Denise Richards at 5 1/2 weeks postpartum

07/15/2005 at 12:52 AM ET

Denise is allowed to begin workouts with her personal trainer at the end of this week, now that she has healed from her c-section on June 1st.

Thanks to Michelle Anne and Lisa Andrea for sending in this photo from People.


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rose on

she looks amazing

Lola on

she looks soo good i wish i could look like that after i have had my baby!

Beca on

Wow. She looks insanely fabulous. That’s crazy. I mean, most women would kill to look that great much less only weeks after having a baby. Criminey.

lea on

she doesn’t need to !!She doesn’t even look like she had a baby!!!!

Shan on

She looks great! She was very healthy during her pregnancy (by the looks of it) and onoy looked like she gained weight in the belly region rather than the legs, arms etc. My friend looks this good and she gave birth on May 30th to a girl named Thalia.

Ashley on

Oh my gosh, she is GORGEOUS. I’m totally jealous that she looks that great 5 1/2 weeks after having a baby!!

Question though – I thought you were supposed to wait 8 weeks after a c-sxn to work out?

cv on

SO not fair! 🙂 No, Ashley, it is 6 weeks after a c section. I’ve had two.

rose on

What?? She has not been exercising as yet, then how did her stomach get so flat so fast? Do you all think she is wearing a tummy band to flatten her stomach? I myself am slim (5’9.5″ – 140 lbs) and although my legs and arms are skinny it took me a few months for my stomach to get back almost flat and I had my baby in January. By the way, she looks fabulous!

rose on

Oh I forgot to add that I am also breastfeeding.

tink1217 on

Rose, she had a csection so you aren’t allowed to exercise til after 6 weeks. She may have been doing a little if she could, but take my word after 2 csections I couldn’t do a sit up or any abdominal exercises til around 8 weeks. It hurt!

She does look amazing!!! She has always been in awesome shape too so that makes a HUGE difference post partum! She looks wonderful!

Mel on

What level of workout intensity is banned after a c-section? I would understand any jarring exercises, but are you allowed to go for walks?

Sienna on

Wow! Denise looks fabulous! She doesn’t need any workouts!

Heidi on

Wow she looks great!

annypooh on

she wants to work out? that a joke?…cos if she does she’ll probably disappear!..

cat on

So, SOOOO not fair.
I hate her with a fiery burning passion. Oh, yes I DO.
Whine, whine.

Sara on

Yay for June 1st babies! 😀

bbdoll on

Many celebrity moms are opting for a mini-tummy tuck when the c-section is performed. I’m not saying that is the case with Denise, but some celebs have admitted to “scheduling” c-sections two to three weeks before the actual due date (to avoid the last-minute weight gain) so they can have the mini-tummy tuck, as well. Some celebs even think the whole “birthing process” is beneath them (you know, “too posh to push”) and they have all the surgery scheduled so they come out of the hospital looking fresh as a daisy. Again, I’m not saying Denise did this, only that some celebs have. Denise does look great, only a little tired and stressed – but that’s understandable!