Danielle's pregnancy update: 7 months: the beginning of the end is here!

07/15/2005 at 11:04 AM ET

27_weeksToday is the official start of my third trimester. Like clockwork, my body is responding with some of the typical third trimester symptoms such as back pain, increased exhaustion and swollen feet and ankles. The baby kicks on a regular basis and as she is getting bigger, fatter and stronger I feel it much more now. According to a pregnancy calendar that I read, she is currently approximately 15" long, the size of "a bag of flour," and weighs around 2 1/2 pounds.

275_weeksI have a new boyfriend, or at least that’s what my husband calls my new body pillow. It’s fantastic- I put it between my knees to help with my back, wedge part of it below my belly and wrap my arms around it. It makes sleeping a lot more comfortable but I think Josh is jealous.

We finally registered for gifts.  We still have yet to pick out the stroller (though we are probably going to go with the Inglesina Zippy with the bassinet attachment or the Bugaboo), car seat (depends on the stroller), but today we are going to finalize our furniture decision (we’re leaning towards the Bratt Decor Dick Crib and matching dresser/changer).  We’ve registered at BuyBuyBaby for basics, Babystyle for clothes and Pottery Barn Kids for the bassinet.

As a reminder (since everyone asks each time), I am due October 5.  The baby is a girl.  We haven’t picked a name yet.  When we do, we will not be announcing it until the baby is born. 


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angela on

You look adorable. Good luck to you.

rose on

you look great and I can’t wait to hear the name when she arrives

L on

Danielle, you look great! Can’t wait to see your precious baby girl. I have 2 boys and am hoping for a little girl maybe next year. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!

Shelly on

So adorable! If you think the baby kicks are strong wait until she kicks u in the rib.(ouch) Congratulations and good luck to you 🙂

Maria on

Aww! Congratulations again! What kind of pillow did you get by the way? I’m lusting madly after one myself, but haven’t committed yet.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Maria- I just got this $10 pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond. I splurged and got the $10 pillowcase too.

emjk on

congrats! wow it seems like yesterday when you announced your pregnancy and now almost there. the last trimester is very hard and the waiting is a killer but enjoy every minute of it because once it is over time will fly so fast, one second it will be a newborn and in a blink you will be planning a first birthday party! good luck and keep us posted =)

tink1217 on

You look great!! Lots of luck for the last trimester and get as much sleep as you can now!!!

brooke7502 on

very cool! can’t wait to find out what her name is either. i hope you have a fast and easy labor/delivery.

katie on

wow, congratulations on your lack of stretchmarks! you are really lucky!

kiki on

You look fantastic, can’t wait to hear the little ones name. Good luck with the baby and when choosing a stroller choose one that’s well equipped but compact and lightweight, it’ll make all the difference when you’re lugging it up and down steps and in and out of the care. Take it easy and keep us informed.

Jen on

congratulations!!! on your stroller choices – go with the zippy! we LOVE ours!!! It is SO easy to open/close and it’s worked well with our car seet too.

Jeni on

You look awesome, pregnancy buddy! Way cuter than I do at 28 weeks. 🙂 I hear you on the third trimester heaviness, pressure, exhaustion factor. Not long now! I am glad you’re keeping the readers posted on how youre looking and feeling, way to go!

fan on

i knew it would be a girl!! 🙂 congratulations!!!!

Stacey on

You look great Danielle!

J on

You look great! We have the Brattdekor Dick crib in Navy. It is great quality! Tell whoever puts it together to get some help when it comes time to attach the side that lowers. It makes it tons easier!

angie on

danielle, lol about the body pillow. my husband & i named mine “honey” when i was pg with my son. you look great! congratulations.

joy on

awesome – congrats!

and btw can we suggest names not to pick??

I suggest not going with Lola 🙂

Brynn on

Congratulations to you and your husband on your pregnancy with a baby girl! You look fantastic!

Joy on

My husband and I named my body pillow “Jose”! Congratulations…You look beautiful.

Shan on

Joy-i dont think its a good idea to suggest names not to pick-cause what if they are on her list of the names that she does like!

My Mom stopped discussing names with people when she was pregnant with the triplets cause everyone seemed to have negative comments about the names that her and my stepdad loved.
At the time her favourite name was Grace but so many dissed the name she ended up not using it but now regrets it cause she loves the name.

Ashley on

Danielle, congratulations and I wanted to tell you how great you look! Best of luck with the rest of you pregnancy. I’m looking forward to the day when you announce your daughter’s birth and her name (I’m sure it will be beautiful!)



You are such a JAP! How much fun you are!!!

joy on

yeah shan I know I was only messing with her cause it seems like that’s the only name people pick anymore for their girls.

my brother when his gf was pregnant they kept telling everyone the babies name was Evan and then when he was born they turned around and said he didn’t look like an Evan (mind you they nor the rest of the family ever met an Evan). So they couldn’t decide on a name and they said they were naming him Damon and we all cringed. It actually became a family debate and in the end they said they weren’t listening to the family anymore. Well 4 years (today to be exact) later and Damon fits him perfectly!! So it just goes to show you may not like the name right away but it grows on you.

I work in childcare so we get really bogus names. This one mom has four kids. All blonde hair, blue eyes fair skin and they are named *drum roll*

Piper, Zoey, Oscar and Scout.

so even everyday people come up with some odd names.

joy on

oh btw not to suggest that those 4 names are bad…..but it’s just not your everyday Sarah, Jake, John, Mary kinda names – which is fine but I am just not used to hearing names like that except from celebs themselves.

Shan on

Sorry Joy i didnt mean to offend you.
I am sure your baby will be beautiful no matter what name you choose, Danielle.

Joy-i love the name Damon!

Heather on

Im so excited for you guys! BTW, hold on to your pillow even after the birth, I still use mine!

cv on

I think it is a good idea, and kind of fun, to keep the name a secret. My first daughter, now almost 9, is named Ruth. We call her Ruthie. When we told everyone the name, during the pregnancy, people tried to talk us out of it..it was too old fashioned, too old-ladyish, etc. But we are so happy with the name, and she is too. She likes being different, she likes being the only Ruth in her class. My name is Corrie and I used to *hate* it b/c it was too different. Now I love my name for that reason. So, whatever name you choose, Danielle, it is a name that means a lot to you and your hubby so go with it no matter what!

chelsea on

please cont choose a wierd baby name i’m so sick of lola’s too but i’mure that you’ll choose something very beautiful

joy on

cv – Ruthie is actually cuter then just plan ruth. It reminds me of 7th Heaven!

Shan – sweets you didn’t offend me. I hope I didn’t offend danielle…I was just messing around with her that’s all.

Yes my nephew is Damon and my other two nephews who just came home from the hospital (they were born 3 months premature and wieghed a pound and a half a piece) are named Anthony and Tyler. Right now they are 5lbs 3oz and 6lbs 1 oz and they are 3 1/2 months old. They are actually here right now but I am taking a much needed break lol!!

shelley on

Congrats Danielle…. You are glowing in that photo.

I looked at the Bratt Decor website… WOWSERS! Nice stuff there!

lea on

You look wonderful!!!Lucky you,no stretch marks at all!!!Did you have your baby shower yet???

Kiley on

You look GREAT!! Congrats on your baby =)

annypooh on

final trimester?…d bathroom will become ur best friend!…i remember literally sleeping on the toilet seat for hours on end in my final monht becos i was peeing every 12mins….it was draining….but all worth it when both my babies arrived!

Sara on

Wow. The first thing I can think of is how nice the pictures are. They look professionally done, and you so sophisticated.

Congradulations on the pregnancy, btw. 🙂

Sissy on

You are coming along beautifully. Danielle, thanks for sharing your pictures with us.