Reese picks up Ava from class at church on July 2nd

07/11/2005 at 10:10 PM ET

Fmp048119Thanks to Profimedia for this!

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shelley on

How creepy to have your picture taken while you’re out and about your business…. How do celebrities ever get used to it

Alyson on

Ava is getting so tall…soon she’ll catch up with mom!

Elizabeth on

Love seeing her out wiht her kids. They are so cute.

Ebony on

Amen Eve!!!!! I’m sooo tired of whinny celebrities complaining how hard there lives are. If I had there millions. I’d be sooo happy that 10 camera crews could follow me around and watch me spend my money and I wouldn’t care less.

Ebony on

What happen to Eve’s comment? I didn’t think it was negative at all. I know I don’t run this site therefore don’t make the decisions, but I thought she made a very good point.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

The IP number she was posting under (under different names) was banned for another post, and all posts with that IP were deleted.

ava on

reese looks like ava in this pic! ava’s such a cutie. wonder if shes bothered by the paparazzi?

Bigger Than Britney on

What does that mean, sarah? IP number?

Nicole on cute is she? she looks grumpy lolz.. ava is such a pretty name!

Heather on

I love seeing celebrities attending church on a regular basis. No wonder they seem so grounded. I wonder what other celebs attend regularly?

Sissy on

I look at her and think its great to have been able to be so sorted so young. Husband, kids, jobs. They are blessed.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

–What does that mean, sarah? IP number?–

It’s the number that identifies what computer you’re posting from. We ban people by IP.

tink1217 on

Ava is so cute, but I never see her smile! Are there any pics out there of her having fun??

Its also nice to see celebs so involved in their children’s daily lives too. Not just seeing the kids out with a nanny.

Emma Phoebe on

Sure there are pics of her smiling! The ones from her beach trip with Ryan and I have one right in front of me when Reese was taking Ava to school and Ava is smiling right into the camera.

I love that little girl! And I love her bags. I wonder how many she has from that type. This time it’s Care Bears, but I already saw Arielle, Disney’s Princess etc.:-)

Reese is a wonderful mum!

Rye on

Her daughter is such a little clone of her! Her son looks more like Ryan but you can still see some Reese in him. It’s funny how that worked out. I guess that puts one of those old wives tales to rest with the, “The first born always looks like the father” myth.

Jen on

I admit, I wasn’t liking Reese when she first married Ryan because I had this grand vision of Ryan marrying me. How childish I know. But she is an amazing mother and they make such an amazing couple, they make adorable babies and I hope they live the fairytale life, happily ever after!

Rye on

Are they very involved in Church? There are always pictures of her that say “Reese leaving Church” or “Reese going to Church” or “Reese and Ava at Church”..It’s an interesting thing seeing a celebrity going to church! Haha! I’m so used to the Kaballah lovers and scientologists.

jayna on

I also think it’s great Reese brings her kids to church or church related activities, it makes children well rounded to be involved in more than just going to school.

Carisma on

awe I love her, she’s so cute when she’s with her kids. and her daughter looks so much like her!