Could Britney be carrying twins?

07/12/2005 at 03:45 PM ET

When my mother told me that Britney Spears was having twins, I knew that the rumors had reached critical mass.  I myself do not believe she is because she announced her pregnancy right around when I announced mine and we are approximately the same size and size is a major factor is making such a call, at least for the layperson.

That said, for the doubters out there, here is some info I found on iVillage on the signs and symptoms of a twin pregnancy.

Pre-conception factors

Age- Your chances for a multiple birth increase when you’re over 35.  The probability of a 25 year old giving birth to twins  is less than half of what it would be after the age of 35.I don’t even think Brit is 25 yet!
Use of assisted reproductive technology- Due to her young age, the likelihood of Britney using IVF and/or infertility treatment is low.  You never know, though. 
Twins in the family- Fraternal twins run in the family.  If your mother or grandmother had twins, you might carry a gene that causes you to release more than one egg at a time, hence fraternal twins.  As far as we know, Brit and Kev don’t have multiples in their families. 

Pregnancy factors

Increased nausea and morning sickness- Multiple fetuses may cause increased hCG levels and therefore increase the likelihood of the dreaded morning sickness.  Britney definitely had morning sickness and even threw up poolside while on vacation.  However, many mothers of singletons have bad morning sickness (including yours truly). 
Exaggerated pregnancy symptons- Many mothers of twins experience more intense pregnancy symptoms due to increased levels of hormones such as tender breasts, frequent urination, constant feelings of hunger and high level of exhaustion.  The second trimester also brings with it swelling of the hands and legs, difficulty catching your breath, unusual rate of weight gain, excessive fetal movement and anemia.  We have no way of knowing if Britney experienced these things.
Rapid weight gain in the first trimester- Higher than average weight gain in the first trimester may mean you’re carrying twins, but daily consumption of Frappucinos may cause that too.

Other factors that we can’t know…

Uterus measures large for the gestational age.
Elevated levels of AFP.  Alpha fetoprotein (AFP) is a protein released by the baby as it grows and found in the mother’s blood, can be elevated when there is more than one baby. (It can also be elevated for other reasons, such as neural tube defects.)
Rapidly rising hCG levels. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the fertilized egg and by the chorionic villi. It is needed to maintain the pregnancy until the placenta develops. It can be detected in your blood or urine even before you miss a period. Normally in a singleton pregnancy, blood (serum) concentrations of hCG rise rapidly during the first weeks, doubling every two to three days. Levels of hCG can be even higher with twin or multiple pregnancies.
Two fetal heartbeats. Two separate heartbeats can be heard by around 12 weeks.
Ultrasound confirming two embryos, heartbeats, etc. They can be seen six weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period. Many twins have been diagnosed as early as five weeks — when you’re just one week late for your menstrual period.

What do you think?


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Danielle on


Danielle on


Emily on

I personally have no reason to assume that she is carrying twins. I believe that these rumors were started in a tabloid of some sort, so who knows how much truth is really in them.

ava on

Its hard to say.

IF Britney’s camp announced the correct due date, then maybe.

But most likely she’s due much sooner than they announced. Their attempt to keep the paparazzi at bay during the birth. The paparazzi would be stalking her 24/7 (like they don’t already!) around the actual “due date time”, bc everyone will be trying for the “britney going into labor” photos and the “britney’s baby!” photo. My guess is not that shes carrying twins, but that shes due much sooner than we are all supossed to believe.

Bigger Than Britney on

Tabloids just had a slow week and needed something new to sell a mag and they can always count on Britney so a good rumour of twins would do it. Besides we are all sick of Tom and Katie

joy on

well I will be blunt……at this point, I don’t know and don’t care 🙂 lol

If she’s having twins why lie? if your not why not deny the rumors? maybe she herself just doesn’t give a damn now. So why do we?

sorry I am just wondering still what the fascination with Brit is 🙂

Judy on


Nicola on

No way. She’d be shouting it out to the world. And people carry very differently. My workmate looked like she was ready to “pop” by about 5 months, whereas I was 8 1/2 months along and people were surprised to learn that I was pregnant!

Maria on

I honestly don’t think so… that’s too juicy a piece of news to keep from the media.

Bigger Than Britney on

I agree with Ava. I bet she has the baby end of August and not Sept/Oct as believed.

- on


max on

No twins. I agree with Nicola, she’d have no problem announcing it. Someone probably had to hold her back not to make an announcement of her pregnancy before she did. She’s a small girl who gains weight easily. I have a similar body type and gained a lot my first trimester, because I didn’t watch what I ate. But I think she’ll have no problem getting it off, unlike me!

Stacey on

First of all, I don’t think she’s pregnant w/ twins and secondly I don’t think she’s big at all. I think she looks great and all women’s bodies look different during pregnancy. She’s still exercising and she has not really gained any weight anywhere besides her belly/boobs.

shelley on

I think she’s having only one.

Michele on

As an expectant mom of twins who meets none of the characteristics above, it *is* possible, but I don’t think so. She hasn’t exactly been the most private person in the past. Why hide this?

Rachel on

The youngest person to give birth to twins was an 11year old in Brazil. So it is possible for Brit to be carrying twins.

Maybe she’s hiding it so she doesn’t have even more of the stalkaratzi on her trail?

kelli on

as a mom of 18 month old twins..i can say that i didnt meet any of those above things. i was completely surprised. also, at 39 weeks, i didnt even look like i was full-term with ONE baby, let alone TWO and i am a very petite goes to show that every pregnancy is definately different in the weight gain area.

i think that if she was pregnant with twins, she would have announced it. its a very exciting and special thing to carry multiples and she would definately want the attention. plus, i dont think she is due when she says..i think she is due sooner.

Bigger Than Britney on

I’m sure if she was having twins she would have told the world. I think the only reason we didn’t hear about the pregnancy as soon as she found out was because she wanted to wait until after week 12.

I’m confused, i thought at one time Britney had put out a letter on her website saying she was leaving Hollywood etc and wanted her privacy to be a wife , mother etc. I didn’t actually see the letter but I thought it said stuff to that effect. Then I see she has the reality show Chaotic which couldn’t be more public. CAn anyone clarify what that letter on her website said? I know it was something about making room for the rest of the oversexed blondes but…anyway if someone knows , please post.

tink1217 on

I don’t think she looks that big! Twins?? Nope! I think she looks just right for how pregnant she is. I also think she is due sometime Sept. and not October. Everyone carries differently. I think the tabloids are just doing their usual rumor mill.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

No way. Just one baby in there.

Heather on

I Don’t think she’s carrying Twins. But I seem to recall the Rag Mags at one time placing her at a fertility clinic, but that was a few years ago. Does anyone else remember this?

RCs Girl on

Nope. We are due around the same time, at least I think we are, and are about the same size. I might have packed on a few pounds, but I’m not carrying twins.

Monica on

It’s possible to have twins without them running in the family, at an early age, and without the aid of fertility drugs. But I don’t think she’s having twins. I believe she’s milking the publicity out of this, though.

Jamie on

I think we’ll all just find out in a few months 😉
Unfortunately you can never lump people and their symptoms together in one group. You will always have someone who doesn’t meet the typical criteria.

Although, the comment about her probably being too young to need fertility treatments is not correct. I am only 21, and I already know that I will need it. There are many infertility issues that make themselves known when a woman is in her early twenties (like myself.) Personally, though, I do agree that she probably didn’t use infertility treatments to get pregnant 🙂

Shelly on

I think the tabloids were bored and needed something to talk about.

Rye on

I think she is just having one baby. She would definetly have announced that she is having twins. She would have no problem being open about that since she has discussed a lot about her pregnancy to a lot of people. I do think she looks big for having 3 months left (if that is how much time she has left in her pregnancy) but all women carry differently so you can’t really say how she should look! Why do they say that twins run in the family? My father is a twin and among his 7 brothers and sisters there are 2 sets of twins. 1 set of identical twin girls and 1 set of boy/girl twins (my dad included). I wonder what genetics are involved in causing multiple births. But, I did find this one thing interesting and that was when I saw a psychic (Believe me, I was a skeptic and still pretty much am) and she told me I would have girl twins one day. Then, I saw another psychic at a friends party and the scary thing was that she told me I would have twins one day too! I thought that was very eerie seing that I don’t usually believe in those kinds of things.

mom4bob on

What do I think? Methinks this is being overthought BIG-TIME! LOL

Just kidding folks, but on a more serious vein, can’t we all just be happy for her? Celeb or no, I’d hate to have so many people postulating about MY pregnancy!

misashh on

I had a set of twins at 25 and became pregnant at 24 so those are not as accurate as you might think.I nor my childrens father have a set of twins in the family and we DID NOT I mean DID NOT want children whatsoever. I never had ANY, NONE noda single bit of morning sickness nor when I had my first ultrasound and dr’s apt did I have two heartbeats, the eggs seperated at about 11wks (thats not usually the case with identical twins). I found out I was having twins when I went to find out what my gender was and low and behold HELLO Identical Twin Boys was the case and that was at my 5mth visit(I nearly craped and fell back in it)…Now, she could be carrying twins cause she did lie about being pregnant. Do not think I am starting a rumor just stating facts that are not always true!!! She could be or she might not be, but its her business and congrats if she is and congrats if she isn’t…I am happy for them both and hope and pray that they have a healty baby whatever!!!

Riley on

In my opinion she’s having ONE baby in early to mid september!I looked exactly like her when I was pregnant with my son Nolan, at 7 months.

sara on

I don’t know if shes having twins, but I got pregnant with twins at 24. Also, she wanted to have a baby so im assuming she stopped taking birth control. And when you do that your body is producing sometimes more than one egg until the hormones get situated back to normal. So at that time she would be suseptible(spelling?) to getting pregnant with twins. Just a theory:)

meredyth on

I don’t think she looks that big. I have a friend who is due Nov. 18 and she was the tiniest thing in the world before pregnancy, but now looks as round as Britney. I think when you are small to start with the pounds don’t have anywhere to go. But who knows…..

CourtneyKrew on

I would think if she was having twins we would know, but it doesnt really matter to me.

When I was 25 I had twin blighted ovums. When I went for an ultrasound there was one sac that could be seen but no baby inside. At 11 weeks we saw 2 sacs, no babies inside. Both were always there we just never saw the second one after we saw the first. Eggs dont split at 11 weeks, its impossible. Absolutly impossible… Sometimes you cant hear 2 heartbeats because they sound as one..thats completly normal.

Anyway, for 6 years of my life I was an infertility counseler and infertily crosses all ages, races, financial resources….etc…

I just hope that Brit has a healthy baby and that its all she has hoped for. Good Luck to her!

PS I think she looks right on target for 7 months pregnant.

Mel on

Hmm, I have a crazy theory about where the twins thing came from. Keep in mind, this is only a crazy theory….

My friend got pregnant quite young with twins (she was 19). Along the way, she miscarried one of the twins at about 3 months along, but not the other. She now has one healthy 8 year old that was a twin.

I remember that Britney went to the hospital for some scary bleeding, but then sort of brushed it off as no big deal. Is it possible that she was originally carrying twins, and miscarried one of them? She wouldn’t have wanted to reveal that type of private information. That could be where the rumors started (it only takes a few select words to start up a whole storm of press stories).

Then again, it’s just a wild theory, and it’s fun to speculate.

Carley on

I don’t beleive that Britney is carrying twins. Before her pregnancy, it was widely known that she was a self-proffessed junk food lover. Couldn’t that mean that her pregnancy has spiked her cravings?? Besides, her size looks totally normal for her time in pregnancy.

Helena on

i dont think she is carrying twins either. i did not show at all when i was pregnant. personnally i agree i think she is due in september sometime. dont worry when the pain hits it wont matter how many are in there you just want whatever is in there out!!

Angie on

Just because Britney’s not 25 doesn’t mean she can’t be pregnant with twins. When I was in highschool a 17-year-old classmate gave birth to twins. She was always a really skinny girl, so even in the middle of her pregnancy she didn’t appear to be carrying twins. At the end of her pregnancy, however, she was HUGE.

But, honestly, I’m not Britney’s OBGYN, so what do I know.

Bigger Than Britney on

How do identical twins split at 11 weeks? I’m not sure who posted but I am so confused. I thought identical twins split at conception or around there when they are just eggs not fully developed fetuses but then are siamese twins not identical twins that just didn’t completely seperate?

Kellie on

I personaly do not think she is carrying twins. IMO She really isn’t “that big”. I very well could be wrong.

Stacie on

Bigger than Britney:

I have identical twin boys. According to the books I’ve read, the egg can split up to 17 days past ovulation. If it begins to split towards the end of that, and doesn’t have time to split completely, it can result in conjoined twins. Most often, the egg will split well before that time though.

kiki on

I don’t think she is having twins but there has been a lot of signs to suggest it’s possible, the twice being admitted to hospital for bleeding which is fairly common with a twin pregnancy, the uncertainty she herself has about the sex and the shopping for both boy’s and girl’s clothes, the ever changing due date and of course we are talking about Britney Spears, she has already shocked us on more than one occasion maybe this another she has up her sleeve. I personally think she’ll have just one boy but we’ll have to wait and see.

kiki on

Some other Brit news: her reps have confirmed that she will not appear naked Demi Moore stlye on the cover of vanity fair fully clothed for the October issue. I don’t know about the US but wouldnt this appear on shelves about mid September or so.From this I’m taking that she is either due mid September to early October as originally said and the shoot will be done when she is her final few weeks or is it possible that they have bought the rights to the first baby photos.

sara on

Maybe she is shopping for both boy and girl things because she is having a girl but is also buying for Kaleb. He isn’t that old

Bigger Than Britney on

Maybe she is shopping for friends who are pr have had babies…I buy baby boys and girls clothes too, doesn’t mean I am having twins.
Once again…she will deliver in late august..1 baby….a girl. That is my final prediction. Sarah…maybe we should get a baby pool going here with all this speculation. Somebody could win a lot of money.

Shelly on

hehe…some magazines will print anything even if its made up. In touch weekly is reporting that she’s having a boy and a girl.

CourtneyKrew on

Bigger than Britney–

someone posted about having identical twins where the egg split at 11 weeks. I was posting that that is absolutly IMPOSSIBLE.

I had also wondered if she had been pg with twins and lost one of them. Lots of things can cause bleeding early on, thats one of them. But who knows…. I say she has a boy on August 19th..>ROFL

Bigger Than Britney on

CourtneyKrew- I just scanned back and saw your comment- I read some posts and scan past others- so I guess I should read through them all before I comment. I thought it didn’t seem possible for identical twins to seperate at 11 weeks and that was why I commented on it. However, I am certainly no medical expert and that was why I posted the question. In any case thank you and Stacie for helping answer my question.

kit on

Hey, if anyone is really interested in pregnancy/twins, their is a great show on now, Discovery Health Channel called Baby, Baby all about women giving birth to twins. And I have to say all their pregnant bellies came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so anyway as far as Brit is concerned, I don’t think you can tell just by looking at her.

chandra on

i think they are worried that she looks like she has gained too much weight to saying she is carrying twins justifies the bigger belly. it is better than saying she is just eating way too much and is getting fat as well as being pregnant.

Jessica on

I am just 24, with absolutely no twins in the family tree on my side of the fam or my husbands, I haven’t puked once, and I am carrying a little boy and a little girl. As of today I am 5 months and 1 day. I have put on an amazing 48 lbs. I started at 118 and was “professionally skinny”, therfore I can totally believe that Britney is having twins also. I just dont understand how her doctor could have missed that?!?!?!?! Thats all. Just thought I’d share.