

I love that In Touch thinks having two babies would be a financial burden on them!  The article says,

Her excitement may also be tempered by a common concern for parents-to-be – money. Although she’s a millionaire several times over, she and Kevin are big spenders. Will they have to make serious financial adjustments in order to provide for their new family?

All I have to say is, I don’t think it’s going to be any financial burden on them whatsoever!  If normal, non-celebritities manage, I don’t think K-Fed will have any problem. 


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Jodi on

I still don’t believe it either….

Shelly on

When I saw that story I laughed because it seems to be a slow week for the tabloids. I think this rumor is getting a little out of hand though.

tink1217 on

I don’t believe it either. Even if it were true, handling twins is definitely tough. Especially if they are your first babies! I am sure Brit will have loads of help whether she has twins or just one!

L on

No way. Plus, with all her money they could have quadruplets and still be OK.


I have heard of not finding out about twins, and them hiding behind each other, but I really don’t think that is the case here. My sister just had a baby and her belly was much bigger then Britney’s even if she were due in Aug.

Judy on

I don’t believe it either.

Maylena on

I’m not buying what the tabloids are selling

Mandy on

hmm could be. I guess we’ll find out. I will say that I know two people who had twins… One, an average sized girl, got HUGE. The other, a really tiny girl only looked like she was carrying one, right up until the end. I guess everyone carries different even if it’s twins.

joy on

I believe it’s one baby….I believe it’s a girl and I believe that Kevin will dump her shortly after *covers mouth* sorry I meant to say that to myself 🙂

what I meant to say is I wish her the best.

Brynn on

I doubt she is having twins as well. Even is she does, with the millions she has made in the past, they will not go broke.

I’m just curious, once Kevin became Mr. Spears, if Shar got a “large” increase in child support payments for her and Kevin’s other two children?

Also, I have noticed ever since Britney became pregnant you never see her pictured with Kevin’s daughter anymore. Before they were married, and she announced she was pregnant, they and the media exploited that child, but I have yet to see any photos of them together for months. What’s up with that?

shelley on

It’s a bunch of bull. I guess they had nothing new to report on Brangelina, Lohan, Ritchie or Hilton this week.

isabell on

i doubt she is having twins…that is just the size she is… she looks great by the way… 🙂

Suzy Q on

has britney confirmed shes having twins?

Erica on

Brynn, the reason why Brit is never photographed with Kori anymore b/c it’s no longer necessary for her to dangle that little girl in front of the cameras anymore to come off as “motherly”…she’s got a nice little belly to do that now. 🙂 I’m sure she is a good stepmom, but there is no doubt they used Kori for some badly needed good press. I don’t think she is having twins, either. And I think it’s kind of ridiculous that Britney would ever be having money problems regarding ANY children she may have. If she had three sets of quadruplets she would *still* be better off than most of us. Bad money management + young wealth is a bad combo sometimes. I really hope those reports about Brit being in some money trouble are untrue.

Bigger Than Britney on

BRYNN- I’m not sure about American child support laws and not knowing how long Shar and kevin lived together but i know from fighting with my ex over child support that it makes no difference what the income of a new spouse is, it matters only what HE makes or could potentially make that determines how much he pays in child support. If Shar really wanted I believe she could claim “undue hardship” (meaning she has a lower standard of living and needs more money) and only in that case would the combined total incomes of both households be compared to determine what he would pay in child support. That info is to the best of my knowledge and is based on federal Canadian child support laws.

Seeing as how K-Fed seems to have no job I would assume that Britney must be making his child support payments and in that case I have no idea what she must be paying with him having no job other than being Brit’s husband.

Leah on

You seem very obsessed with this whole Britney could be having twins thing. What if she is having twins? Does that hurt you?

Cathy on

There is no way with the prenatal care she has had that they would have missed a twin – no way! I don’t believe this at all if it is based on the quote from In Touch.

joy on

never believe in touch they have proven over and over that their stories are fabricated.

Bigger Than Britney on

Can anyone remember a time before when there was this much speculation over a baby?

Not sure to whom Leah’s comment was directed- but since it was under mine I will comment on it. I’m not obsessed with “the whole Britney having twins thing”. I actually don’t care what she has as long as it is a healthy baby or babies if that is the case. If she ends up having twins- good for her- twice the blessing!

Brynn on

Thank you for the replies Erica and Bigger than Britney.

Also, I don’t think anyone on this blog will be “hurt” if she has twins or not. Like B.T.B said, twice the blessings. People are just speculating like any red blooded American, Canadian, or whatever country one may reside in, does. Its human nature to question something that keeps getting speculated, but not yet confirmed.

Shan on

My mom had triplets in 2000. And when she was pregnant they thought that she was having twins-which we thought unusual because Triplets run in our family. Then at 28 weeks (i think) she went for another ultrasound and found out she was having triplets. So they can get it wrong. They even got the sexes wrong. Told us we were having two boys and one girl but we had two girls (Ava and Dylan) and one boy (Jordan).

Besides this i think that there is only one baby in there and i would say she prob has 7-8wks to go???? what does everyone think about the due date? did she actually announce one?

Bigger Than Britney on

Shan, no she hasn’t announced a due date (that I know of) which I think is smart of her because otherwise the paparrazi would be hounding her (more than usual) around due date time. I think some celebs that want to keep photographers at bay actually say they are due later than they actually are and therefore nobody is expecting the birth.

I’m probably opening up a whole new can of worms here but as happy as I am for Britney and Kevin, I really feel for Shar in this whole situation. Although I don’t think Kev is a big prize, it would suck to be ditched by kevin for Britney while your pregnant with his kid and then get to watch them crawling all over each other in magazines, hear them talk about their sex life on TV and then see them pose with her daughter on the cover of magazines like a happy little family. Everywhere she turns this situation gets rubbed in her face. This situation could have got really messy and she has really handled it very maturely ( I think). Maybe the child support helps.

What do you guys think?

Erica on

I know that people keep saying how much of a famewhore Shar Jackson is, but really, if the same situation happened to you, wouldn’t YOU try to make of it what you could ie garnering publicity and sympathy? After all, she was an actress well before meeting K-Fed, and even though the situation of him cheating itself was bad, the publicity probably opened a few doors for her financially. She does have four children to take care of.

Speaking of her kids, people also criticize her for having so many. But what they seem to constantly overlook is the fact that Shar’s two children were from the same man, while she was in a long-term relationship. And the births of both Kori and Kaleb were planned, not to mention Kevin had proposed to Shar on several occasions only to be told she wanted him to get a solid J-O-B before she would marry him. So in a way, it was Shar’s ultimatum to Kevin that ultimately led him to meeting Britney in the first place.

The whole thing is kind of twisted, and to be honest I think it would be in poor taste for ANY woman to knowingly stay with a man who so willingly cheated on the PREGNANT mother of his child. I don’t blame Britney for Kevin cheating, b/c Kevin is responsible for his own actions, but I have lost some respect for her.

But back to BTB’s original question, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Shar putting in her two cents in interviews and such, b/c whether she liked it or not her entire life was put on spotlight due to her boyfriend’s indiscretions. So I do not blame her for getting all of Spederline’s money/publicity she can, and laughing all the way to the bank! 🙂

Gwen on

Who knows if Brit is having twins? My mom’s cousin didn’t find out she was having twins until her labour kept on going after the first baby was born… Granted, that’s a statistical fluke, but it can happen. Then again, pregnant women wind up so many shapes and sizes. I didn’t even look pregnant until I was 7 1/2 months. And the wife of a friend of mine was gigantic (put on over 30 kilos) and yet had only one, regular sized baby.

As for rumours of financial trouble, how much credence can we really give that? Even if Britney is down to her last few millions, that’s still more than enough to raise a kid or two in fine style.

Bigger Than Britney on

Thanks for your comment Erica- you actually know more about this situation than I do. I had no idea she had 4 kids even! I had no idea Kevin had proposed to her but she was smart to tell him to get a job first! It makes even more sense now (if you can call it that) that he hooked up with Brit because she married him even though he didn’t have a job. I suppose he thinks why work when you can get someone as famous as Brit to support you and make your child support payments? Her fame could open more doors to him than Shar could.

I don’t think Shar is a fame whore either. She definately would have been brought into the spotlight anyway because Kevin ran off with Brit while she was pregnant and the press ate that up. She deserves to get whatever she can out of this situation- publicity, sympathy, money etc. I also don’t know how Britney could want to be with someone that took off on his pregnant girlfriend but to each his own, I guess.

Anyway thanks Erica for enlightening me a bit more. Now,I have more respect for Shar, less respect for Britney and even less for Kevin.

misashh on

people need to stop spreading news that they do NOT know first hand…
if they are carrying twins they need to be over joyed and not hounded by the press. I carried twin boys and was hounded by my friends and that annoyed me, so if everyone would just mind their own business and wait till she starts telling the “REAL” gossip we would probably hear alittle sooner about this pregnancy and about how they are doing FIRST HAND!!!…
congrats once again to the two of them from my twin boys and I to theirs.

Kiley on

I still don’t believe it

Jenna on

I don’t relly belive that she is having twins, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see! As for her running out of money Ha! Yeah, right she’s loaded.

joy on

I respect Shar Jackson bc I too would be pissed off too. I mean your pregnant with a man’s kid and he’s running around with the hottest thing (in others eyes not mine)!

One thing I don’t respect is that she allowed her daughter to be photographed with Brit and Kev on the cover of people. That was attention but who did it benefit, Kevin? Britney? shar? or the baby?

Ever since Brit came pregnant notice no pics of her with Kori. And if she wants to settle for less then best well that’s on her. She’s young. I’m young. We don’t always think before we do something and certainly britney may have not thought this out very well. One day she may grow up and see that she deserved alot more respect. I just don’t understand the eagerness to become a mother at her age *shrugs* but then again like I said before I’ll never understand the things she does.

tink1217 on

you guys make it sound like Shar was this big star or something when she and kev were together. I had never heard of her before kev met brit and I thought i read she had 4 kids by 3 diff men, kev having 2 of them with her. personally, i just don’t get a good vibe from shar at all. i don’t get a great vibe from kev either but whatever floats brit’s boat!

I think its unfair for people to say they were flaunting Kori for the cameras too. The cameras and photogs are the ones hounding them not the other way around. how do you think sites like this get started?? cuz people wanna know. otherwise we wouldn’t be here!

whether brit has twins or not a baby or babies are blessings! lets just hope she appreciates whatever she has and that kevin is a good daddy from now on…to ALL his children.

Erica on

tink, Shar’s first two children are by the same man, whom she was in a long term relationship with. And while she wasn’t a “big star” by any standard, she did have a long-running role on a popular show, and did a few small spots on movies. So just b/c you may not have known about her, doesn’t mean she was not there. 🙂

Well, I do wish Britney luck, and I don’t think she is carrying twins, either. However, it was obvious she was indeed flaunting Kori for the cameras, b/c she went from being seen with her in nearly every picture to about none really fast. I don’t think it makes her a bad person, but I don’t believe she spent all that time with her simply out of the goodness of her heart. But like I said before, I don’t know her personally, but she does seem like a good stepmom altogether.

tink1217 on

Erica, I know just b/c I had never heard of her doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. Thats not what I meant. I never watched the show she was one, not my style of sitcom, but I knew who Brandy was. I didn’t know Shar did anything else other than that. And, thanks for “righting” me on the daddy thing. I was only saying what I had read. And, what I read was that Kori and Kaleb are Kev’s and the other 2 were by two diff guys.

Did Shar ever marry the other kids dads?? Just wondering.

As for the “using Kori” I still don’t think they were using the child. I think the photogs make it look that way and people take it the way they want to so it doesn’t matter what I say, someone else might think differently. Thats fine. Thats why we all have opinions!

This wasn’t meant to be sarcastic in any way. I know sometimes I do come off that way. But, when I am being sarcastic, people know!

Shan on

I just bought an Australian magazine called NW and they had reports in their that Shar was about the town with Quentin Tarantino…

They mention Britney and what him and Shar got up to (apparently going back to his room at 4am…) but then Quentin says
that nothing will change his feelings about Britney “I’m a big fan of Britney Spears and i defend her constantly with all these too-cooler-than-thou types.”

Erica on

Hey tink, I didn’t think your comments came off as sarcastic as all, and I think it is awesome you can disagree with someone w/o resorting to rudeness…rock on 🙂

Oh yeah, Shar never married the dad of her first two kids, but he was her highschool sweetheart, to answer your question.

I think the whole thing with Shar and Quentin Tarantino is bizarre. What an odd pair, LOL. Whatever floats their boat though.