Camryn Manheim & son Milo

07/12/2005 at 01:17 PM ET

Camryn  At the fundraiser for EBMRF sponsored by Courteney Cox.

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Katie on

Wow, he’s so cute! He looks just like Camryn. I haven’t seen pictures of him since he was a baby, but I love this one!

BP on

He really is a cutie pie! Like Katie I have not seen any pics of him for a long time…he is adorable! I hope that he has his mom’s chutzpah:-) She is fantastic!

Sabrina on

He’s so freaking cute!

adrienne on

is he wearing nail polish?

maxie on

Did she adopt or was she pregnant and I missed it?

joy on

I don’t think he was adopted but father was never revealed?

PixieGaf on

It looks like he is wearing nail-polish and I find that adorable. It is nice when parents aren’t caught up in gender related activities for there children to play in.

BP on

If I remember correctly she had him naturally (I seem to recall her cracking people up with her birth story…he was a nine pounder, I think). The father was never disclosed. Wonder if she will have more?!

Ally on

She asked a friend of hers that she had known for years to donate sperm, and got pregnant with Milo. He sees Milo and is involved in his life as his father, but Camryn is his primary parent. Milo looks just like him, he’s a model and former college basketball star. She never publicly acknowledges who he is, though. The National Enquirer dug all this up a couple of years ago, and showed several pics of him with Camryn, he’s very attractive, and really does look exactly like Milo. Milo is so freaking cute. I thought she was planning on having another child when The Practice got cancelled, but maybe not. She seems like a really cool, earthy mama that any kid would be lucky to have.

Alyson on

Man…it seems like he was born yesterday! He is getting so big.

Jane on

He’s a cutie – but his name always reminds me of the chocolate drink Milo!

Nishka on

Jane – same here; Milo is a big hit with kids here in South Africa, in fact, I love it too!

The Practise was CANCELLED?!! I love that program!!!! :o( We’re a season or so behind the US.

Her son is so cute!!! Hope she has more!!

annypooh on

yeah it does seem like he has on blue nail polish…dats so cool!..i make cornrows and all sorts of hairstyles with my 2 year old son’s hair and some folks dat like it really love it and some folks dat dislike it really hate it..i wonder what they’d say if they see milo’s nails!! keep it up miss manheim:-)

Fiorilla on

Camryn Manheim is so cool. She and Milo look great together. Perhaps she might adopt for a second child, now that The Practice is over?

alex on

wow i thought it was a girl… cute kid tho. i love the name milo its #6 on my list.

Erin on

Aww Milo is so cute and Camryn is such a great person! I recently went to see the movie Dark Water and she played a teacher. I think its great that she’s letting him experiment with nail polish. It shows that she’s not afraid of her kid getting strange looks! Go Camryn

griffith'smama on

Wow , he is super sute. is it just me, or does he look an awful lot like Jerry O’Connell. Se is awesome, and I agree, i thnk it is great that she is not uptight about the nail polish, like calista and Liam’s nakedness and mismatched socks :o)